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  1. iv been using pc zones best buy tft a black hitachi 174sx for 8 months or so and it doesnt blur at all (16ms response time) and looks amazing on all games ..even on none native res, especially thro the dvi output. its 17' ftf so effectively a 19' crt size and it was only 350 quid. so ner your wrong :)

  2. goldman pronouncing the emperors name..."behold...the empwewowr"...hee hee. i remember getting nigh on 90,000 on that on normal and 1 credit which topped the high score table nicely, im sure its been murdered by some japanese loony player now tho. i still play hotd on the saturn but its bugged, you cant shoot the spiders webs on the 3rd level so u always take hits...for shame. infact the whole conversion...for shame.

  3. haha yeah sorry, i got bloody loads when i was there. nothing like a journo and his massive amounts of freebies but a hell of a lot more than joe game-buyer. leme think, i got free mags on the day of release, the pal psx MGS box-set, about 15-20 promo ps2 games, 5 dc vmus, about 30 2nd hand mint cond games for a pound or 2 each (including pro evo 2, parappa 2, project zero), a psone for a couple of quid, pick of the trade in dvds for a quid each inc simpsons boxsets, the usual keyrings and junk.

    still got some game xbox pod keys if anyone wants to steal a game from one <_<

    oh and the jobs shite dont EVER bother with it.

  4. sorry but there'l be no sackings for the GAME staff giving the disc away, that kinda stuff IS stock but is very very loosely audited. any unsold ones would sit in the stock room or be given away or whatever anyway, its happened to countless other 'offer' items. just go in the stock room of any GAME and theyrel be n64 steering wheels piled high, n64 games, psx games, dreamcast pads, bloody allsorts. no body cares.

  5. gareth jones is gaz top, old kids tv presenter.

    gamepad as a tv show seems like its constantly asking for a punch in the face..i mean her dress sense is abysmal, the cut aways (when im not digging holes im watching gamepad!) are excruciating, her opinions vary from sensible to moronic, 'eye candy' is embarrassing, the whole thing is a collosal waste of money. i prefer gamezville, at least the challenges are funny.

  6. Its a bit silly comparing them i agree but i remember buying both in the same week, the bloke in the shop saying "hmm i wonder which one of those games you'l be playing more, and for how long", obviously insinuating zelda was better. To me its pretty ironic that i play halflife even today. Also thats standard deathmatch halflife, no mods at all.

  7. Seeing as all the above problems are mentioned in the docs, it makes the RTFM thread look a bit silly. Been playin this for months for HOTD, runs perfect on my crap XP1800 + GF4. It doesnt like XP tho. Oh and the roms are all over irc u just cant miss em.

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