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  1. Alright, easy tiger, no need to unleash the Mcbain. I was only teasing.
  2. I guess you missed all the parts in all the movies where they mention a mysterious power called 'The Force'. It's sort of like magic, and it is utilised by a bunch of dudes called 'The Jedi'.
  3. Ewan McGregor was brilliant as Obi wan and I am TOTALLY thrilled they are making this. CAN'T WAIT.
  4. Yeah. The TLJ thread. The thread for discussing TLJ. How many more threads do you need to express your love for Rian Johnson? Do you think there is a single person in the universe who doesn't understand how much you love him? Personally I would be surprised.
  5. I have discussed it in the TLJ thread, yeah, after that movie was released, and those arguments went on for a long time and didn't go anywhere. You really think they should continue in this one? A thread about the NEXT movie, which isn't out yet, and none of us have seen yet? I mean, sure, go for your life. Enjoy. Like I say, I am going to bow out of this thread now like I bowed out of the TLJ threads, because now this one is as boring as those ones. (Also, a quick search should surely allow you to see exactly how many posts I made about TLJ in the last year and a half, in which threads, and when I stopped posting about it.)
  6. Sorry, as you were. Let's have another thread about the last jedi. I guess it's just really important for some people to have the same relentlessly boring argument over and over and over and over and over and etc I'll take my star wars excitement elsewhere.
  7. I assume this is ironic trolling, but can we now ban a) ANY mention of TLJ and b) any sort of insinuation that JJ Abrams just rehashes stuff. We get it you absolutely LOVED/HATED TLJ, and JJ Abrams will NEVER be anything but a wrecker of childhood dreams and ON TOP of that he will NEVER out-auteur the most excellent and beloved and holy son Rian Johnson. But can we talk about how fucking great Episode IX is going to be now? If you want to talk about how shit it is going to be or how it is going to be a rehash of something else or about how JJ Abrams ate your children or about how Rian Johnson pushes over pensioners for fun, can you please take that to another thread, or forum, or, even better, just keep it inside your head until your brain explodes, Scanners-style, so the rest of us can get on with eking out some small sliver of hope that the world isn't entirely going to shit, or that at least if it is we might get to watch a half-decent movie along the way. Thx.
  8. Right? Although it did prevent us from trying an ultra thin and crispy pizza...
  9. In the end we made pizza. Just pizza. We also had a barbecue so we had a barbecue one night, and we had a load of bread and cheese, so in the end we only did one meal in the wood-burning stove. But boy was it tasty.
  10. Can you remind us again whether you think JJ Abrams has a tendency to recycle things? I'm not sure if you've made it clear enough in the half a billion posts saying exactly that across every single thread that has anything to do with star wars on here. I feel like another few posts could just remove those last slivers of doubt that remain in anyone's mind.
  11. And now they've got a long injury list too. Scotland looking like it will be a lot tougher than expected!
  12. Ireland's defence has been awful the past few seasons. Still, going to be a lot easier to enjoy the world cup with low expectations!
  13. Also pretty sure the as an international rugby player he will already be juiced to the gills so will be well able to cope with the, uh, rarefied atmosphere of top class MMA.
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