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  1. I accept. Ill get myself up blockbusters during the week and give it a go. It actually looks alright.
  2. I really must pick my xbox up from my mates house. Its been there nearly 2 weeks now! And I really havent a massive amount of time at the moment what with christmas and all.
  3. Seedy Gord

    Glassjaw Split

    I saw them like 2 nights before they cancelled last time Bwahahaha! Should be seeing HA in Jan as well.....fingers crossed......
  4. Ill second this. My 12 year old brother fucking loves this! Also check out The Slayers (The series) and Wings of Homanaise (sp?) which is a canny little film. Not violent or owt.
  5. Anyone gonna tell me if theres a second support for DEP? Going to see them tomorrow and cant wait to hear a few of the new album tracks live. Also looking forward to PTW possibly more cos I aint seen them before having missed chances like three times. This shit is gonna kick my ass. Its in a tiny little room thats gonna be fucking heaving to! WOohoo!
  6. Cant do tonight, tomorrow or tuesday. Wednesday will be the soonest im afraid, as I have to go and tear shit up.
  7. Ill pop in tonight too. And Ill have number 8
  8. ill be on in a short while. just gonna have some bait so 20 minutes or so
  9. who cares? as long as its good i dont cae. i want continuation in the story too.
  10. Yo Im good as well for then. My tags Supagordy
  11. Stick me down for this if you want. I o[played against you last night and sort of held my own.....
  12. Seedy Gord

    Gt4 Jap

    What the fuck? I might be behind the times but i thought it was online? Its gonna have to be a big step up from 3 for me to buy it then
  13. I think a few people from here have added me so if someone sends me an invite ill be on tomorrow night. Any time spans yet?
  14. Supagordy. Theres noone on my freinds list but ive only had it just over a week though!
  15. Stick me down for this too. Only got a sexbox recently and just got live too. Add me with Supagordy.
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