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  1. Guile's Theme but it's arranged by... Yuzo Koshiro?!
  2. He picked a fine time to leave.
  3. Damnit, I'm supposed to be working and now I can't stop thinking about this instead. I haven't written a line of code but I'm already on to my 4th5th iteration of how I'd set up the data structures for this I was thinking that if the puzzle is stored in the form of its solution then at startup you generate a list of clues (which have a start index, length and completed status) for each row and column from that. When the player tries to fill in a square, you use its co-ordinates to look up the lists of clues for the affected row and column and loop through them, using the square's x or y co-ordinate to see if the user got a hit somewhere between their start and end, otherwise it's a miss - if it's hit you then just need to check if the user has hit every square covered by the clues which were hit in each direction and update the completion state of just those clues. Then checking for completion of a row, column or even the entire puzzle is just checking if all the relevant clues have been completed. I've just realised that if you're going to allow wrong squares to stay filled in instead of penalising you in terms of score or time and marking them with an X instead (Super Mario Picross style) you need to account for multiple misses being present, so your list of clues could also contain negative clues representing the gaps, which when hit check if there are any squares checked within them, so completion is now "are all my clues completed and all my misses empty?" The maximum possible number of clues/misses (a checkerboard pattern) is… 2n * n? for a square board (so 5000 for a 50 x 50) but you still only have to check a maximum (bottom right square) of 2n clues on each change… or instead of a new item for each gap you could just keep a simple list of numbers which correspond to incorrectly filled-in squares in that row/column and update that every time there's a miss or an incorrectly filled-in square is cleared - "are all my clues completed and the list of incorrect squares empty?"… can you imagine how boring what I'm supposed to be doing must be?
  4. I've just noticed someone's released a very affordable version of Slitherlink on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/931090/Slither_Link/ I loved the DS version, wonder how I'll get on without its handy built-in reminders of some of the rules. Edit: turns out mouse controls are great for Slitherlink
  5. When a new The Room or Rusty Lake/Cube Escape game comes out, that's a guaranteed compelling 2-3 hour session poking around at The Room's eldritch physical devices and figuring out Rusty Lake's creepy logic. The escalating nature of the puzzles in each section I played in The Witness just stressed me out for some reason, like I just wanted the section to be over after a while once I'd got the idea instead of having to figure out new ways the designer was trying to go "gotcha!" with the next variant or the next interaction with the surrounding environment in some cases. I can't really explain why.
  6. Final Fantasy XV seems to have missed all the game design passes where they make the What You Actually Do bits of the game fun. Boring combat system, boring world, boring quests and endless, needless, lovingly-animated tiny cutscenes you need to pause and skip for doing even the most mundane things in the game. Nice looking food, though.
  7. After a year off Destiny 2 since the start of Black Armory, I've had a ton of fun catching up with what I missed in addition to the new Shadowkeep stuff and have played more of it than ever, but now I'm free and clear of seasonal FOMO after an Iceborne-sized break (I was almost all the way to getting the Savior title, but now? Couldn't care less. Next season's pass? Can't be bothered doing mostly the same stuff over again for it) and am ready to uninstall it again and come back fresh in 6-12 months. It sucks that there'll be comparatively less new stuff to come back to due to way seasons work now, though.
  8. The sun doesn't shine through the trees the way it should, literally unplayable I just unloaded a full clip into a red elite peeking out from behind this tree and nothing happened... ...switch to classic graphics and... oh, the new graphics are a lie.
  9. Choking on the last ball and getting 299 on the original Monkey Bowling. Never played it again.
  10. I picked this up for $3 and have just unlocked World Levels - is it just me or are there only 2 skills in the entire game worth using as a solo player? The drone which flies about shooting enemies and distracting them from immediately rushing/flanking you and the hive one which automatically revives you when you get put down. Everything else is "yeah, that's pretty cool but compared to these two..." Ubisofty Shooty Openish World Map games are the only ones which give me ludonarrative dissonance. The story is played so straight and serious and everyone treats my agent like he's the Goodest Ever Guy, but he's just casually and single-handedly gunned down a genocidal number of human beings!
  11. I can't stop watching Limmy performing full patter-ectomies on episodes of 3-2-1 for 3 hours at a time.
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