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  1. Yes! That one also has all the Zonai weapons, so every shield was a deadly weapon before I left it.
  2. Always the answer to "why is this shrine impossible?" (looking at you, spinny-cube)
  3. Reverse often feels like you're cheating, it's just so good.
  4. I spotted it after reversing a skyblock and just flew over.
  5. Phantomime YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx1Z_8Mg77sBiQBkdWgIjnKBknVvFZaDr Cheeky little intro solo bit from Fade to Black in the middle of Hanging Around - covers within covers
  6. Oh that's what you're supposed to do with the broken track? I kept adding fans to the firstsecond (I carried the fans through a gap) minecart I found, so by the time I got there it had a name and it was going so quick the gap didn't even matter. I was genuinely sad to have to leave it behind in the snowy region - I'll always remember you, Fanny.
  7. At least it gave us a new punchline for "How do you know if someone's using the Pro HUD?"
  8. I'm not finding it too bad after a few levels of armour upgrades, successfully took on a black Boss Bokoblin and his 4 minions in the mountains in my last session.
  9. With half the world map unlocked and 8 hearts (main quest? lol), while chasing a dragon I accidentally went on my first foray into the . I did not expect I'd end up finding . I thought the game had softlocked.
  10. I was gutted when I had to leave my souped-up behind. Fucking VROOM.
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