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  1. Correct - I did the most basic finishing the game. Dream bosses can suck it, I didn't feel like punishing myself any more
  2. Cheers, I did and finished off the game a while back (weirdly, I found the end boss much more straightforward) My tactic of trying to make my nail as good as it could be and having as much life as possible really helped. I found that as soon as I got the Shade cloak along with the sharp shadow charm, I was generally able to cope with things a lot easier.
  3. 16/11/2022 - Return to Monkey Island (XSX GP) I had high hopes for this and was initially a bit disappointed as I found the start very slow to connect with. As we got going though I was having lots of fun - it struck me as a decent console interface for an slight-brought-up-to-date adventure game. I felt it did give a few too many nods self-awaeness as game characters. Once or twice is fun, but they laboured the point a little. The ending was the downside to me, I won't spoil it here, but I thought it stank and was ver underwhelming. I understand a little more reading the item you get added to your scrap book post credit, but it still sucked. That aside, it's a nice little game and pretty short so well worth a playthrough for anyone on Gamepass
  4. I seem to be the only one here that is paying the regular price. I did read the various "buy code from here and then do x, y, z" and I'm extremely lazy and that seemed like an effort. But it was only £10 a month anyway. As far as I was concerned that's the price of a few games in a year, and I've played through so so many more than that and I love all the day 1 releases. In fact I don't actually own any physical games on my Xbox Series X... whilst I have a bunch on my PS5 & Switch
  5. I tend to think that the idea that people simply blindly click accept without reading them is absolutely accepted... perhaps to the point that if ever there was a legal dispute and they are saying "you agreed to the Ts&Cs" you'd be perfectly valid in arguing that nobody ever reads them, and the publisher is aware of this. I can't see any possible reason that this would ever come up, but I'd like to see it play out in some US courtroom drama... or even better Phoenix Wright shouting "Objection" Has anyone with an understanding of the legal system actually read it. i assume it's lots of disclaimers saying they reserve the right to withdraw any online services, and you agree not to copy it, reverse engineer and if you kill anyone because you say the game told you to, it's not the publishers fault?
  6. 9/11/2022 - Ori and the Will of the Wisps (XSX GP) I played the first Ori not long ago, as I thought I'd check it out after Hollow Knight. I enjoyed it enough to try this sequel (and had a little bit of time to kill before Plague Tale arrived on GP) Initially I didn't like it too much, I felt they'd messed with the combat a bit too much, and I didn't like the idea of selecting particular shards and allocating them to buttons after I thought the original game did a great job of matching up buttons with abilities. Once I got into it, there was lots of fun to be had. As per usual there were the hard as nails "escape" sections which had me swearing at the TV and getting annoyed, and OMG the final battle really turned the room blue - I didn't think I would get through it, and to be honest it felt like I just got lucky. Although once again a stunningly beautiful adventure, I still felt at the end of the day that the controls had been a bit fumbled. Sometimes I have to grapple off a projectile and these just couldn't be relied on appearing at the right time, they also had the grapple and and almost identical option you could only do on certain things on LB/RB and I got those mixed up a lot. It seemed unnecessary to separate them into different buttons IMO
  7. It was like a brave new world, I'd just got a "broadband" speed of 512kb and jumped onto Xbox live on the OG machine. A noticed a real difference there in the original days - people were just thrilled to be there and there wasn't endless american teenagers being annoying (to be fair I haven't played online for a while, but I assume this is still a thing) Setting off in MotoGP and everyone losing it at the first corner and just a chorus of laughs and happiness. I really do think that THE game that made Xbox Live in the very early days was Return to Castle Wolfenstein though. I never even finished the actual original game, everyone just bought it for the epic team matches. Everything seems so well balanced that entire games could turn on a dime - awesome stuff. Splinter Cell: Pandora tomorrow also is very fondly remembered... at least until some cheap exploits in the way it was played started happening
  8. I used to do multiple games, but I ended up with so many games that were left unfinished, and some of them annoyingly with 20+ hours in that I then couldn't pick up easily as we were some way into a complicated RPG story and nothing made sense and then I'd have to restart. I've managed to get myself just to concentrate on one game at a time recently, and I've even gone back and played some of those games that had been languishing around for years on end. Occasionally I'll still have a "big game" and a "light game" that I'd play together, but only if they are easy to stop/go at any point. Recently I played a chapter a night of Plague Tale: Requiem (until the last few chapters that I binged) and after playing would move to Ori and the wil o the wisps to chill out. Since finishing Plague Tale, I've simply moved full time to Ori before I choose something else. I suppose the big difference is now that I think about the sort of time commitment that a game will require before I start - which comes down to what I'm in the mood for (I rarely play 2 RPG's or very long story games in a row - I need to break these up) so I've still got Elden Ring for my PS5 sat on the shelf ready to go for when I think I have the necessary time to sink into it... and only it.
