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  1. Yeah, I found an “interesting” site about the guy Oliver Stone based Mr X on https://www.jfk-online.com/jfk100whox.html First time I’ve see the theory of three shooters put forwards though. And the trajectory of the throat shot always bothered me. As did the autopsy report saying it was turned into a tracheotomy. Not to mention the path of the bullet for the headshot not being able to be determined. Suddenly neither shot can be properly determined as the place of entry/exit. I can more easily believe both of those came from the front. I don’t think you need much conspiracy to ignore the findings in the Warren Report. He wanted to change things and end a war before it properly began. And then his brother wanted the same. We’ve seen what establishments will do to prevent someone changing the status quo in this country. Slandered to buggery. Mick Lynch should get a body guard. As for the other film, Home Alone of course!
  2. I’m watching JFK for the first time ever. It’s 3 and a half hours long. It has the largest famous cast I think I’ve ever seen. It’s about a subject I’ve read up, or thought I had read up, extensively on. It’s forcing me down a rabbit hole. It’s the first other film I’ve seen Joe Pesci in, and Jesus Christ those eyebrows. It’s the first movie I’ve seen a young Michael Rooker in and he was a good looking dude. What a film. Feel like I need to watch it again and do a whole shit load of reading. It’s gotta be a 5.
  3. Ancient Apocalypse 5/5 This was one of the best things I have ever watched. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I could go in blind and watch it all over again. I’m going to have to go and do more reading. I absolutely recommend it, even if you’re not that into history. There is so much information that transcends so many different subjects, especially astronomy. It’s just amazing.
  4. Glass Onion I really enjoyed this and thought it was brilliant. And he’d never top it. Just all round enjoyed it. But after reading the thread on it I’m wondering if I’m wrong.
  5. Spirited!!! Will Ferrell & Ryan Reynolds. This was brilliant. And I can’t normally fucking stand Reynolds. Great new Christmas movie! 5/5
  6. Yeah. They both used it. The composer has an impressive library. Died fairly young though. Sad.
  7. Oh, and the music’s so good that Disney nicked it.
  8. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 5/5 You can’t change my mind. You can’t fucking change my mind. Was my favourite film as a tween. It’s corny as hell in places but some shots still get me right in the soft part. I swear Rickman wrote his own lines. Christ I miss him.
  9. Sitting here just sort of stunned at some of the closing scenes of Pray Away. It’s not just the American hands up, eyes shut, calling to Jesus worship. It’s that “ex gay” people are obviously finding support and validation in that type of prayer. And it helps them cope with keeping the truth crushed inside them. Heartbreaking.
  10. Pulp Fiction 5/5 I’m not a fan boy. I don’t have a gun to my head. The music is great. The script is really good. The credits look like I could have knocked them up for a fiver. It’s just brilliant.
  11. Yeah, we have barista oat milk. Apparently it froths up pretty decent but I’ve been too lazy to do that part lately lol. I find it really tasty and pretty filling though. For me, the real issue with dairy is if their calves are taken from them. It would need to be a farm that didn’t support that. We’ve still got Frubes and regular Greek yoghurt in the house for the kids though. Need to try and replace those.
  12. Thank you for further tips! I just learnt Heron Foods existed today actually, so we’ll check them out. Decided to make the choice to have burgers at Tim Hortons tonight after partner got back from London super late. We both had to sort of go to sleep afterwards cos we felt really unwell. Like a bit high. Palpitations. Buzzing. Felt fucking awful! Could it have been a reintroducing of big meats?? Was not a fan. Felt like a vodka and redbull hangover.
  13. Update: my partner and I have found it extremely easy to be vegetarian 90% of the time. It helps that there are fairly decent meat substitutes, (had some teriyaki “beef”, and “chicken thigh” in a couple of curries), but honestly I could ditch even those. Potato and mushrooms are easy replacements, and bulking shit out with chopped baby corn, broccoli stems, peas etc is easy and barely changes the flavour of anything. I say 90% of the time as we chose to have a roast dinner at Jimmy’s farm. I ate pork from the farm. Plus the children still have meat now and then if it’s part of their limited acceptable menu. But the eldest eats mostly curry or noodles, so should be easy to convert him. Oat milk has not only been tasty, but it’s way more filling than cow’s milk. A large latte serves as a breakfast/brunch. Veganism has been a little harder, mostly because of cheap mayonnaise and yoghurts. Plus all the little factors in other foods you wouldn’t automatically consider to be animal based. But we’re conscious about it. Our £5 microwave rice cooker from Aldi has been amazing for this new way of eating. It makes amazing Jasmin rice, which we’ve started buying in huge sacks from ethnic food markets. It’s a brilliant staple and is definitely aiding weight loss rather than being stodgy and causing me to gain weight which I was worried about. Rice + vegetables can be cooked in so many different ways that we basically eat it all week but have a different meal every day. Not just that, but the combination of rice, gluten free soy sauce, black and white sesame seeds and a bit of mayo is so fucking tasty, filling and pleasing that I actually go to bed at a better time at night because I have a lunch to look forward to the next day. That’s massive for someone with eating difficulties like me (no appetite, chocolate/dopamine addiction, bland autistic pallet).
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