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  1. ISIS are fucking A. Id say its Crushinly powerful most of their songs are like 8 minutes plus
  2. Seedy Gord


    Sing the Sorrow was an amazing album. Better then their earlier stuff which quite frankly dint float my boat. But untill the other day I never really gave the lyrics on STS much consideration as I came across this whic is basicly someone interpritation of them. And its pretty fucking deep. Or a load of wank depending on which way you look at it. Any thoughts?
  3. Seedy Gord

    Spare ticket

    Cunt and a half
  4. Saw Walls of Jericho last night in a shitty little pub and they fucking rocked. I saw them not long ago in a bigger venue (Middlesbrough Town Hall) and wasn't quite sure how the gig would go coinsidering the pub it was in last night but I was suprised. Check these guys out if you havent already cos theyve still got a few dates left. Check www.trustkill.com for details. And last friday I went to Newcastle Uni to see four bands on the same bill, which has been dubbed the New Wave Of American Metal Tour. God Forbid kicked things off and were every bit as good as i remember them. The singer doesnt look as hard from a distance though. Shadows Fall were up next. Not having heard anything by them I didnt know what was on offer but I was blown away by the jive turkeys. Definitly on my to buy list. Then came Chimara. I thought these were headlining but they werent. But still they were cool aswell. But for some reason everyone just goes kinda crazy for them. Not in a hardcore way but everyone just flips out. And then stands around for the rest of the bands. Killswitch Engage were the headliners and turned a good show. The guitarist manages to spin a good tale while still rocking too. Which is always good. And thats my rocking out for the past week. Anyone else caught these about at the moment? Comments?
  5. Mortal Kombat by Hondo Maclean. The best thing to come out of wales since '92
  6. Anything just makes you think I fucking love this shit! And it also depends on your mood. If its a nice sunny day and your chilling out relaxing while your driving and not in any hurry, Id reccomend Tides Of Tommorw by Cave In. The whole ep is just fucking great summer music. But I think something fast and louds good when its hot youve got the windows down and your driving fast or pissed off cos youve got a shuffler in front doing 20 in 40 zone.
  7. Theres fucking loads of shit I like which doesnt fit into what most people would think of me as listening to. For example all the people at work think Ill only listen to something if itll make my ears bleed which is so wrong. Theres some good hip hop out there also some bad. Same goes for pop, dance, metal etc. I stopped caring what people thought about me a long time ago. I mean, come on afew of you on here have seen my hair! However some would say it crazier than then though....
  8. Yeah that is an ace album except for the fact it got pinched out my car. Fucking smoggy bastards
  9. Check out Bejing (Too Many People) from Song In The Air. In fact the whole album is simply stunning.
  10. Im really digging Since by Man's 'We Sing The Body Electric', All Hail The Dead by Walls Of FUCKING Jericho. Damn these guys and gal are fucking A. And theyre playing a shitty little bar in Newcastle this month. Theres gonna be some action! And Im getting into Botch too. Never really heard them untill recently but they split up a while back so......its a bummer
  11. Its fucking great when they smash caravans.I hate the fuckers I really do.
  12. I think you'll find his band is great live. Him? He just cannot sing for shit saw him like just over a year ago (I think) and although I enjoyed the set I just thought his voice was shit
  13. Seedy Gord


    Ive seen it on but aint paid much attention to it. Are Johnny Mental real good cos Ive seen their cd in hmv. I always get it mixed up with Johnny Truant who are FANTASTIC!
  14. The Appleseed Cast- Rooms and Gardens I want this bad boy played at my funeral. Its just haunting and its really cool. Boysetsfire- In Hope. If youve got like a little brother or sister or a kid of own or summit then youll feel this. If not your dead inside Cave In- Tides of Tomorrow. This for me is one of my ultimate summer cds. Its just perfect for when the suns out and your driving with your shades on, the window down and loads of blurt outside. The Verve- History or On your own. Both fantastic songs from the Nothern Soul album, and they just get you feeling it. Earthtone 9- Clarity. One of the best songs they did. Shame they broke up as they were one of the best British bands in memory. Coheed and Cambria- A favour House Atlantic. This is great. Quite fast and upbeat, its another really cool summer song. Prince- When Doves Cry. Need I say more? Manic Street Preachers Motorcycle Emptiness. One of the finest moments from one of the first bands I REALLY got into. Mansun- Anything from Little Kix, aswell as Railings and The Chad Who Loved Me. Again another band from when I was younger. And theyve got a compilation album coming out soon which is a three disc set and includes what was gonna be their fourth album, Some demos and their best B sides. And Drapers doing a duet album with Skin too! Its gonna be a good year. Elliott- The whole of Song in the Air. This is just simply amazing. One of my favourites till the bastards of Middlesbrough got their hands on it. And to think Im going back there this Friday! I must be crazy.... And thats it of the top of my head for the mo. Im gonna have a think and come back later.
  15. Got this last sunday and to be honest I thought the first one was better. I fuckimng hate it in games where you have to protect someone and they stand there and be attacked. Run you stupid fucking cunt! It seems longer than the first one though, Ive clocked up 9 hours and im at the end of chapter 8. Its the fact that its set in a town and you dont feel concerned for the character as much as the other which makes it not quite as creepy as the first. But on the whole its still an excellent game ill go back to for deffo.
  16. While shopping yesterday, I came across a cd which caught my eye. It was this, and Ive just downloaded some stuff by them and its fantastic. The drummer is the guy who used to be in Grade and they seem to have simalaritheir styles, so if that flaots your boat gget it. I know ill be buying the sucka when im next in town
  17. Fucking cunts! You lot have just reminded me that my blood brothers burn piano island burn got pinched out of my car! GRRR And Opeth. Fantasic live. Saw them in glasgow like last Feburary and nearly crashed driving up there by burning some old guy in a 306 and then realising there was a turn and braking hard whilst turning which slung the back end of the car out. end of story.
  18. Seedy Gord

    Noise plz.

    I wouldnt have called ISIS noise. Crushing yes, but not noise. They are however amazing. And they seem even heavier live. My ears hurt. And my colon ruptered.
  19. How come I never find out about this shit till its sold out? But on the plus side, Shai Hulud are heading this way for last UK tour in June! Hooray!
  20. Some sweet ass bands have been mentioned here. You may want to check some of this shit based on what Ive read in the thread: Darkest Hour Everytime I die Hondo Maclean 18 Visions (New album out in May It better be good) Drowning Man (already mentioned but fantastic but nobody seems to listen to my praise) Bleeding Through Converge (Again) Himsa Coalesce And on a more chilled note: Far Something Corperate (Poppy as fuck but great) The Appleseed Cast Elliott Taking Back Sunday Quicksand Prema Milemarker Coheed and cambria Thats all i can think of off the top of my head
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