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  1. Bunch of misery guts. I had plenty of loud laughs and was entertained. I'm a League of Gents fanboy so it's hard for me to not like what these two put out.
  2. Where he pierced his foot on a spiiiiiiiiiiiiike?
  3. David is back to give us his eraction to the trailer https://youtu.be/GzkxgQyd4m8
  4. That seems to be behind YouTube's ridiculous age restriction thing. This one appears fine
  5. YESSSSSSSS Died on the second level after that, but still. PROGRESS.
  6. Not yet but I've not really experimented with it yet. Currently working on getting through the laser death traps at the top of Tiamat's throne. I was so close the other day and of course one minor mistake derailed the run.
  7. Really enjoyed last nights episode, each task had a memorable moment for me. Prize Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Live Task
  8. I've been going through them too and it has been excellent. Perhaps a bit swearier and I find Guy a touch irritating at times but overall it's been a great stop gap between the last and next series of the original.
  9. For surrrrrre. Really enjoyed him in The Beef and Dairy network and his own St Elwicks Community Newsletter one, he was great in Man Down too. I believe he actually won the original Edinburgh Festival Taskmaster too.
  10. Are you around this evening, say 9pm GMT?
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