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  1. Just finished. Fucking love Charles. Was his to lose and the more experienced drivers bottled it. Brilliant stuff. I thought Stroll’s penalty was harsh. He hadn’t completely left the fucking track for starters. What’s he supposed to do when they’re coming round the corner quicker than his decision making? Reverse? Also dangerous. And it wasn’t if his own making at all. I thought 5 seconds. A late breaker in a Ferrari? Hrrmmmm. Vettel out; Kimi in. Chuffed for Albon too. Ballsy driving. Loved it. Didn’t see much footage of Max, but back of the grid to 8th, and with a nose change? Solid driving.
  2. Just finished watching. Landoooooo noooooooooooo
  3. Jesus. So many years since such a crash. And he’s so young. It may be of some solace to the other driver that I think he may have already passed away during his first collision. It doesn’t seem to be so much of a bounce as a really bad crash to begin with. His speed comes right down. Deceleration at 170mph is insane Fucking shit run off. Gravel would have slowed him considerably.
  4. Making food is brilliant. I was finally able to milk the solitary, elderly giant badger cat that roams my tiny lagoon island, so now I’m about to show off a crunchy caramel pie and smoked meat pie to the moody shit on the Anomoly. Still not cracked the cuboid room building. No outside door available to me yet, and from what I’ve read, I might have to unlock a bigger room to use these anyway. So far the rooms and foundations and walls aren’t all snapping together, so not sure how to use them. Shit pictures are shit
  5. Oh yeah, duh. Looks like a giant golden snitch.
  6. What does it look like? I have an S class. I’ll take a pic of it later. Btw I love your outfit. I chose to be a Vy’keen.
  7. Yeah, I resisted accepting those for ages, but I need the quests to refresh. I’m going to make myself feel better by only killing the sexy ones. None of the odd looking ones are getting a bullet. I’ve got a creature on my base planet that has six legs, with the front two looking like elephant legs and feet, the middle like rhino, but the back two like a fucking sparrow. Love them.
  8. I found interior doors. Can you use one on the outside of the cube?
  9. My base is on an island in a lagoon on a planet with rings. I’m building a modern, square habitat. But....dunno how to carve out a door in it lol. The island was completely flat though, so I built some decorative arches and rock formation with the terrain manipulator. Looks nice at night when you can see the rings.
  10. @Darwock I could do it before I got a freighter. I only very recently got one, and by that point I’d collected 4 ships I was able to change between, including Radiant Pillar.
  11. No, that’s wrong. I claimed the crashed ship, repaired the two things needed for flight, flew it to a station, traded it, can still summon my Radiant Pillar. I’ve been using it as a packhorse. You should still have yours. You can’t get rid of ships unless you make a trade whilst that ship is your main ship. Then it’s swapped. If you go to the menu that you access charge technology/flashlight/camera mode etc, go to summon ship, scroll along to the right, there should be an image of multiple ships sort of stacked on top of each other. Click up, and you have your list of summonable ships.
  12. Pressing X in camera mode doesn’t currently work for me on PS either. You can summon them. Anywhere. That’s why I’m after a hauler to just hold all my metal/passes etc so I can open anything I find without always needing to be flying a stocked ship. Blew my money on something else though. Class A. Rorange. Mmmmmm.
  13. First play through I got it after a couple of hours. Second play through it was after eighteen hours. I’d warped like, 25 times by that point but freighter defence never triggered.
  14. Okay, that’s the reason. The main quest doesn’t include the building of the science tables and recruiting of the Gek and Korvax. I can’t see these items in the build or research to build menus either. Edit: unless.......okay, I just visited one of my bases and that had the red quest icon. Hurrah, I was able to access the archives. Wondering now if this puts me on the path to the benches. Just need to work out how to safely make my main base my main base in base computer eyes... It’s bloody stupid you can’t access that quest from just any base.
  15. Ahhhh, i’d forgotten about those after I moved bases! Thank you! Tip 1: Drop Pods contain an exosuit upgrade. Tip 2: Get down on the floor and run over those little light domes inside the Atlas Interfaces. You learn words.
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