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  1. Using that analogy, there are many different karting games which each have their own handling models. For me the tightening of the controls would be more making Fall Guys more Mario Kart than Crash Team Racing (to pick another random karting game).
  2. I just bought Mr Driller last week, no regrets though as it is more than worth full price. I hadn't got on with my previous go with a Mr Driller game but this was much more engaging. Possibly because the 5 different versions helped to learn more about how to think and plan in the game. I'm still shit at it, on the Level 2 courses on Casual mode, but I'm having a lot of fun playing it and trying to improve. Pretty sure everyone knows about Katamati Damacy but both are well worth giving a go especially at that price .
  3. I think the Alien plants only show up when it is raining. Once they are introduced, they have always shown up on the map while the reveal conditions are met.
  4. The leap by Chaos at the end of the trailer is hilariously bad, they way he lands to no effect or fanfare other than moaning like he's thrown his back out.
  5. I had a really good run when I cleared Floor 3 that was largely down to getting the item that makes the arrows spin twice, made it so they were more likely to hit something every round. I've put a picture of the finish in the spoiler box below:
  6. I've been enjoying my time with this, it is a great quick play game and the one-more go pull is very strong. I'm still not sure how much winning depends on luckily hitting what you need or not, sometimes though it has definitely been me trying to force a build that has caused me to fail. Up to Floor 5 now and I can't see me stopping anytime soon.
  7. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/160477/onitama Onitama would be my recommendation, one of my favourite games. It is an abstract strategy game in which you are trying to take you opponents 'King' or move your 'King' into their starting square. For each game 5 movement cards are used, with each player starting with 2 and the remaining card placed to the side. Once a player uses their movement card they swap it with the current spare card. It's a very easy game to set up and play but there is a lot of depth to it. The movement cards are picked randomly each time so it changes from game to game as well.
  8. The Hot Wheels DLC for Forza Horizon 3
  9. Didn't Days Gone get a major patch a few months after release which changed a lot of people's opinions of it? The original reviews were very mediocre for it
  10. I'm more annoyed by the phrase 'ranked by year' in the introduction than by the list itself.
  11. I echo the recommendation to give Hypnospace a go, I really enjoyed my recent playthrough of it. It's also available on PC through gamepass which is how I played it, it definitely felt like a keyboard and mouse was the best way to navigate it.
  12. One of my main memories from the first Half-Life is a bit fairly early one where there is a flooded room conducting electricity that you need to go through. You turn off the power and get to a vent in the dark where a head-crab jumps at you as you go through the vent. I have played Half Life many times and I still jump at that bastard crab every time. I'm going no where near that experience in VR!
  13. Another expansion but it should be a hefty one, it is including a whole mod with new levels and enemies that was built using the mod creation kit. The team that made it were brought onto the team for the official expansion to port it across.
  14. Runner up slots go to Mario Galaxy, The Outer Wilds and The Last Guardian but my top game would be Return to the Obra Dinn, a wonderfully constructed game that I couldn't put down until I had seen it fully through.
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