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  1. What? Flicking back through the journal seeing what I’ve done so far is fun. What’s the problem with that? Your reply comes off really negative by the way. Combination of some sort of questioning over my play, and then “anyway...how did someone else who started it get on”. Unkind.
  2. Haha. Flicking back through it is brilliant reminiscing. Found a sketch of a raccoon. I ran him and his raccoon wife over with my horse
  3. I bought this day before yesterday. I just noticed that the random sketches of animals in my journal are happening when I’m seeing them. I drew an alligator and a border collie the day I went and found Black Belle. That’s when I first saw those animals. That’s insane.
  4. The way Max rejoined was more of a problem to me than going off and taking a position. It was pretty aggressive.
  5. Oh yeah, didn’t see the code. D’oh. I’m too late to enter my team for this week’s race, yeah?
  6. Is the fantasy thing going? Is there a league to join? I’m being blind and can’t find it.
  7. Hippopotamus The actress fosters none of the emotions you’re meant to develop towards such a role. It’s crap. 1.5/5 and it only gets that much because it conveniently wasn’t in subtitles like I was anticipating, as I really needed to be looking at my phone at the same time.
  8. Loved that bit. I was always happy when that song came on. The timings at the beginning fuck you right up in a good way.
  9. Yeah, that’s how I watched it.
  10. After I finished it last night I agree; it’s pretty clever. I’m a big fan of how they use the soundtrack. I think my problem is I would watch it and think that I’m Cameron Diaz (except not hot), and my “friend” at the time was Cruz. She wasn’t Cruz. She was a personality vacuum (not my words) who boys liked because she was a Barbie lookalike (their words). I’m still not hot
  11. Also, and I don’t know if it’s coz I’m older and some shit is a lot less important now, but he REALLY doesn’t look that bad.
  12. Haven’t watched this in ages (Tom Cruise acting as a person younger than me ffs). Is this hard/awkward for anyone else to watch? Like, so many people are dicks. Pretending to be friends with people. Or just friends. I can sense there’s so much unsaid text. It reminds me of conversations I’ve had in the past, and I’ve always been unhappy during them. For some reason, when I was working back in like 2008, I used to listen to the soundtrack to this film all the time in the car. I don’t know why. Maybe a combination of fascination with a film that is predominantly made up of
  13. Dabbling in Procreate now as well. Got a commission to do a gecko with a galaxy as its body. Procreate literally has a “nebula” brush. It’s just pure cheating. I played with some brushes and knocked this out in 20 minutes without bothering much. But it accidentally turned out probably good enough to use to some extent. Ridiculous short cuts. I’ve had a fair bit of work now. Definitely getting more confident with different briefs. I’ve created some guy his business cards. Accidentally stumbled on the fact I’d need to print them out CMKY and not RGB. And he
  14. Nice to know I’m not nuts. @Uncle MikeI watched it when I was stoned out of my face to prevent my spine hurting, and the psychedelic sequences still managed to raise my heart rate. It’ll be good.
  15. It’s literally Face Off. But you only get to know that when you realise you don’t think “oh, it’s so clever how an actor can pretend to be two different people”. The film is able to force you to think that Travolta’s character’s past and pain and personality are coming out of Cage’s mouth. It’s nuts.
  16. It’s a Scorsese?? Lol, ofc it’s good then. And he’s even in it. I had no idea that’s what he looked and sounded like lol.
  17. Guess I should have added mine here instead of making a massive pointless stoned thread. Bringing out the Dead Cage. John Goodman. Ving Rhames. More famous people. Not what you’ll expect. 4/5
  18. Seriously, I am going through a phase of Nicholas Cage movies I’ve never seen bursting out of the woodwork. Which has coincided with needing to watch Nicolas Cage movies. And I’d never heard of this one before and when I saw John Goodman was in it and it had the word dead in it, just wacked it on, thinking it was going to be a pretty limp scripted typical Nicholas Cage movie. But it’s so not! He’s playing that part where you are pretty sure you’re seeing the actor just be a believable version of themselves. And I’m getting big Lebowski vibes off of it. Some great “dream sequ
  19. Damn. Hate losing these legends. But at 91 he deserved the rest. I knew him first from The Sound of Music. Watching it as a kid and I always fought back tears at the end. He was just perfect in it.
  20. Trying out Art Set 4 now. Ffffffuuuuuuu...... this was practically effortless.
  21. Okay. Maybe i’ll give commissions a go. Seems stupid not to make money from something I’m doing of it will also help my “brand”. I’m not just a gecko breeder. I’m also making products and building a website that can be used by the community. And right now there’s a crested gecko morph selling for more than $21,000 per animal. So it’s a community that has money, and being “someone” in it would be really something. It’d mean a lot to me. I’ve had someone ask me to do a logo for their business. If I can get attention by taking on work like that then it’s more people who might use t
  22. Also tempted to try something like this website. https://www.redbubble.com/shop/posters?ref=home-primary-pathways Anyone done this before?
  23. Just wanted to say that this is really where I struggle. Because I would never pay for anything remotely creative, as I’d always be like “I can make something like that”. Even stuff like furniture; I’ve upcycled loads of stuff. Made the plainest of things unique. And I create “household mess solutions” out of broken bits or second hand things and hate paying for something from a shop. Even a few quid. I nearly always buy second hand cos I hate the value lost when you buy new. Whenever I look at anything I like, my first thought is “how can I do that cheaper?” So paying top dollar
  24. Thanks all. Some really good advice. @JoeKyes, I am finding I’m getting better at this particular style and bashing certain parts of it out much easier. Some, I just haven’t conjured up the method to get it down yet. I need to look at some work by other people as see how they tackle my problem areas I think. Maybe even approach them and ask them. A lot of other gecko breeders do art. There’s a crossover. My worry is I’ll give the price based on hours, and people will be like, “I’d rather you spend about 5 hours on it and it wasn’t as perfect”. Which will be impossible for m
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