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  1. Ok! So, I have two pairs that fit that bill. The darker ones are mad of reclaimed clay (mixed clays of white, buffs and black) that give it a sort of brown bread look and also the standard stoneware ones that have quite a golden look to the raw clay. All of them are a good size.
  2. Glad they got there ok and good to see it being used!
  3. no probs! Let me have a look tomorrow. Do you like the more bulbous ones or the straight tall ones? They both hold the same amount (the bulbous ones tend to hold a little more actually) if that’s a factor for you.
  4. @Stopharage @skondo if there’s anything you guys want first dibs on before I put them on my store, let me know!
  5. Exactly this. this guy wasn’t translating the game for money or fame. It was a fan translation and he was just accurately translating the source material. the fact that people went after him like that was pretty scummy in my opinion.
  6. Which two did you want? The original one I posted and the one with white band? I priced myself low initially because I forgot black clay costs twice as much as buff. but... can still do those two for £48. They are both really good!
  7. Also, If anyone wants specifics on these then I can find out exact capacity for how much fluid they hold!
  8. @Stopharage these are pretty large too. There were a lot of big and interesting pots in this firing! All totally unique and made from mixed reclaimed clay that I’ll probably never be able to duplicate!
  9. Ok! not sure why it always flips the images but the one I made you is slap bang in the middle. that one contains 420ml so a nice size for a brew. if there’s any you want a closer look at, I’ll post some detailed images
  10. Yeah. It’s pretty bonkers. The guy who did it got loads of flack from a writer on hardcore gamer. He translated Goemon 3 verbatim and the word ‘tranny’ was in the dialogue which caused a bit of a witch hunt. he defended the decision to use it but said he’d remove it but there was a lot of hate directed at him and he scrapped translation of Goemon 4 because of it. but then he had a change of heart thankfully.
  11. turned out a bit different than I thought! This glaze is usually quite dark but the kiln was slightly lower heat I think. i personally love it but might not be what you’re specifically after. got a ton more to photograph tomorrow
  12. Yuh huh! goemon 2,3 and 4 all have translations by DDS. They’re really good too. Even the ebisamuru puzzle game has been translated
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