  9. I was well up for this and even forwarded the email onto my wife so I could say things like "Xmas then" But I think I'm going to wait - I want to see what happens in the games that come out, and I'm a little nervous about the price given that I spend 70% of the time with my original PSVR feeling sick. I'm hoping that improved resolution can cure this, but who can tell.
  10. Ah, cheers. I figured it was something like that, and I did look around for what I figured might be a series of numbers, but couldn't find it. No matter - I missed a lot quite unintentionally because I decided to go through one door "first" only to have Amecia bolt it shut locking me out of exploring further
  11. I just finished this tonight, I really enjoyed the game overall. This game really made me feel to Amecia, I mean she gets hurt... a lot, to the point almost of feeling uncomfortable for her... I'm left with thinking "no, not more, she can't take it!" but it carries on anyway. As other people have mentioned, there are a few mechanics in the game that feel clunky. Some of the animations and the guard AI, but a few other more general things were a bit odd. Contains stuff about later stages of the game and the ending
  12. 31/10/2022: A Plague Tale Requiem (XSX GP) I played the original game when I first got GP and was unexpectedly drawn right into it. The sequel could be seen as a bit of a mixed bag, some sections were a little clunky and some animations were a bit weird (despite all the mo cap) but it really hit on the lighting in this game which was amazing, and the gazillions of rats on screen were still the stars. Single player story driven stuff is my goto for enjoyment, so I really enjoyed playing this - it's not too long either. It's not that I want it to be over, but once you've sort of explored all the different ways to puzzle solving, getting through rats and taking out guards by the 100's any attempt to make it longer would be trying to stretch it out for the sake of it.
  13. 23/11/22 - Ori and the Blind Forest (XSX GP) I didn't really intend to play this as such, I'd just finished Hollow Knight after a lot of effort but Plague Tale wasn't out for a few days so I gave this a go. It's really really lovely to look at. Absolutely gorgeous visuals. My main complain in Hollow Knight was the lack of direction - I didn't know what I was doing or why, and I needed to use a guide to give myself any hope of getting through it. I didn't have any complaints about this in Ori, the story was nicely explained along with what the game wanted you to do/go. At first I thought the platforming wasn't as tight as Hollow Knight - mainly due to everything not quite feeling as instant because it wanted to put some more animation frames in there. the combat sections were pretty easy and so this was really more down to the platforming. It starts easy, and there are lots of abilities to unlock that help you... and then we get to the "escape" sections. Wowsers, these are really hard-as-nails platforming sections where essentially you have to escape some newly restored area very quickly using perfect platforming all the way and if you screw it up it's back to the beginning to start again. I must have spent 20-30 minutes on single sections on some of these - especially the first one, with barely any abilities and being new to the game. As I played moreI got a lot more confident about my platforming abilities and went off looking for the many bonus items scattered around. There are some tricky platforming sections once again, but nothing too over the top and things feel very good to work out how to do them. I actually finished the game by accident. I was still missing 3 of the abilities when I finished, so played a little more tonight exploring whole areas of the map I missed. A fun little game, I only spent about 12 hours on it - but that was with a lot of exploring to pick up extras. I may try the follow up after I finish Plague Tale.
  14. Well that explains it, I played through chapter 2 last night, and I got a bit stuck with 1 guard left with a helmet on in the last part of having to move to the castle (when the rats come out) I was thinking - why am I not getting the option to strangle him - could have been he was in alert mode (does he have to have the little shield above his head for this) as it seemed once I got spotted once by one of them, this guys was constantly moving around on the hunt. Got past it in the end, but was annoyed I couldn't kill him. I like turning Amecia into a mass murderer whenever I get the chance
  15. Played through Chapter 1 tonight (just aiming for 1 chapter pers session) and it feels a lot like the first game. The environments are amazing, but I noticed the slightly weird character movement as well as what sounded like a different voice (no French accent) for our lead character. I pretty much wanted Hugo to die all the way through the first game, so I'm not completely sure I should be playing the worlds longest escort-the-weak-character game. But I did really enjoy the mechanic and the fact you felt so defenseless all the way through the first game (until the end at least). Nice, will play chapter 2 tomorrow.
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