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  1. You don't have to do the tutorial at all though? It says you can either go through it (with an advisory that it'll take about 15 minutes) or you can skip the whole thing and go straight into the demo. I don't get where you're getting a half hour for the tutorial either - I was jabbering away through it on stream and knocked it out in 20 minutes, haven't done it since.
  2. The only thing that saves are your best scores (though I guess my third place will be reset when the game comes out properly). You can only spend money earned on the run you're on - the cash doesn't carry over between plays - and you can't get into the shop before beginning a run (though it'd be nice to be able to change clothes before you start, maybe in the full version). Also, you can use spin without having to complete the secondary tutorial after a loss, just hold one of the directions and tap away.
  3. Was Agricola 15 where I thought it was?
  4. Exhibitors are NOT allowed to clear out early, so Sunday will still be a good day to head down! I'll be at 2-587, come say hi if you have time.
  5. We should've just given each other cash at UKGE! Save the Gamefound tax!
  6. holy shit we're nearly at ten grand already
  7. Oh, I didn't know you can switch stretch goals on the fly, that's good. Hope the final two days kick ass!
  8. That will have to remain a secret until a certain article pops up on Polygon tomorrow (hopefully!), but I can at least say that these aren't going to be the only bonus content for the campaign.
  9. Yeah, I played the first book and was pretty impressed with how clever it is. Also, so many terrible puns and jokes, exactly what was needed.
  10. Alright, the time has come. Fresh from the cover of Tabletop Gaming Magazine, it's time to introduce you all properly to my next project. My little two person company, Wayfinder Games, decided that it'd be a great idea doing a licensed title for our second release, so may I present to you... Blaseball: The Card Game. It launches on Gamefound this coming Tuesday, May 24th, at 5pm UK time. It is genuinely the best game I've ever been involved in creating. You don't need to know about Blaseball, you don't need to know about baseball, hell, you don't even need to know about sport. It's a card-playing, dice-rolling, base running battler strictly for two players, and it'll cost you £20, for which you'll get a ridiculous amount of content. The campaign runs until June 9th, so if you're coming to UKGE, you can even give it a try there. If you're interested, we have a preview on Gamefound right now, and if you could give it a follow (or even a share) it'd make a huge difference to us. https://gamefound.com/projects/draft/2irs7rv7a3dkaeeht2hfgbrfxw3 And now... Back to the editing...
  11. OK, it's been decided, I'm going but I'll be the only member of the Wayfinder Games team there. It's going to be a busy few days...!
  12. Sure. No face coverings, no proof of vaccination required, no distancing measures (I actually forgot to add on the thread that they're decreasing the aisle width from 4m back to the usual 3m). They're sending out a Health and Safety statement soon, following all the guidelines laid out by Solihull Borough Council (that is to say, no enforcement required). It will, however, 'encourage' visitors to take their own precautions. No hand sanitizer stations in the halls, but there are some dotted around the wider NEC complex, and at the entryways to the halls. As an exhibitor, I can request people wear masks and use sanitizer at my booth. If they refuse, I can ask them to leave. Basically, the word from the organisers is "your booth, your rules". There's also a plan for security to be walking the halls in case things get heated. Of course, I'm hoping that they won't but planning for just in case, considering folks are getting masks grabbed off faces and plenty of verbal abuse here in NI. In short, cover your own arse, because (as @Pelekophoros so eloquently said) the pandemic is most definitely over in England.
  13. It has been Quite The Fucking Day. It's all over my twitter if folks want to see what's gone on after the Dicebreaker story. Still trying to decide whether we'll actually go or not.
  14. I literally just designed my own cards and took the text from the Black Box version of the game (which I borrowed from a friend). Had them printed up at a local place then cut and sleeved them all. It's such a good game, but trying to convince folks to play is a nightmare! It's got such a reputation of being an absolute beast that it frightens people away!
  15. I'd love to get together with folks for some games in the evenings, I'm legendarily bad at doing so because a full day on the booth plus chronic pain plus all the meds usually knock me out. This year though, there'll be Rain and myself on our booth, so I can take it a little easier. It'd be lovely to meet up with folks! Up til 2am though? Hell no, ya boi needs his sleep! You youngsters can forge ahead without me And yeah, @jonnyalpha, show us what you've got, I finally have some money to spend!
  16. So uhhhh... I made my own copy of Glory to Rome (with permission from a certain person). If you want, I could probably hook you up with the files? It's kind of based on the fancy black box version, but uses graphics and stuff from the GameIcons site. Looks OK, plays exactly the same as the normal game! Oh, also, I just played Mini Rogue on my Twitch channel, and it was a bloody delight. Next up this afternoon: soloing Stardew Valley!
  17. We'll be there for our first UKGE outing as Wayfinder Games, showing off Blaseball: The Card Game and selling The Split. We've only got a small booth but there'll be space to run a couple of demo games at a time, and we're expecting a pretty busy weekend (thanks to the Tabletop Gaming Magazine cover, an upcoming Polygon feature, and the fact our crowdfunding campaign for BTCG will be running over that weekend). No way we could afford the Hilton, even with the exhibitors block prices, so we're at the Moxy instead - £700 for four nights with breakfast, and it's right next to the NEC... Couldn't say no! As for meetup plans, I'm sure we could sort something! Who else is around?
  18. Where's the best place to pick up a code for Elden Ring? And I assume it runs alright on a Series S?
  19. Shameless self promo time: my new game is on the cover of Tabletop Gaming Magazine next month!
  20. We're definitely NOT using Kickstarter again thanks to their blockchain nonsense. Trying to get Gamefound to let us use their site to run a campaign but they're currently invite only, leaving us with one option: Indiegogo. Not ideal, and I know we're leaving money on the table not going with KS, but we want to stand by our principles.
  21. I got rid of 150+ games over the holidays, and to make sure everything arrived in good condition, I just bought a bunch of double wall 12" cube boxes and a huge roll if bubble wrap oft Amazon. Wasn't massively expensive, and I think folks appreciated it.
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