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  1. Oh cook is entertaining enough. I enjoy May just doing stuff, manlab was a great example of this. Even him showing you how to cook a fish finger sandwich I enjoyed. More May please.
  2. This guy seems to be posting them, a quick search this his profile will find them https://www.reddit.com/user/Sorlex/?sort=new
  3. Couldn't agree with that last point not, a gulf in class.
  4. What day of the week do episodes come out on going forward?
  5. Overlord Set against backdrop of D-Day our heroes parachute into France to take out their target, not suspecting that the Germans are doing ungodly experiments on people. Dogshite, don't watch it. Hubie Halloween A film with Adam Sandler that I didn't mind. Funny in places and quite frankly thats all I need in these pandemical times.
  6. Mark Watson's cheeky texts!
  7. Johnny Strong series so far, hoping they announce the cast for the next one at the end of this series!
  8. Bugger the film, sell the technology that helped them achieve the caption they chose.
  9. I know the villain has to be English, but Rio Ferdinand? Christ.
  10. The Jeselnik one was great fun. I don't knowhow put on it was, but James cocking up his jokes was very entertaining. I've never heard him so constantly on the back foot.
  11. They're clearing booing their chieftain.
  12. Maybe have a word with Odin, its been cancelled
  13. I'm enjoying this game all told, the only thing that annoys me again and again is the stun time after being hit seems a touch too long. Most run endings I have are due to being stuck on the floor whilst an enemy hits me multiple times. Either that or me voluntarily jumping in lava.
  14. I don't think he died, weren't they trying to set up the sinister six? Regardless, no thank you
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