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  1. Yeah, we have barista oat milk. Apparently it froths up pretty decent but I’ve been too lazy to do that part lately lol. I find it really tasty and pretty filling though. For me, the real issue with dairy is if their calves are taken from them. It would need to be a farm that didn’t support that. We’ve still got Frubes and regular Greek yoghurt in the house for the kids though. Need to try and replace those.
  2. Thank you for further tips! I just learnt Heron Foods existed today actually, so we’ll check them out. Decided to make the choice to have burgers at Tim Hortons tonight after partner got back from London super late. We both had to sort of go to sleep afterwards cos we felt really unwell. Like a bit high. Palpitations. Buzzing. Felt fucking awful! Could it have been a reintroducing of big meats?? Was not a fan. Felt like a vodka and redbull hangover.
  3. Update: my partner and I have found it extremely easy to be vegetarian 90% of the time. It helps that there are fairly decent meat substitutes, (had some teriyaki “beef”, and “chicken thigh” in a couple of curries), but honestly I could ditch even those. Potato and mushrooms are easy replacements, and bulking shit out with chopped baby corn, broccoli stems, peas etc is easy and barely changes the flavour of anything. I say 90% of the time as we chose to have a roast dinner at Jimmy’s farm. I ate pork from the farm. Plus the children still have meat now and then if it’s part of their limited acceptable menu. But the eldest eats mostly curry or noodles, so should be easy to convert him. Oat milk has not only been tasty, but it’s way more filling than cow’s milk. A large latte serves as a breakfast/brunch. Veganism has been a little harder, mostly because of cheap mayonnaise and yoghurts. Plus all the little factors in other foods you wouldn’t automatically consider to be animal based. But we’re conscious about it. Our £5 microwave rice cooker from Aldi has been amazing for this new way of eating. It makes amazing Jasmin rice, which we’ve started buying in huge sacks from ethnic food markets. It’s a brilliant staple and is definitely aiding weight loss rather than being stodgy and causing me to gain weight which I was worried about. Rice + vegetables can be cooked in so many different ways that we basically eat it all week but have a different meal every day. Not just that, but the combination of rice, gluten free soy sauce, black and white sesame seeds and a bit of mayo is so fucking tasty, filling and pleasing that I actually go to bed at a better time at night because I have a lunch to look forward to the next day. That’s massive for someone with eating difficulties like me (no appetite, chocolate/dopamine addiction, bland autistic pallet).
  4. Wow. That after race room looked like an awkward place to be. Time to go back and watch Seb win a world championship.
  5. Mine came dubbed automatically and I turned it off immediately. You cannot capture and replica the intonation of German with English replacement. It just doesn’t have the same guts at all. As an addition: I recommend watching The Empress series on Netflix. Aunt (by marriage) I think, to Archduke Ferdinand, and a small glimpse into the Austrian power and royal family of those times. It’s a really interesting era of European history, I think, when you have huge powers like Austria and Prussia and the Ottomans. That era also helps explain why Italy joined the Axis powers, which was something that was never really clear to me.
  6. Holy shit. I’m glad this has its own thread. Visceral and futile, just how WWI should be played out. Exacerbated by I’d watch this era over WWII any day. There’s more of a technological innocence about it. Opening scenes of The music is horrific. In a good way. Oppressive, and reminded me of sounds made by giant sci-fi creatures such as in War of the Worlds. Which gave a great disjointed uneasiness. When One of my pet hates in television and movies is the inaccurate representation of death. You can’t close someone’s eyes. And they have no light or reflection in them. The skin takes on a pallor almost immediately. People never look attractive or composed. I’m a nightmare to watch such scenes with as I’m forever yelling “he wouldn’t look like that!” But this had really accurate makeup and special effects, and I enjoyed the immersion immensely. I will look for the book.
  7. What a race. Late to the party and everyone’s said what I’m thinking. Beaten to the meme by layten. Amazing scenes.
  8. Listen to the crowd. Everyone loves it when it’s notRedbull. Imagine if you took them out of the race. Bet more people would turn up and tune in to watch.
  9. Is it. Is it really. Jesus. It totally impedes you looking out the back window at people chasing you so I find it totally believable.
  10. Was very taken by the older group Captain Townsend. Thought that was a very handsome older man indeed. And felt like I recognised him a bit as well. Fucking Timothy Dalton ffs Honestly, how do I dress each day?? He looks like Henry Cavill’s dad or older self. I need to see that happen. Series was meh. Nothing happened. Stretching the last decade out to two series was a mistake. Wouldn’t be one of rewatch, and I’ve seen the others at least three or four times.
  11. Fucking hell. Season 5 is telling us that Bashir exploited Princess Diana, lied to her, and stoked any paranoia she was being followed or spied on. Falsifying documents to do so. Really? And played on a her affection for his racial background. They have to have proof, surely. It’s awful. One of the main reasons she’s not alive is because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Can only speculate the rush of getting in that car and the urge to get away despite your driver being drunk. It’s not nice to think any desperation to escape was artificially enhanced by this angle that was just to get her on Panorama.
  12. I had a latte today with the Oatly whole. Really delicious and creamy. It would definitely work with cereal. I didn’t need any sort of sweetener in the coffee (I’m quite a mild coffee drinker), but a dash of skinny syrup was really nice.
  13. Just plain shreddies at the moment. Sometimes it’s one of those granola clusters with freeze dried berries. But needs to compliment malt I guess. And have as little texture or grittiness as possible.
  14. I watched Hogwood on Netflix last week. Jesus fucking Christ. Always feel guilty about the effects on the planet. It does affect me how Dairy cows live their lives. But this was all something else regarding animal welfare. And in addition, the information about pre-emptively pumping animals with antibiotics so they can survive the farming process; very, very scary. And I can totally believe it happens. So my partner and I are going to go as vegan as possible. I can do without meat. Milk and eggs are harder, but we have an egg vending machine just down the road and always see the chickens out in the grass. So that may be okay. Just need to find something to replace whole milk. We’re really inspired by most Asian cooking. Watch a lot of Korean housewives cooking family meals. Lot of inspiration. I can eat rice every day and we’re going to try and get a hold of more mushroom species. Veg and flavour isn’t a problem with this style of food either. May continue to eat seafood. Had some great meat free teriyaki beef tonight. Literally can’t tell the difference. So yeah, I need a milk substitute. I have whole milk on my cereal and as a drink with spicy foods. I’d never go back to semi skimmed so that’s sort of the bench mark. I do specifically like the flavour of it.
  15. That was great. I love how they have shown childbirth to be a battle in this series. Probably essential with so many female leads, but there’s something really empowering about giving royal decrees during a contraction. Makes you realise all the men are totally subservient to the women to be able to continue their lines.
  16. That’s amazing to watch. Utterly nail biting.
  17. I found that really fucking moving. I’m going to miss Paddy when he finally goes. They’ve done such an incredible job of showing how one king would hold a realm together. I think the story has been excellent. Really fucks me off that the casting for aged up, one-eye targ boy seems to have put him older than his older, window wanking targ boy. And he looks way more like the past older brother actor anyway. Really distracting.
  18. NexivRed

