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  1. Jones embraces it though, cormiers cockness is WWE acting. But yeah...DC JJ 2 is a great fight, I just really like Rumble and would have liked to have seen him as champ.
  2. Coke vs Cock. Jones is schizo but I think he's the greatest fighter of all time.
  3. Cant disagree with any of that, just really annoying. At least the post show stuff might be interesting, but what a downer 210 was. I'm off to get drunk.
  4. Yes but Jones beat him while partying on coke, hes gona smush him again. Man....SO annoyed by tonight, 2 main events both fucked up.
  5. What the fucking hell, rumble is quitting.
  6. What a load of shit, awful gameplan. Looks like JJ will destroy cormier in the summer.
  7. I dont think he has a real body of work, he beat a clowning silva, then he checked a leg kick. He beat an aging machida and then almost lost to vitor. I dont rate him at all.
  8. He's so arrogant, I can't stand him..he gives no credit and he's disingenuous. Just not a fan at all. BTs coverage as shit as ever by the way, cutting out during conversations.
  9. Moose wanted it to continue. He won, he knee'd him, he's mad. What a mess all round. Still...happy to see Weidman go 0 for 3, such a jock wanker. LOL weidman trying to say its illegal in front of the evidence. Tosser. Rogan schooled him, Weidman accepts. Will give him that.
  10. Weidman was trying to be a cunt, moose knee'd him to fuck. Good. Why? Weidmans a prick.
  11. At least moose got the win. Good.
  12. No chance, Cormiers a good wrestler but overrated in MMA...2 years since the last fight, and he had to cheat to make weight. I've still got Rumble. Amused by the Olivera translator girl...she didnt translate any of it properly according to a load of portugesue people in the stream chat. Also the California Eye Poker gets inducted to the hall of fame
  13. Nah Mousasis staying in the UFC, he's just increasing his worth. Cormier has been such a nobhead I hope he gets starched. Moose + Rumble KOs will make me so happy.
  14. Rumble KO r1 Moose TKO r2 Calvillo r2 sub Alves UD Olivera UD Jury UD Blachovicz TKO r2 dont know enough about the others.
  15. A lot of it actually looks worse than the original, save your money.
  16. I still cant believe the NYSAC didnt tell DC immediately that he had 2 more hours, never mind falling for the old towel trick. Still...I hope he gets smashed. I havent watched the official weigh in (the showy one) yet but I'd guess DC saying he's going up to heavy would just be a joke with AJ, there's no way DC fights Velasquez. But Ill watch it later and see how wrong I probably am.
  17. never heard them say "championship weight?"
  18. Saved it a week to watch with my mam (also a fan). Amazing, possibly the best season opener I've ever seen, of anything ever.
  19. I didnt specifically say that as my problem, it's more an example of how he's so unsympathetic to the game in general, to things like that speech. It didnt annoy me in Banjo and it doesnt annoy me here, I think its cute. I did read the review, I think it's mean spirited.
  20. Oi you scamp, I didnt say anything of the sort. I just said it's a Banjo game made on a budget.
  21. Cormiers getting blasted out in round 1.
  22. angel

    Xbox One X

    Better than the prototype, the vertical insertion into Don Mattrick's arse.
  23. Yeah, Byron gave it an 8/10 and Parkin said fans of other rooms should enjoy it.
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