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  1. Yeah it is. I could of stuck a couple of extra tracks on there but its a fucking good song.And I wanted a sort of ghost track on it. Id like to do one at the start of the cd (where you have to search backwards) but I dont know how to.
  2. Fuck me has that just came out? Ive had it on my pc for fucking ages now. Never listened to it properly yet but I brought you my bullets you brought me your love was a cracker
  3. You reckon? The other two perhaps but I think even APC's pushing it a bit.
  4. 'Having some pizza, learning bout Cuba' Spicoli was fucking ace in this though.
  5. 1-Mare-They Sent You 2-Desert City Soundtrack-Drowning Horses 3-From Autumn To Ashes-Autumns Monolouge 4-Biffy Clyro-57 5-Poison The Well-Today 6-Avenged Sevenfold-I Wont See You Tonight Pt1 7----------------------------------------------------Pt2 8-Boysetsfire-Cavity 9-Hondo Maclean-Asia Argento 10-The Appleseed Cast-Rooms and Gardens 11-ISIS-Weight 12-AFI-But Home Is Nowhere/This Time Imperfect What did you think of it overall?
  6. I cant wait for this. Ill be pming someone for a code too. And if its shit the pcs going through the window
  7. you ready for the tracklist from mine yet? Ill have to do it later i cant find it
  8. Id tell you. But then I'd have to kill you and everyone youv'e ever made contact with. And everyone theyd ever met. etc...
  9. Fuck you chuck norris and who was the bird in it who played kate? she was pretty fit except for the dances with unicorns shit
  10. Did you get my pm? I want off the list till I replace my burner. Cheers
  11. Wrong wrong wrong Track one was a band called Mare The track is they sent you No Deftones or sick of it all. And track 3 was ment to be a two parter. That was from autumn to ashes with autumns monolouge. The second part is called the fiction we live. And it wasnt smashing pumkins neither. It was a band called poison the well. Same song of course.
  12. Its actually seedy gords disc. Ill post the track list when youve heard it. Im only doing it this way because I missed a track off by accident. quickly did it at my mates house cos my burners fucked. And that way you dont think oh no i dont like that band.
  13. the mother fuckers are playing newcastle uni aswell. The smallest room in the uni from what i can tell. Its gonna be boss. And according to this sucka i know, he rckons Mike patton is supporting. But I think hes full of shit
  14. Thing is I had ideas of doing a crazy ass 3 disc thing but it just didnt happen. Know Im resorting to sending old comps! Itll be good next month. Honest!
  15. Well im still having problems with my burner. So Im gonna send an old comp I made. No particular theme except for up beatish drive music. I just need to grab the shit to send it in. So you should have it by the start of next week.
  16. Seedy Gord

    Punk Rock

    Im into this kinda shit like. The ramones? Dont do anything for me The clash? Possibly the first punk band i got into. Was quite dissapointed at Joe Strummers death, more so because I never got round to seing him live. The sad thing is, there two chances which I remember where I could of. And Blink 182s new stuff is growing on me. Never been a fan as such. I could listen to them, but thats it. And greenday can fuck right off. Im more into the hardcore stuff which you seem not to be. But ill listen anything really. Currently listening to: Thrice- The artist in the ambulance. This is ace. Much better than their early stuff. Elliott- Song in the air. Just bought this again after some theiveing smoggies broke into my car and yoinked it. The Bled- Pass The flask. Just bought this too, after seeing the video for you know who's seatbelt. Its pretty fucking good too.
  17. I actually really enjoyed this. Cheers! But I never picked up on any smugness sorry. And to one lucky person whos still waiting itll be on the way in the next few days cos Im hoping to have my cd burner sorted. If not ill whip my hard drive round my mates and do it there. Ive alraedy got my tracks compiled, however I keep changing the track listing cos I had a good one set up in winamp. Then I put some porn on and lost the order...
  18. Got mine this morning. Looking at the track listing theres some stuff on which I already like, Cave In which is on now, Rival Schools and a few others. Liking it so far. And mines ready to burn, I just need some HELP and the sucka will be in the post.
  19. Theres a few ideas Ive got floating around.....
  20. It was a one off and fwiw the crowd threw it back
  21. I just started this again and im about 20 hours in. Last time i played it i got the castle at the end where you lose everything and got my ass well and truly raped cos squall was on a higher level than everyone else about 15 higher if i recall. so this time im trying to level everything out properly between characters.
  22. well if you spend a little bit time with it then you should get into it straight away. Calculatuing infinty took a bit getting into for me, but the new one i was digging straight away.
  23. This is fucking a the best album of the year by far. Better than TBS and prince and anything else that came out this year. Its not out over here till august but i picked the import up from my local indie the other day. It also comes with a region free dvd which i aint got round to watching yet. been to busy trying to mosh it up with my bad back (im 21 and im falling to fucking bits) Musicly it carries on from Irony is a dead scene, and it shits on calculating infinity from the heavens. Go check check chamone it motherfuckers
  24. Yo yo yo this shit is boss downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and i think its ace. Ill be picking it up sometime soon, Im a bit over budget this month you see... Set phasers to stun and a decade under the influence are the best on it by far. not to sure about the second half yet but that always happens with me. I prefer one half of an album first but then the other shows itself as being better. But nothing on it compares the greatness of timberwolves in new jersey. Live. In manchester. 2 months ago. I think, or it might of been the start of june. anyways they were ace but the place was full off little gay emo kids who try to mosh. Grr. If i didnt have to drive back and been about twice the size of them....
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