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  1. Heavyweights always beat each other regularly purely because one shot can end it.   Was pleased for Rose last night, I dont mind Waterson but she was talking some crap beforehand about being all-round better, yet she's only had 2 UFC fights. I still think Jedrezczyk destroys either of them though.

  2. 13 hours ago, schmojo said:

    She's fighting a top 10 opponent after (officially) losing 3 on the bounce.


    She's lucky that they've given her someone beatable, rather than a pink slip. Bethe might be the kind of fighter Holly could clown in the past, but she looks a lot more vulnerable these days.


    I know the form guide but the truth is HH is a multiple time world boxing world champ and UFC belt holder, while Correira....well she's a brawling ex fitness instructor. The pedigrees arent in the same stratosphere.


    No doubt it goes to UD :mellow:

  3. Yeah, not insignificant. Bit weird too because DC missing weight should mean non title bout. The NYSAC wont have the balls though, they'll just fine DC.


    re: Dana, yeah he can be a dick but I enjoy his interviews and so on, he's a charismatic bloke.

  4. On 09/04/2017 at 17:18, Goemon said:

    Wow, my backer physical PC version just dropped through the door. Pretty shocked it arrived today.


    Shame it wasnt a list of 50 locations you need to visit to gather all the pieces.

  5. Carvillo was impressive but shes already quite annoying, she's only been there a month and she talks about the UFC as "we" not them and just generally reeks of TAM attitude. She'll probably be fasttracked to fighting Joanna by this time next year and get destroyed.

  6. I love my team, quote from big quinny on commentary "I dont think sunderland touched the ball from kick off to conceding the goal".


    It doesn't even upset me any more, my approach to sport these days is just wanting to see the better team win. We're shit, and we need to go down.

  7. JJ not having a tune up is DCs only chance to win, but heel DC is also setting up fights he think he can win, like a dry hump of Manuwa that noone wants to see. If thats a main event I'll switch off before it starts.  Dana doesnt trust JJ to main though so what will happen is JJ vs tuneup co main, DC versus Manuwa main, so they can swap them around if someone fucks up.

  8. Ive no complaint with him using the 5 mins, but the strikes were legal. I can see why he'd be upset but he was pulling that shitty trick of touching his fingertips on the canvas, he deserved all he got. If he defended properly instead of pulling that shit, basically trying to con Moose into an illegal strike, he'd have been fine.


    That's Weidman though, why he's such a weeny, nothing is ever his fault. He was happy to claim a checked leg kick was his brilliant tactic against Anderson, but bleats like a little baby when he threw away his last 3 fights. He was doing ok against Rockhold until he tried some stupid spinning shit, he got lazy against Romero, and he tried to scam Moose after actually being in front in the fight. On top of that, his entire schtick is utterly lame, the cornball flag waving, "join the team" and so on.  He's shit, the sooner he's gone the better.

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