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  1. Play Iceborne through first, it'll feel slow as hell if you play it after getting used to the wirebug and doggo in Rise.
  2. Got my Vidmaster title finished with @pledge, 2-manning Grasp of Avarice up to the final boss to do all the fiddly steps for the Gjally catalyst and ornament. I've clearly been carried through the sparrow section every other time I've done it, as that was rough
  3. I was planning to do a run this weekend to get all the collectibles for the exotic ornament to finish the seal. 2 runs through should be enough to to get you the Gjallarhorn, the catalyst and the ornament.
  4. People have uploaded them. wheelsongenius has everything from series 7 onwards and this playlist has everything from the start (uploaded by misc channels) up to series 11.
  5. I didn't see the setup for Mandy coming, that was delightful
  6. It's going to be a very short game if they try to take off from this alleyway:
  7. Sooo very many grenade launcher kills and multi kills, which isn't the easiest when it's against other people in PVP game modes, especially when you're terrible at said modes. Never again (unless they put it back in the game ).
  8. I've played nothing but Destiny 2 (2017) since the middle of August, so I guess that. As a returning player, it's in the best state it's ever been in, and with an entire year of missed content and the most recent season, there's been so much do it just expands to absorb all my available gaming time each week. As a new player I'd imagine it's one of the most confusing games ever, as the new player intro is barebones and the game punts many of the things you'd expect to find in such a game (like non-perfunctory inventory management, loadouts, finding people to play end-game activities with and, uh… explaining how anything in the game works) to third-party sites, tools and services.
  9. I got the Subsistence/Reservoir Burst roll of it and it's still meh due to being a high impact fusion.
  10. Teamed up with @pledge tonight and banged out Master Presage for the DMT catalyst, Legend Shattered Realm for the speed triumph and 4-man Legend Dares of Horseternity for the couch emote, then I opened my final Last Wish secret chest of the week and look what finally popped out:
  11. Fuck the way streaks work, and don't forget to have your ghost spayed or neutered.
  12. Plus those bastards at Capcom remembered to verify they hadn't included one move which can be safely spammed over and over to get past any number of enemies
  13. Type 4 has still got it in spades, throwing yourself into the corners at max speed and trusting you can control the slide feels just as good as it did in 1999. I still think of it every single time I'm driving in one of the tunnels under Brisbane. It looks amazing on today's PS1 emulators too, with all their widescreen-hackery, render upscalery and perspective-correct, er, texture-y
  14. Anything with a forced slow-walking exposition section in the first 900 hours, the new, still unacceptable, face of unskippable cutscenes.
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