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  1. Rez is the gaming equivalent of a favourite album, so it won't have helped that everything after the PS2 version hasn't sounded right. Really flat mix with little dynamic range and bass far too low, with effects missing on many of the various stabs and whatnots which get layered in. When the music in Rez ramps up it's supposed grab you by the fucking soul, while you tap out your own little beats on the cursor and destroy enemies to add to the track, but when it doesn't sound good that's all just so much meh, and turning up the volume can't fix the mix.
  2. This just got 110 new items and 6 new difficulty floors. The new essence items are ridiculous, I just had a spin where a single cat gave me 1552 Edit: ok, let's just end this run on payment 30
  3. John Wick 4. No, actually change that to "John Wick: He4dshots". Plot thus... all the baddies have bombs implanted in their brains, so John Wick must complete his mission without performing any headshots.
  4. They make your brain feel good. Margaret Robertson's "Why I play games" column has always stuck with me: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/6932785.stm
  5. Given nothing but the director, the name and the plot summary, which extremely on-the-nose songs are going to be used in this movie?
  6. Edit: phew, I think the "funny" bit just ended
  7. Every major plot revelation I can think of is something you've already seen in another movie, but this was a fun watch.
  8. Too many good games to be getting on with (I've only just got around to picking up Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes in the Steam sale, FFS), the only new one I'm genuinely looking forward (twenty-twenty-)to is Breath of the Wild 2.
  9. A remaster of the first was the only way we were ever going to see the release of another good Super Monkey Ball game
  10. My daughter wants more Fire Emblem characters in Smash Brothers, please. Arigato gozaimasu
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