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  1. I was having an amazing run through biome 2 yesterday and was pretty tanked up with health, an astronaut, and had powered up the resurrector thing. More importantly I had 4 ground spikes, which seem to knock about 80% of the health bar off of the Severeds. So I was feeling pretty confident. Picked up a carbine with the high calibre perk, and entered the next room where I proceeded to get attacked by three of the tentacled... lizard things, and a Severed. Things that I then learnt: 1 - High calibre carbines are useless against multiple enemies up close 2
  2. I've just mentioned this in the Resi VIII thread, but Digital Foundry posted a video the other day where they recommended that anyone with an LG CX/C1 try switching tone mapping on and setting Trumotion/OLED Motion Pro to High. It makes motion look extremely clear. As in, there's no motion blur added by the TV or image retention from one frame to the next. It has the unfortunate side effect of darkening the picture substantially, but you can compensate a bit by adjusting brightness settings. It's probably only of use if you're playing in a dark room though. But it makes
  3. It makes motion a lot smoother/clearer. Since watching that vid I've been trying it in Returnal and you can definitely tell the difference as you spin the camera around. Cut scenes look super smooth as well. It just seems to completely remove any image retention from frame to frame. But it does make the picture very dark. You might able to compensate by going through the HDR settings and in game brightness settings, but if you overdo it then it starts to look washed out.
  4. Tried using the Vallejo fluorescent paints. They’re pretty effective!
  5. The item does change. They all change to Silphium Resin when you're at max health.
  6. No one knows how well it's sold, other than Sony. It's not shifted a lot of physical copies which doesn't bode massively well, but it also sold out on Amazon the day before it was released (and is still out of stock) so it clearly shifted as many copies as Sony expected it to. Digital sales are likely to be a much bigger percentage of the sales total for Returnal than for something like Pokemon Snap, which it's been compared to regularly.
  7. Second run. Beat the 1st biome boss first time. As videogames go, this is a very good videogame.
  8. Not for the PSPlus version, as it can’t be upgraded. But if you’ve bought the PS4 version, then it can be upgraded for free.
  9. Is everyone else getting alerts on the Playstation app along the lines of 'Your friend ASTRA Scout <insert name here> last known location was detected in OVERGROWN RUINS'? What's all that about? Is it just saying where people on your friends list died, or have progressed to?
  10. On the first 'run' did everyone else walk slowly through the level gawping at everything, or was it just me? All the gameplay videos have everyone sprinting and boosting all over the place as soon as they get out of the ship. I must have spent five minutes just walking back and forth through the 'blue tendril' corridor just to watch the way they move and hear the 3D audio... It's going to take me ages to finish this... (the music is spectacular btw)
  11. It's probably because it's already had a PS5-only patch to reduce the load times.
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