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  1. Polygon finally did something good/funny: https://youtube.com/watch?v=rWo09nNNn68 Swag Distribution.
  2. I dunno, Drew remembering that G.U.N was the government of Sonic Adventure and the crew's reaction to that was pretty great.
  3. Here seems like a good enough place to ask: do I have to purchase both Blox games to get a discount on the Wii U one?
  4. They're getting a new video production person and editor soon, and the new editor is probably former Game Informer funnyman Dan Ryckert who is capable of turning anything into wrestling talk: I hope it is him, I think he'll be a great fit.
  5. crisy, would you take a Shenmue 3 where Ryo's character model has been replaced by Hatsune Miku but the voice acting hasn't been redone so everyone still calls her Ryo?
  6. Oh yeah, so it is. Wasn't there some big stink surrounding Stranger's Wrath being ready to go but Microsoft saying no no no?
  7. Yeah, so were all the other HD redo's they didn't let through like Devil May Cry, Hitman, Stranger's Wrath, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider etc.
  8. Proper karaokists already know all the lyrics, come on I've been thinking about the lack of Wii upscaling and it's such a shame it isn't in there. I'm playing through Skyward Sword at the mo and while it looks pretty and watercoloury and that, looking at Dolphin screenshots of any game makes it clear how the Wii couldn't do full justice to the assets it was being fed.
  9. "What have you done for me lately?" Get tae fuck mate.
  10. I guess you've gotta show off all those Key Features with your launch (window) lineup.
  11. I'm sure I read somewhere some games have real problems dealing with a 7200.
  12. The worry with Pikmin isn't the graphics, it's the control options. Have they confirmed you can play it with just the Gamepad yet?
  13. It's a real shame that for whatever reason Microsoft completely hate HD remakes. Games like this should really be available on GoD or something. It has to unpack the file and blah blah blah needs more space than it actually says or something. These are the type of HD you're looking for.
  14. Fucked this right up didn't I? Had to change my card details on Shopto because of card fraud. Deleted the old ones, only catching as the next page was loading that it would cancel all my preorders. Booo. EDIT: Although apparently they'll still take my new preorder? I'll be sure to keep you up to date on this breaking news!
  15. Some guy from Disney just made a reference to the EU on the investor call OH MY.
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