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  1. I got a Neo Geo AES with 3 games £35 a few years back just beofe Britmeet 3 Also got a Vectrex and neogeo pocket at different times all from the same boot sale. Oh happy days..
  2. Some of mine are; Starforce Xevious Tehkan World Cup (football) R-Type
  3. PMed you. Have some PC Engine and NeoGeo pics ready and will be taking more for my site this week (vectrex and shump collection)
  4. Suikoden 1 & 2 I have just seen this auction starting at £180 with a buy it now of £230 Suikoden link Seem very high in my book
  5. I have some pics of dreamcast hardware inc. some japanese bits and bobs on my site and a list of my collection. Some nice hardware there, Have an r7 but that is not in pic.
  6. Alien Breed and the tower Assult sequel were great on the Amiga. Undeadline, megadrive, Arcade and msx. Outzone arcade by Toaplan, no home conversions. thats my non-shmup games
  7. Issue 9 of Retro Gamer has just hit my door mat and on first glances looka like another good read. Good Articles on; Gameboy with a top 10 of GB games inc.Final Fantasy Adventure The Arcade hunter section is well worth a read with a mention of an Arcade I use in Hunstanton. The final section of the top 100 games section is interesting. I could say that it is the most rounded top 00 feature I have seen. the only other one I have semi agreed with was the edge one. Amiga feature (even micromart have had an amiga feature over the last two weeks) Too much to mention but for me could be the best issue of this mag so far.
  8. Have PMed, just putting some new pics together and updating my site (which is in my sig)
  9. Started as a gamer 16bit era, buying and finishing games that I was selective in purchasing. The import games were pride of place in my flat. Started into collecting by accident looking for a couple of games once owned. Now very large collection of retro and currenr gen games. Will still play cetain games to a finish but will also play retro games to a finish. I have a list of games that I will play/finish next. I play a lot of shmups now as I like them and the time demand can be less than a rpg. Change came when income meant I could collect games I wanted to collect e.g. Metal Slug games although will play them from time to time. But with the increased income came a downside had to earn it so less time to play. Will buy what ever recent games attract me. My website came about as a 6+ years ago when started to collect retro it was not mainstream and a webring was formed to help us along see what was out there and rarity lists etc. It stuck so my website is still there today and from the mails I get it does help in a small way other people who collect retro. I also like looking at others people collections. I also maintain the site as I like to as much d for myself than anyone else. He says waving cock in the air as he types (not really)
  10. It is great that members of this forum are getting featured. Robert has a great collection and has lots of knowledge. Well done. I contacted strider and suggested 213 and dreamcastmaster would make good subjects/articles.
  11. Here is the link to the two Gameplan books Gameplan Afer you goto the pages for each of the books goto the leseproben page and you can then download some pages from the book.
  12. A good time was had by all who attened. More info and pic to be uploaded to my site later today.
  13. Hi, I will add the links later. The joystick and controller book is really good as it has many of my favourite ones in it. i will try to add a couple of scans to my site so you can get the idea.
  14. I have just had two more books delivered. Both come under the title Game Plan, One is Joysticks and has pics and details of joysticks through the ages from Magnavox to the Xbox it has some great photos and a how to section at the back and a table of all of t he joysticks at the back of the book. The other book is on consoles and computers. BOTH BOOKS ARE IN GERMAN, just thought I'd add that bit they are 18 @ 24 € each (never thought I'd get to use the € sign )
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