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  1. Maybe the Dolphin emulator has done a lot of the work for them though, since it runs so well and is open source. For the Xbox One BC, I'm surprised they're not releasing something like that add on 360 thing that was rumoured, could be they lost it so they could use the 'one' name?
  2. VGA gives a much nicer pic for me, due to the option to select a naitive something X 768 resolution. The scaling is noticeable on a 720p pic through component (where you don't have this option).
  3. As I understand it, the picture processing technology is mainly intended for standard definition (to compensate for the scaling). Go into any Dixons and compare their crappy feed on an S Series Sony to a neighbouring Samsung and see if you can tell the difference - I tried this several times and honestly couldn't choose between them for pixelation, motion blur or anything else (both fairly poor, hehe). Fair point on the S-LCD thing, but the fact remains that the panels are the same. The HD pic (sharpness and motion) on the R74 Sammy is flawless (when using a VGA cable at 768 naitive res) and D
  4. Sony and Samsung screens are almost exactly the same, except for slight differences in the picture processing software (only makes a difference at 480 resolutions and I couldn't tell which was better when I compared them side by side). The panels in all Sony LCDs are actually made by Samsung. Only an idiot would pay £50 more for a Sony
  5. Yeah, same here. Sweet, I'll give this a try and report back later... Edit: Hmm, well I added £50 to my account, but got no match bonus and I definitely haven‘t played there for well over a month.
  6. So this is definitely safe to try on Intercasino? Can't imagine how it isn't having read your post, but I need to be doubly sure before trying as money is tight at the moment! I completed all the sign up bonuses a while ago, but haven't touched any monthlies due to the time/low rewards involved and having lost £50 on three of them. The chance to bag an extra £50 from the off would make these much more appealing to me.
  7. mobelea

    Killer 7

    Hi Yoda, Are you playing the Jap or US version? I've got the US one on preorder, but am tempted to cancel that and import the Jap one now if it has English text...
  8. I don't agree that adding combos or extra moves would improve Ghoulies. They'd just get in the way - it's not what the game is about. It has deliberately simple controls so that anyone can pick up and play. The depth and variety come from the wide range of rules and objectives that change from room to room. I noticed many rooms can be completed in multiple ways (some very quickly), by using the powerups thoughtfully hidden inside breakable objects. I enjoyed it. Bit of a slow starter, but I found it quite charming with some really funny moments (love the character models and animation) and it
  9. The war thing is just for the (Xbox Live) multiplayer mode, which sounds like a lot of fun according to the E3 reports I've read. The original single player Conker's Bad Fur Day is also included, apparently with a few extras and lovely graphics/sound.
  10. Olllld news... Not really fair either... Well, except for DKR and few objects in Banjo (most of the character designs in that game were actually pretty good).
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