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  1. The use of Comic Sans is entirely down to accessibility. Good for SD and HD TVs.
  2. Check out this video interview (nice footage of Banjo with decent framerate) <a href="http://www.gametrailers.com/player/34006.html" target="_blank">http://www.gametrailers.com/player/34006.html</a> Talks about how boring it was making a HD Banjo which was later scrapped
  3. if you follow this link, NeXusSDK (press guy) took some pictures of Banjo during his playthrough. Looks so fresh Banjo TV shots
  4. from gaming-age, press guy Ok, since the embargo has ended, I guess I can spill some beans on Banjo and VP2 as well (besides what you already know from GI). Banjo (slated for November): - Building vehicles is basically like playing with LEGO. You can <i>always</i> jump in and out of the vehicle editor and come right back to the game with the new design. - Parts are easily placed and moved around. You don't have to worry about connecting the motor with the wheels for example. Just place everything so they stick together and don't get in the way. - Vehicle designs can play a large role in missions. We saw one where you had to collect coconuts from a field and got a small truck that could suck them up. Unfortunately you couldn't fit all the coconuts in the truck and had to back and deliver them in a large barrel. We were then shown how you could create a helicopter with a hook, that could pick up this large barrel, fly to the coconut field and fly low to scoop the coconuts in the barrel. - Physics are awesome in this game and everywhere! With one design I placed the foot-in-a-box weapon behind a propella, and when I tried to use it, the foot/boot couldn't get past the propella... well, until I used it enough times to actually kick the propella off the vehicle! - Pixel art... imagine the possibilities (Rare already had an example of this, paying homage to a certain plumber) - Multiplayer is great fun with the ability to either chose from pre-fabricated or own vehicle designs. It still needs some polish here and there, but showed great promise. VP2 (slated for September): - I will only touch on one feature here, as GI already touched on many of the more traditional improvements. This feature is extremely cool though, in two ways. 1. VP2 uses the Vision Camera in combination with physical cards sorta like Eye of Judgement. It basically scans a small code on the card, when it's being held up in front of the camera, and this can both insert custom designed pinatas, unlock buildings or abilities, change the weather and many other things. We were told how Rare had designed a moose that got a big, red nose only around christmas time... and this could be passed around with these cards. 2. So the game also got a photo mode. Cool, but that's not the best! This photo mode is able to interpret the pictures and create the above-mentioned code based on the picture. Basically, you will have a card generator available on the internet! Imagine this: you have created this really cool pinata and instead of the tiresome task of sending it only to selected friends on Live, you can take a picture of it, get the code/card generated and share it on a forum. Instantly everyone will be able to get the pinata in their game and since the camera can also read from LCD screens, ipods, zunes etc., there is little to no hassle. Now THAT'S sharing! continues on to say... Did I find it fun? Me and colleague haven't stopped thinking about it since we played it. It was extremely fun being able to create your own vehicles however you wanted it and play around with them. Just that in itself. It works so great! Add balloons and it will start to float. Add wings and you can actually steer in the air and fly around. Add inflatable balls and you won't sink when landing on water. Add a propella and you got propulsion in the water. Everything makes sense and work exactly how you think they will. Now take that concept into multiplayer...
  5. Prine

    Def Jam: Icon

    one of the best albums of last year!!!
  6. Prine

    Def Jam: Icon

    you dont like the way they stumble around? I thought allowing characters to smash their opponants head into the screen is a superb touch. The game does a good job of selling pain, which is down to the animation.
  7. Prine

    Def Jam: Icon

    The music is great, what are you lot on? If you dont like hophop, dont go rating the tunes! No tastes I agree the fighting is a mess but the graphics and animation are some of the best i've seen. I love T.I
  8. From Jacks PA "She a paki" - is a term frequently used sometimes as an insult and sometimes in a jovial fashion between young people today. No racist undertone, none at all Oh really Jack?
  9. Holy shit, she got rinsed!! i love Jermain :luv
  10. Bought and Loved: Perfect Dark Zero Kameo PGR3 GEars of War Oblivion Bought and enjoyed DOA4 GRAW Fight Night Splinter Cell DA Oblivion is still the best game i've played this year Viva PInata supposed to be something special, should be good fun!
  11. Sup Bitches! If you love RE4, your gonna love this. Berzerker fight is especially scary!
  12. Prine

    Dead Rising

    So much fun. Replaying this game isnt a chore like others.
  13. Prine

    Fable 2

    Fell in love with Fable. Yeah the game had its flaws, but it made up for it with its charm and creative gameplay. Fable is a game with GREAT potential. Im confident Molenuex and BBB will deliver.
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