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  1. Think thats the guide I was following, will check it over again tomorrow, cheers.
  2. I have changed the logos and banners in steam on desktop, the logos in my library (not desktop) are still just grey with writing...what have I done wrong? Edit.. right clicked, opened terminal, typed. /steamgrid and getting permission denied.
  3. Decent capcom humble bundle came out,paid the £15.20.... no bloody keys for any of them because of demand.
  4. So...they want me to send my steamdeck back and send me a replacement because they cannot fix that the trackpads and buttons just refuse to work on desktop mode unless I hold the steamdeck button in or use an external keyboard instead. Surely they would have been better advising that I wipe the deck first and try again...I mean, I am going to need to wipe it to send it back anyway.
  5. Was trying to install gamepass, and when pasting in the text for the launcher through properties...wiped out the start text by mistake...can someone tell me the full text please, or just the bits before --window-size=1024,640 --force-device-scale-factor=1.25 --device-scale-factor=1.25 --kiosk "https://www.xbox.com/play" please.
  6. Anybody had issues with Heroic Launcher and xemu with the last couple of updates in desktop mode? Heroic launcher just won't launch since the update the other day and xemu just updated and it is like the buttons, triggers etc are just disabled...pressing buttons just don't do anything so cant play anything, tried with Halo and Hulk Ultimate Destruction which were working great. Also, on desktop, I need to click right trigger now for left click mouse, pad doesn't do it anymore, left trigger for right click...i mean, this feels great, but it is since this changed that nothing bloody works.
  7. I bought it on PC hoping it would run on steamdeck....had to get a refund, it doesn't...or at least doesnt on mine.
  8. Got it going with no real bother, runs better through selecting gog installer on steam once installed, had to switch a lot of stuff off to get it running reasonably well....it was horrendous at first...framerate atrocious, seems to run between 35-45 fps on the settings I selected. Not bad for 12 quid at cdkeys. N64 emulator is as sweet as...but just about to give up on xemu....put everything in data folder (at least what i think phawx is saying, his youtube vid wasnt big on details) but won't fire up now at all.
  9. Does anybody know if the Cyberpunk key you buy on CDKeys will allow you to play the game on steamdeck? Its not a steam key and you need to use gog.com to redeem the key.
  10. Thought this was going to work after using the beta software, farcry 3 started working....Splinter Cell conviction was still a bust...DAMN IT!
  11. I am all new to this linux stuff, see this flathub, flatpack stuff, is it likely at some point this aill all come out prepackaged instead of grabbing x, y and z to put it all together? (Or am I misunderstanding things). It has all been vewwy, vewwy confusing to a newbie like me. I managed to get driver san franciso running, even Goldeneyed 64...but the whole lutris thing is a bit overwhelming.
  12. Well, the new patch is out and it probably makes the game the best it has been...now, make some bloody maps or at least put the BF3 and BFBC2 maps into general rotation. Oh....HDR seems to be switched off on PS5 for some reason and I can't put it back on.
  13. Thats my Steamdeck entered into GLS IT system apparantly in the Netherlands....I wonder how long it is going to be stuck at Dover when it ships...
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