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  1. Started watching this, and all I can think of is that Geralt looks like the beautiful bastard of Christopher Reeve and @Rob Rule
  2. @Thor I did ditch him for a while, also feeling he was just a pain. But he proved useful along with medics. I already uploaded this to show my partner. He’s good, but not had the experience I’ve had. But my Skellige vs Skellige if you’re interested
  3. Hoooy shit, I just completed the Gwent tournament in B&W using the Skellige deck. Not easy! I could see the difficulties with using that deck so practiced a couple of times on B.B., but still. I was nervous going in against the Nilfguard deck. That deck is all about spies and numbers and can be very difficult to beat if you don’t get dealt decoys. But the biggest trick the Skellige deck is to shoot to win the first round, then always pass on the second. The faction perk in the third round is a bonus. Interestingly, my opponent played a card in the second round, but I’d have thought their faction perk meant they’d win a 0-0 draw? Skellige against Skellige is hard, but so much fun So much is down to playing low numbers and playing for time to rinse out their Scorch cards. If I’m dealt a decoy I’ll often just swap my own cards out then play them back in to buy more time. Because the deck has some huge scores (the Cerys et al play), plus the handshaking and reinforcement cards. I think in one game I sacrificed then brought back the unit card worth 6 with Scorch effect twice to deplete the opponent’s 6s. So yeah, I won. But I was nervous. I wish we could play this style against each other. Nilfguardian vs Nilfguardian is a fantastic game. Spy cards abundant and again, playing for time and even using weather to downgrade your own cards so you can use Scorch. Gwent is so clever. You absolutely have to know the decks and tricks for each to win the harder games. Love it.
  4. Hah geckos are a good pet for an older child I think. Pretty enclosure, a chance to learn some science about the light spectrum, and a pretty enclosure. Plus, they live as long as a small dog! @merman frog is just a term of endearment. I’m aware it’s not meant to be a Crestie, but the jump is quintessentially Crestie.
  5. Also, the fire frog is great. You may not be aware, but they captured a popular image of a repeatedly and simultaneously hilarious and fucking annoying situation from the gecko world pretty good
  6. I heard the songs before I saw the movie. I think that helped me form the opinion I did. Because when I saw the original Frozen, I really didn’t like it. I found the songs to be so “I have to burst into song instead of talkiiiiing!!!” cringe, that I actually felt embarrassed watching it. It was more like a musical than a Disney movie from the song point of view. After the music of the first grew on me, (and I like most of the songs), it was okay, but nothing special. I thought the ending was utterly flat, and much preferred the suggestion I read (here?) of a wanna build a snowman reprise after Anna is frozen. Anyway, the story to this is far more superior and fleshed out. Tbh I can’t even believe they managed to get a second story made; Elsa is a bit of a difficult character to write for. She’s a single princess with only a younger sister to bounce off of regarding character relationships. She has magical powers in a seemingly otherwise normal Scandinavian town in the mid 1800s. What the fuck do you do with that that isn’t utterly preposterous, but also captures the imagination of a seven year old? I thought the music was stunning. Like I said, I was listening to it in the car with my kids before I saw the film, and “ah ahhhh ah ah ahh” is fucking stuck in my head nearly every day. It’s managed to replace The Little Mermaid’s melody as more poignant and beautiful in my Disney fan mind. I can’t help but sing a few lines here and there throughout the day, and my 5 year old son never stops. The high notes are enchanting to both him and me. Giving Elsa two songs was a good decision. Nothing was going to challenge Let it Go for impact, so instead there are two.... no, make that three separate melodies that are all in the same key and interwoven throughout the film. The lullaby in particular is a lovely original, short tune. And when the animations hit with that crescendo after the spirits during Show Yourself, it’s proper chilling. It’s Circle of Life shit for me; it’s arranged so well. When I first saw the music video, all that, coupled with the expressions they managed to animate on her face, I just got a huge lump in my throat. That song is a really