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  1. I always get tempted to get this with each new update. Is there a structure to it, missions or anything or do you just purely go to random locations and soak up all the atmosphere while having a wander about?
  2. A few seconds of some fancy dan lighting effects.
  3. Absolutely loving the PS5 version, did thoroughly enjoy this on PS4 too though. The lighting (spent too long being mesmerised by the shadows on the lawnmower races, which, was well weird), dust effects, 3D audio, haptic feedback, loving it. Did download the gamepass version on series X today as well just to compare having read some comments on here, very impressed with the 60fps boost thing, think Sony need to come up with a solution for something similar for PS5. As smooth and pretty as the bone version is on the X, I didn't think it was as good looking as
  4. Thats what i did, copied their set up...nowhere near what they are pulling off.
  5. Finally maxxed the Pelington so I could try some quick scoping as per some of those feckers kill me quite often...pit on the exact same set up....still so slow in comparison...what are they doing different?
  6. Does anybody else play Black Ops multiplayer and think it looks a bit worse for wear since the last console update?
  7. Yip...am back....dont add yer new progress on but got 3200 points to spend.
  8. And that would appear to be the thief.
  9. Nearly 2 weeks, still not a peep from Activision, and from what I can see, more and more have fallen victim to it.
  10. I started that process, need to wait up to 10 days, hopefully get sorted.
  11. Anybody had this? I assumed it was the usual spam emails, well, they were trying something new. Loaded up modern warfare, spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to start it, keeps taking me to the install screen, went feck it, Cold War... ...absolutely everything on my account has been wiped, all progress, battle pass, stoopid gun packs I may have bought, gone.
  12. Search function on forum not working for me just now, quick question... Anybody have the digital Crash Bandicoot its about time and been able to get the PS5 version?
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