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  1. 23 cards to go to complete Pool 3, big hitters I still need are Wave and Doctor Doom. Got Arnim Zola pinned in my Collectors Shop too, so that'll be in my stack soon. Weirdly I have over half of the Pool 4 and Pool 5 cards, which is kind of nice. Shuri is pretty much a guarantee in any deck I make, but I've not done anything with Galactus yet...
  2. Tried it at Essen, it's very good indeed. Meanwhile for me, I think I'm just about all ready for PAX Unplugged next week. Am I shitting it a bit? Yes. Is it going to be a great show? Also yes.
  3. It's OK, I got revenge for you and just beat @Harsin (Sorry Harsin!)
  4. Been playing it (mainly on stream) and yes, also really enjoying it. Doesn't feel like a slog at all. Bar Sinister is hilarious with a little planning and luck - means you can pull off silly stuff like this...
  5. I know the folks at Pandasaurus, and they've asked me to test out the game when it's finished. Still in development at the moment, but Emerson is a great designer and I have faith he'll do some Good Stuff.
  6. There's not been a lot of talk about The Other Stuff that's in the game, it feels like. I've unlocked a few things, and while I don't want to spoil anything, I'm definitely getting a Pony Island/Inscryption vibe, in that there's way more to discover than just high quality tooting action.
  7. I've finally bit the bullet and bought all the stuff I need to mod a GC with Picoboot, everything should be here by tomorrow - including my first ever soldering iron. Not terrified at all, no way, uh uh. After last week's incredible run of good luck (getting two GCs to add to the one I already have) my plan is to keep my original Cube as it is. The other two will get cleaned up, then one (purple) will serve as the practice machine for modding while the other (black) will be the 'good' one I'll work with once I know things function and I'm not fucking things up too badly. Honestly, I'm kind of excited about this, never done a physical mod before. And on my favourite system, no less!
  8. So, as of yesterday, I had a GameCube and a couple of OK games. Not a great collection in any way, but you know, nice to have one of my favourite systems. 24 hours later, after a brief chat with a mate and a very lucky find on Gumtree, I've got significantly more. The mate gave me a purple GC and six games (notables include Metroid Prime, Sunshine and Double Dash) as well a Gameboy Player and boxed start-up disc. Refused to take any money for it. This morning I picked up another (black) GC, plus another 16 games. Stand outs here include Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, the Zelda CE, Metroid Prime 1 and 2, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil (and REZero), Luigi's Mansion and Mario Party 5. Guy wanted £30 for the lot, I told him he was massively undercharging and offered £100 - he refused, but eventually accepted £60 for the lot. So yeah! Now I've got the makings of a really nice collection, plus a couple of extra GameCubes I can experiment putting a Picoboot into. Considering GC stuff is rare as heck over here in Northern Ireland, I'm very happy indeed.
  9. Ninth in the world on the Steam leaderboard, the only way is up, baby!
  10. Just finished a 12 hour stream of this, and it is easily my game of the year. Challenging, fun to play, very puzzly, looks great, amazing music... I can't recommend it enough.
  11. You don't have to do the tutorial at all though? It says you can either go through it (with an advisory that it'll take about 15 minutes) or you can skip the whole thing and go straight into the demo. I don't get where you're getting a half hour for the tutorial either - I was jabbering away through it on stream and knocked it out in 20 minutes, haven't done it since.
  12. The only thing that saves are your best scores (though I guess my third place will be reset when the game comes out properly). You can only spend money earned on the run you're on - the cash doesn't carry over between plays - and you can't get into the shop before beginning a run (though it'd be nice to be able to change clothes before you start, maybe in the full version). Also, you can use spin without having to complete the secondary tutorial after a loss, just hold one of the directions and tap away.
  13. Was Agricola 15 where I thought it was?
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