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  1. More like that please. More than one stop and not being terrified of pitting. It was interesting.
  2. Why the fuck didn’t Red Bull pit him ffs. Absolutely no response to Mercedes’ strategy whatsoever. Just limp home. I’d be livid.
  3. I know, right? You literally can’t get your clothes right for your fucking camp members. I’ve sported some awesome looks. Combination of pelts and found stuff, as well as blowing about $500 on stuff at the Saint Denis tailor recently. I love my I normally keep it pretty cowboy. My cow print chaps are a favourite. And I had a loooong double point beard for ages. But I currently look like this.
  4. So apparently you can turn on “hold to reel in fish” riiiight down at the end of the menu. Cunts. My left forearm has constant cramp at the moment. Also found an awesome tip for reeling in fish in seconds that does literally fucking work. Had three broken lines on those big sturgeon by the legendary fishing map guy, then tried this, boom.
  5. It’s pink nose reminded me of one. Actually, I’m more annoyed now I realised I’ve got an empty slot in the stables. You’re meant to be able to stable three and ride on one. Poor Dreadnought Getting proper into this now though. Bought myself a varmant rifle to start trying to get perfect hides for ridiculous clothes. Went and sliced a couple of the posh sheep by old flame’s accommodation for some swanky black and white chaps. He looks ridiculous.
  6. Yeah, looks like I replaced it as a temporary horse when I caught and saddled more. That’s shit it does that with no warning seeing as you spend time levelling them up. Oh well. Just Bob Ross, Steel Sleet and Fleshlight to carry me about now
  7. Bleh. Noob problem. I’ve lost a horse. It’s not in any stable. It can’t be called to the camp horse hitch thing. I switched my saddle off it to put on one I caught, and so far I don’t think that has ever meant I can’t recall that horse before. I’ve played a long time since then and acquired two more horses since. All of those can be saddled up in the stables. It’s the black shire you get at the start. Fucking love that horse. Is it just wandering around somewhere??
  8. Bottas didn’t leave less than a car width. There’s loads of space! He’s entitled to move right when he’s in front, which he was for the majority of the time. Russell got his front wheel maybe in line with Bottas’ rear, but if he feels he’s getting squeezed then the onus is on him to brake. Not hit the grass at full speed complaining there’s no room to overtake. The track is super wide there and you can see on those images how much room there is. They’re hardly wheel to wheel. I love you, Dudley. But that’s a weird fucking take, m8.
  9. I’m another that thinks Russell was in the wrong. Not least because he seems to move into the pit exit lane quite early? Is that allowed? There was a shit load of space to the right of Bottas. Russell tried to move up, went too far right, clipped the grass, lost control, and then drove into Bottas. You can literally see him go slightly right then sharply veer left. You can see it in the replay. At one point he’s like this. Straight, miles away from Bottas, and tires basically on the grass.. Then he’s like this. If anything, Bottas is furthe
  10. What? Flicking back through the journal seeing what I’ve done so far is fun. What’s the problem with that? Your reply comes off really negative by the way. Combination of some sort of questioning over my play, and then “anyway...how did someone else who started it get on”. Unkind.
  11. Haha. Flicking back through it is brilliant reminiscing. Found a sketch of a raccoon. I ran him and his raccoon wife over with my horse
  12. I bought this day before yesterday. I just noticed that the random sketches of animals in my journal are happening when I’m seeing them. I drew an alligator and a border collie the day I went and found Black Belle. That’s when I first saw those animals. That’s insane.
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