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  1. That seems.... unreasonably harsh.
  2. Thanks @Graham S! For me, I just think the spell listings combined with the line from the PHB you quoted above (‘You can take a bonus action only when a special ability, spell, or other feature of the game states that you can do something as a bonus action’) don’t quite mesh and cause the confusion, for a hardened pedant such as myself. Most spells with casting time of ‘1 Bonus Action’ don’t explicitly state that you can perform them as a bonus action. Whereas Cunning Action and Two-Weapon Fighting do. Conversely, a spell with a casting time of ‘1 action’ doesn’t grant me an action
  3. OK, really really basic question: No one has really been using magic in our campaign... up until now. And as a result I'm reading the PHB about actions and spells and I'm getting mildly confused. If a spell has a casting time of '1 bonus action' then that indicates how long it takes to cast the spell, but does it mean that someone who has learnt the spell automatically gets a bonus action on every combat turn with which to cast the spell?
  4. Are those Lazy DM books worth getting? Reviews on Amazon (predictably) cycle between '5 stars! Very useful' and '1 star! Takes ages to state the obvious'
  5. Has anyone tried Game Sharing on the PS5 yet? It’s supposed to be easier than it was on the PS4...
  6. Thanks @Graham S @Kzo @phresh @Lying Cat & @scottcr for the advice. Very useful.
  7. Pros: - The look and feel of the app is much more modern and better laid out than Roll20 - As a result it's easier to use... once you've learned how to use it. - Performance can be better than with Roll20 (but you may need to tinker around with modules/settings to get there) - Dynamic lighting actually works - It's a one time cost, rather than a subscription - There are many many modules you can install that add or tweak functionality to get it to work the way you want it to. Cons: - It's another app to learn, and there is quite a lo
  8. I guess the main thing I lost track of was 'what is the main story thread?'. It just felt like the search for Gundren/The mine went completely unmentioned, which was my fault obviously, but switching between the different locations/NPCs as the PCs trundled around town was problematic. It was also too easy to just read up on the NPCs and and have not much for them to say/do other than deliver a quest. I need to get it feeling more organic than that and act as useful/interesting characters to begin with and bring their quests in as needed. I think I overwhelmed the PCs with side-ques
  9. So because of the Lockdown(s) I thought I'd try to get into D&D as a way of making sure I kept in touch with some friends online. It all went went well to begin with (we're starting off with LMOP)... actually really well for the first couple of sessions, with me DMing. And then the party got to Phandalin.... Holy moly that area being more 'free-form' ended up being a logistical nightmare from my point of view. I think the players were OK with it, but it felt like it frequently completely ran away from me. It didn't help that we're of course now doing this online, an
  10. Yeah I had something similar last night, but for me I think it was due to some network instability that I didn't realise I was having until the fight was over.
  11. Killing the Phalanx, then going back to the Nexus and talking to the Maiden and the Monumental has got to be one of the most atmospheric sequences in any game I’ve played. And holy shit, the graphicks!
  12. Well I replied last time you asked that question, but here we go again: While you're in the game, double tap the PS button and in the window that pops up, click on the current objective. It will bring up 3 videos that relate to the location you're in.
  13. You need to be right up close to the enemy and can’t be pushing any direction (I.e. the left stick needs to be in the neutral position) when you attack. On a separate topic, can you just run past the two dragons on 1-1 down that little side path without getting roasted? I’ve forgotten and don’t want to risk it...
  14. While you’re in the game, double tap the PS button. If you click on the current objective it brings up the relevant hint videos.
  15. People seem to be reporting different amounts of noise, but I’ve got the Digital edition, placed horizontally and the fan is effectively silent. I can hear the sound of the air it’s displacing, rather than any mechanical noise from the fan itself.
  16. That's true but if it comes to it, you could just run through the level again killing the more minor enemies in order to pick up more firebombs.
  17. @Chadruharazzeb I believe so. I used the Sony WH-1000XM3’s with noise cancelling on and plugged in to the controller and they sounded great. Not audiophile great, or ‘oh my god if I close my eyes I’d believe I was standing outside a castle’ great, but you can hear every effect/groan/rustle/scream (and there are a lot) and can tell which direction they’re coming from. The audio calibration in the settings just asks you to listen to the sound of running water and change the level so that it sounds like it’s at ear height. The default was too high for me so I changed it to level 4.
  18. With headphones on, and having calibrated the 3D audio, the sound on this is really quite something. The environmental sound effects are incredibly atmospheric. Re the online settings, is everyone else’s (in the UK at least) defaulting to the servers in Ohio? Seems odd that it reports much higher latency to the server in London, when I live in... London.
  19. How big is the day 1 dis patch? And is it the same as the day 1 des patch? Do I need both?
  20. In-progress review from Gamecentral: https://metro.co.uk/2020/11/12/demons-souls-ps5-review-in-progress-prepare-to-die-again-13581444/
  21. Ah I see people have started the 'hilarious' trolling thing early today.
  22. Speaking of which..... I'm 2 mins in and it looks amazing
  23. Ah sorry - I thought you were asking about ray tracing. It does have a 4k60 mode, but DF were saying they hadn't seen anything either way as to whether that mode had any ray tracing or not (but it seems unlikely).
  24. I don’t think anyone knows for sure at the moment. DigitalFoundry mentioned in a video last week that Insomniac haven’t said either way so far, but 4k60 with RT sounds a little like wishful thinking for an open world launch game.
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