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  1. I really must pick my xbox up from my mates house. Its been there nearly 2 weeks now! And I really havent a massive amount of time at the moment what with christmas and all.

  2. Anyone gonna tell me if theres a second support for DEP?

    Going to see them tomorrow and cant wait to hear a few of the new album tracks live.

    Also looking forward to PTW possibly more cos I aint seen them before having missed chances like three times.

    This shit is gonna kick my ass. Its in a tiny little room thats gonna be fucking heaving to! WOohoo!

  3. I'm realy looking forward to this, although I know alot of people are disapointed thats it's not online.

    What the fuck? I might be behind the times but i thought it was online?

    Its gonna have to be a big step up from 3 for me to buy it then

  4. Yeah I saw this sucka on tuesday oop north. Went mainly for visions having seen crazyfists before and not heard bulletformy valentine.

    But yeah it was an ace gig, and now im trying to find some tickets for lost prophets next month cos 18 visions are supporting them.

  5. Click For Spoiler
    It's beside you bed back at your own apartment. That means going back through the hole, waking up on your bed and checking down the left hand side.


    Yeah I know that but its not there!

    Ill start again because i dont want that doll the tramp gives you.

  6. This has pissed me off so much!

    Spoilers___The apartment world where you need the key for your neighbors room i forgot her name. Where the shit is it? Ive done everything but that and according to an online guide, (thats how much it pissed me off) you should remember where it is when youve done all the bits of pper!

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