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  1. It's so good Hopefully they have Yukumo armour in this so I can keep wearing my big trousers.
  2. I haven't played since The Watcher was added and I'm back, baby! It's so satisfying building a deck around a few Flurry of Blows+ with a bunch of Calm/Wrath and Empty Body/Fist/Mind cards to keep racking up the damage/block/energy in addition to the kickings you're giving every time you change stance (right up until the point where you see you've got the Time Bastard this run). Dead Branch can be ridiculous with her too if you have some of the cards which put Miracles into your hand. How is this game still so compelling after ~200 hours‽
  3. Seeing a clip of that was the point where I went: Copying BotW is a great shout, but if you understood it in any way, why would you put that in the game?
  4. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has the most hype menu theme I've heard in a while, and it's easy to skip right over it as it doesn't start playing until you press a button to bring up the main menu, so if you're mashing A to load your character you'll only hear the intro:
  5. Get the MHGUDB app installed on your phone for its Key Quest indicators. IIRC I still needed to check the Monster Hunter Wiki for requirements for certain quests to show up. It's oldest skool, but ended up being my favourite of the old ones. Hopefully Rise keeps World's assigned quests list along with the other stuff it seems to be keeping.
  6. Done. I'd rather they just made the whole last section a cutscene instead of another cutscene-but-you-control-the-camera-and-have-to-keep-pressing-F. Tedious as fuck. I have to give CDPR credit for making quests which were good enough to have been main quests into separate chains of side-quests, as I got bored of the core gameplay right about the time you reach and would never have finished if it meant doing loads of mandatory quests for characters and a world I'd completely checked out of caring about. This still ended up feeling like every other open world game
  7. The mod which makes any weapon non-lethal is a bit OP for cyberpsycho sidequests and others which have a no-kill bonus objective. Just sniping entire outposts of people through walls "non-lethally".
  8. What's the danger rating on the quests in the bit of the map you're in? I find it it's Very High or above then the enemies outlevel you and it's 8 sniper headshots per person city. The max damage melee weapon I have at the moment is a massive wobbly dildo that I presume the person I got it off used on me. So, so edgy CPDR
  9. Has that Mando Gear Solid version of the theme been used before?
  10. I found out why the game tries to prevent you accessing the inventory screen during his bits (which of course bugged out and failed):
  11. I can't get rid of this stupid helmet because it has a +loads defense mod on it and I haven't unlocked the perk to keep mods when you disassemble stuff yet
  12. There's a perk to show you who's hacking you, but I've never found it useful as you usually have to get past a bunch of enemies anyway to get line of sight on the Netrunner.
  13. Monster Hunter World has loads of QoL mods, but in particular if you just want to make fun builds without grinding for RNG decorations or augment materials, there are mods which let you just buy them from the shop or upgrade things for free.
  14. Complete opposite - subtitles on so I can read the dialogue quickly and fast-forward through the voice/mocap acting playback
  15. I hate unskippable cutscenes in games (and giving you control of the camera doesn't make it not a cutscene), but at least when this one disables skipping forward you have the chance that a character's weapon will teleport into their hand and subsequently stick to everything they touch, and that's the story of how (Act I story spoiler) Every time I play, at least one of my guns will become unable to shoot while ADS, which needs a save and quit to fix.
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