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  1. Here's mine : Mine: Jeroen_R - OD|BM|FS - Wingman
  2. I'll try and make it let's just not do a free for all....I know you all like my mines but last night was ridiculous
  3. Actually from what I have heard (as in a person working for Take 2 told me) 360 is the leading platform for GTA IV and that the 2 disc story (the- Microsoft doesn't want that -story) sure smells like MS. In other words the GTA IV delay could be more a MS issue then a Sony issue. In comparisson, (this is what Ninja Theory told me) Heavenly sword is about 25 gig, which is a Blue Ray Disc. Wich couldn't possibly be on a DVD. I don't know how big the game is or what the coding is like. But I can imagine that GTA IV in this state can't fit on a single DVD. In other words I kind of think UKRebellion has a point. I don't know who is speaking the truth here. Because that's just how the gamesindustry works. We don't want to point fingers so let's be as unclear as ever. But the Xbox 360 could be the reason for the delay, as it is not only the leading platform but the least powerfull platform. (Once again noted by someone from Take 2)
  4. Go to a toilet or sleep on a couch.
  5. jeroenr

    Edge 161

    Can someone sum the Splinter Cell review up for me please.. :-D thnx
  6. jeroenr

    PSP Best Game

    Currently playing Daxter and I have to say this is de best PSP game yet!
  7. I played it, and...well...I found it kind of boring. I have to agree with Jon here.
  8. jeroenr


    We just have to wait vor Black Revenge ;-)
  9. jeroenr


    I haven’t got to playing the retail version for a long time (at level 3 now) but from what I have seen it isn’t that different from review code. Although I have to state that I get the idea that there are more pick ups. In level 2 where you have to cross a street from your manhole to a big building with a machine gun nest I had 15 RPG rockets….which I can’t remember having in the review copy. Also I keep having lots an lots of bullets for my AK so running out of ammo is a no no. In the review copy this section was really hectic, where I had to think before I shot and really aim well, duck and weave like a professional boxer. In the retail version I just emptied my RPG and walked over to the machine gun nest, but a rocket in there and that was that… I really enjoyed the game, and after completing the review copy I started over again, this time on hard (which is unlockable in review code and not selectable from the start as in the retail). Although I do understand Cyhwuhx amazement, after seeing the EA code. I didn’t see it, I just played preview and review code and loved it. Maybe Cyhwuhx is in the negative zone right now, and should lay down his copy and start over again, with a blank mind ;-)
  10. I am just keeping my fingers crossed. Please Activision buy Melbourne House!
  11. I missed the award ceremony :-) Had to attain some real birthdays. And now it's the 13th of Feb and Ribbot is having it's birthday party. Hip hip...HOORAY Wonder how old he is :-P
  12. PSP remake will have 2 screens then :-P
  13. jeroenr


    I can confirm that the health doens't recharge in the final version (review version that is) But on Hard ou don't have any healthpacks, only the little packs te enemy drops when they die.
  14. jeroenr


    I finished it on normal yesterday, today replaying it on Hard. Replay value should be getting better weapons I suppose. Somehow I unlocked something when I finished the game on normal, can't really tell what it is though. Now in the second mission on hard and I am liking it, the pace is a tad slower on hard, no healthpacks so I should be more careful :-)
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