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  1. I did win the whole game! Got a £2000 voucher to spend on a holiday, which went on flights and hotels for me and my partner to go to San Diego Comic Con! If I'd won the game before, it would have been a brand new Mini Cooper... I'd be delighted if they brought it back, and I'd be playing every night, guaranteed.
  2. It'll be mailed out in the morning!
  3. @Stejay Never saw that you pinged me! You can get a copy of that game through the Wayfinder-games.com site - let me know if you put an order in and I'll make sure you get one of the fancy ass poker chips
  4. @jonnyalpha You get a free Cheat card if you hit a five card hand and survive The Deal part of the round, but you can also get them from some of the Cash Loot Cards (10k gives you the money and a card, 30k gives you the money OR a card). @therearerulescards and box came from a UK company called Spingold who normally do personalised card decks. Rules were printed locally here in Belfast! I'm... reasonably happy with how the game turned out, lots of lessons learnt for project 2, coming in March.
  5. Ummmm... is Disco Elysium on Game Pass or not? So many sites saying that it is, yet it's £30-odd when I sign in?
  6. Heads up, Airship City is on there for £15 - it's a fun game that I paid a LOT more for at Essen a couple of years ago, definitely recommended.
  7. Well, we're funded, now it's just a matter of seeing how big our print run will be! Thank you for the support, folks.
  8. Shameless promotion time - I have a new game (and a new company!) launching next Tuesday. Check out the first project from Wayfinder Games here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/idlemichael/the-split-from-wayfinder-games?ref=62ahli&token=856a5d26
  9. So... UKGE's organisers have 180'd AGAIN. You will now need negative tests to get in, and masks are mandatory. Of course, to find this out, you'd need to actually check their site, because they have officially announced it, or contacted exhibitors, or done anything to let literally anyone know that they've altered policies. Still not going.
  10. That is very fucking odd.
  11. Eh? I've been told that all the companies under the Asmodee umbrella are pulling out of all shows worldwide until at least Essen?
  12. Yeah - I don't think there are any official limitations to attendance now, but there's a lot of folks who are saying they're not going, so those figures will be down. Couple that with the amount of companies pulling out (especially all those under the Asmodee umbrella - none of them are going) and this will be a very different show. Not so many booths in a pretty large space with fewer attendees will feel a bit weird.
  13. We've cancelled, alongside a bunch of other companies. Between this and Gen Con just throwing any protections into the bin, the risk isn't worth it.
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