    Disco Elysium

    I don’t remember to
  19. Part of the reason I didn’t enjoy it was because it was too short to have lengthier puzzles with multiple steps. Hth
  20. NexivRed

    Disco Elysium

    Christ this is not a game for people with attention issues. The amount of text is far too much for me. Not to mention dying unpredictably and losing a ton of progress.
  21. Pretty normal. What’s your problem. Also, the ending was awful.
  22. I was extremely disappointed by this. Extremely. I played on hard mode and thought the puzzles were extremely one dimensional. You know the balance is wrong when you see items or areas, and fantasise about how they can be used or what can be done there in the future….and there’s just nothing. It was extremely short. That wasn’t twenty quids worth whatsoever. Hardly any multiple step problems. Aside from having to complete one thing before you can complete another, the actual individual puzzles don’t seem to require any ingenuity or creativity. Sigh. I’ve played the others. This one was seriously lacking something. Excitement was short lived and satisfaction was rarely there or lasting. So much was obvious that it seemed like going through the motions. And this isn’t a gloat about how good I am. It’s a criticism of how you spend more time clicking to travel around the maps than you do thinking about how you can use the items around you and in your inventory. It’s taken me a week to finally admit to myself I was disappointed. I didn’t want to. Especially as I pushed to get it right away at full price. Feel ashamed for wasting the money tbh.
  23. Who is this marketed towards? I feel like I’m watching any old US drama which I normally avoid. Wedding part episode. Not gonna bother with it any more.
  24. That qualifier was fucking brill.
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