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  1. Is Doctor Who back on?
  2. Overall I loved the series. I would say that I had the most issues with this episode of all of them for many of the reasons mentioned elsewhere in the topic but I'm not one to dwell on them when it comes to Star Wars (we've all been through too much). I enjoyed the music at the end, at first I thought I was imagining the change in chanting.
  3. Pitch meeting: So it's about this wooden kid who fucking loves doing backflips.
  4. Poop Hero A card game where you place different types of fecal matter on a circuit. This circuit is then wandered by a janitor who will endeavour to clean up the business.
  5. How the hell will he deliver his bounty? Presumably he outsources it to some sort of deliveroo or galactic equivalent. Deliver-ear windu
  6. I've enjoyed this overall so far, I get the moaning but honestly the things people are upset about haven't bothered me in the slightest. This episode was ruddy marvelous, so much to love.
  7. I'd just like to say I think this game is fantastic and I've enjoyed it alot more than the first. I've only got a couple more achievements to do and I've astonished myself by being able to get all the way to the cosmic ocean which I never thought I would ever do when I first became aware of it. It's hard and yes it can take a bit of getting used to but I'm at a point now we're I'm just used to how it plays and deaths will be because of me having a momentary lapse rather than some piece of bullshit.
  8. Planning to head back and 100% this soon. Will the squid keep telling me things to look for until I've found all the hidden bits?
  9. Never played the game in any form but here are some solo rules on bgg.
  10. I struggled fighting those guys for a while. Found that using ranged attacks on these guys really helped to whittle down their health, specifically (spoilers in case you've not found it yet)
  11. Thanks Santa! Mixolumia, lair of the clockwork god, deaths door and hacknet labyrinths Looking forward to each of them, no idea what mixolumia is so that'll be interesting As always many thanks to @JPR for sorting and Merry Christmas to you all xxx
  12. I have the same question. I know that
  13. Mines sent. Now I await the traditional message from JPR telling me I've sent the money to the wrong place or something
  14. Amazon. I compromised by getting jaws of the lion for £32.49 on zatu along with wingspan for £34.49. Hopefully won't see them cheaper anywhere today
  15. When they read the task I felt sure there would be a second part or something as I was certain I had downed a pint with my mouth open. I then started to question everything, had I imagined it? Was it possible? Was something wrong with me? I didn't think to just pick up my glass and try. Victoria's inability to drink was truly baffling though.
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