fucking complete piece of music. Remarkably good. And the other songs don’t fall flat at all. When Kristoff’s song first came on in the car I was like, Jesus...have they dropped the ball. Then the chorus hit and the style clicked, and it’s brilliant. I actually laughed during the movie. Even Olof’s song was as good as his other. Plus the movie opening sequence was realistic, believable, and helped set a bond between him and Anna that was important for later on. For the First Time in Forever is provably my favourite song of the original film, so the fact their version of it in this wasn’t naff is a pretty big achievement. In summary, this could have been shit. But it wasn’t. And I’d rather watch it than the first. Sure, a lot of that is down to how the music really moves me, but that just means they paced it perfectly and stayed genuine to the characters and story they’d written. I enjoyed the story. I thought the whole thing was a bit of a triumph for a sequel to one of the most, if not, the most popular franchise out there. My son is Frozen mad. And nothing makes my him happier now than when I start singing these songs with him. So they nailed it. And if I’m honest, it’s not just the music. It’s the lyrics, and the whole idea that those songs are for a parent and their child. I can’t deny the lyrics to Show Yourself hit a nerve regarding my personality and mental health and maybe ASD/ADD/ADHD, and that my kid is likely the same because I can comfort him in a way no one else can. Being together with people is the only way to cope with life, so that airy fairy, twinkly sparkly, fucking namby pamby Disney bullshit message hit me straight in the guts
  7. Nope, not yet. Just the first two.
  8. Trying to remember who I’ve bought and not bought cards off of sucks Just gonna have to play through and hope to pick up any spare ones that help me get that 5/5. Only level 10 atm. I like the Northern Realm deck too. Having clear weather without taking up space is handy, and my strategy is crush them in round 1, ideally even spending lots of cards; (weather and horns are good for dashing their hopes last minute), so they pass. Having that extra card to go into round 2 with really helps.
  9. This! I completed 3 and H&S on PC, and my partner has just bought the lot on PS4. So we’re playing through the main quest together, but I’m mopping up the boring shit when he’s at work. But I never really touched gwent that time round. Except today, after realising that, I’ve basically ploughed my way through all the gwent quests and turned into some sort of master. It’s brilliant! I’ve got the quest to join the tournament, but Mr Scribe says my deck is only 4/5. Is that because I only have 22 cards in one faction? I’ve nearly got a full Nilfguardian and elvish set. I’ve won all the rare cards off the master NPCs. Is it just a case of winning cards off other NPCs? Seems hit or miss whether they reward my win with a card or some bloody wire.
  10. They’ve actually managed to explain dust and original sin in a way that makes simple sense. I’d been half trying to explain it to my partner who’s not read the books, but they actually do a pretty good job of it!
  11. I enjoyed that. The bear fight was a bit of a key down regarding how it played out. Can’t quibble with the CGI though. Anyone else watch it with their kids? My 10 year old is really liking it too. So I’ve added this to his Christmas gifts He’s getting some creature figures already, so this seemed like a neat little addition
  12. Loved it. Really fun movie to watch. And a good cinema experience too. I don’t go and see many at the cinema, but this was worth it.
  13. I quite like this Scorsby. I can see how he’s going to become a well liked character. Could people hear other people’s daemons in the book? I didn’t think they could.
  14. FUUUUCK, GASLY!!! I was fucking thumping the bed and screaming as quietly as I could from the moment the Ferraris collided That was mental in so many good and shit ways. Excellent race. Fucking gutted for Albon. Vettel looked as ashamed as anything. Godammit, and Sainz was meant to be on the podium, too. Wtf are Mercedes gonna do about this overheating problem they’ve got? Has it come as a side effect of their engine power? Seems like a bit of a shitty handicap. But then, how many hot and/or high altitude races are there in the first half of the season? Doesn’t exactly affect Lewis if he’s already secured the championship by this point.
  15. Well, apparently you can see him introduce a lecture at the Royal Geographical Society on Thursday.
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