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  1. Yian Garuga's bouncy wings can also do one; I'll not be fighting that again. *looks at its leg armour with Critical Eye 2 and 3 slots, and its Light Bow Gun with rapid fire Pierce 2 AND Sticky 2, and 20% affinity* I'll be fighting that again.
  2. I think there's only one bit where you have to open your wings to make progress, yet the triumphant wing-spin was easily my most used move in the whole game.
  3. The look on streamers' faces as they pick up the exotic which was on the season roadmap for the 28th a week early, after pulling day-plus-long shifts taking screenshots and entering stuff into spreadsheets for an entire week (Apart from the few who made baaaank on subscriptions and donations).
  4. Fuck. Tigrex. I shouldn't have opened my first fight with him up to randoms, as all three of them carted in a couple of hits.
  5. Dawning double XP bounties bounties, the extra weeklies from the obelisks and dailies from Saint 14 have made it stupidly easy to level up this season - I'm 240 on the season pass and done with everything bar glory for the Komodo and a million points for the strike emblem and shader, with maxed out obelisks and 10,000 fractaline in the bank for when the Empyrean Foundation rolls around, whatever that will be. I can't be bothered with Sundial when it's easy to bang out a few Timelost weapon frames while doing your other bounties, so I'm just going to wait for the final boss to roll around and do LFG once for that and the Legend triumph for the title; fuck all the un-fun modifiers on that and Destiny's continued lack of in-game LFG (and loadout management - I just run one "good enough" build all season because it's a hassle to manually switch gear and particular mods over when moving between different activities which could benefit from a more specific build).
  6. 917 Attack and True Razor Sharp (Nargacuga set bonus), which seems to proc all the time. The gear gets good quickly in Iceborne.
  7. You can change it so you have to click on the stick to use the selected item, it feels a bit weird at first but also makes it much better for combining multiple things on the fly as you can Click Like Fuck™ to craft a whole stack of lifepowder, flash bombs, ammo etc. at once.
  8. Irmagird, it's so good. When I remember to use them, the new long sword moves are disgusting for combos and the new clutch claw stuff is... clutch. The new Iai Slash can be chained onto everything and landing it starts your spirit gauge automatically charging up, while being able to shoot your clutch claw ammo into a monster's face in the middle of a spirit slash combo is ridiculous. I had the classic using every single healing item experience with my first Barioth, but I was getting more comfortable with the new stuff by the time I fought Nargacuga and wrecked him. Thank fook for layered armour, as I'm running a constantly-evolving hodgepodge of whatever I can craft for better defense from the last monster I hunted. I've already spied a longsword which seems rather good for how easy it is to craft this early in the game (and it's raw damage so it's effectively an early game Divine Slasher), so Kulu-Ya-Ku is going to get some the next time I log on.
  9. It's fine. It's a mechanic in a Nintendo game, so the game's been designed with it in mind rather than feeling like an arbitrary decision which has just been chucked in the mix (there's even a rewarding mechanic for getting rid of your weakened weapons). The game's constantly throwing new equivalent-or-stronger weapons at you and you end up with more good weapons than you can throw your starting stick at. Given the sheer amount of gear you pick up the biggest ballache is the lack of a swap option when you try to pick something up but the inventory space for that category is full.
  10. It's about usual for entering a new rank - Master Rank monsters will wreck you in your High Rank armour but even the easiest to craft Master Rank armour has way better defense and the new Defender weapon tree is easy to craft with existing materials for a damage boost with tons of sharpness.
  11. My cat keeps Witcher-bombing the new cutscenes
  12. The 3 week content gap in Destiny 2's current season couldn't be any better timed, can't wait for the new monst to rip me apart in my maxed out, obsolete end-game gear before I return the favour and come back wearing their family.
  13. The 10 rocket launcher kills bit of this season's Iron Banner quest is the absolute worst, no token turn-ins for me this season.
  14. It still shits mad orbs with top tree if you fire it into the middle of where the waves of enemies spawn during the Escalation Protocol final boss, and if you fire one in front of an altar enemies are currently spawning from in Altars of Sorrow, you're all but guaranteed to get your super back before it runs out. With bottom tree you get a few extra shots. My guardians are all colour-coordinated with their emblems for season's eve, and my non-mains each have 62 completed weekly and daily bounties on them ready to turn in for season pass XP (plz no wipe bounties, Bungie)
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