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  1. Just now, SeanR said:


    he's still with us, in spirit.


    like if u cri evry time.


    I thought he came back again, but got banned for sending creepy PMs.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Clipper said:

    you are most excited by a name and a picture of a the box than by what is inside it?


    is this a beard?


    A name would be exciting and point to the future of the brand, we already know the specs really. I'm predicting a surprisingly decent CPU, 16gb of fast ram, and the GPU equivalent of a custom 980TI.  It's gonna be powerful, but it's more important that they do something good with it. Basically we need to see that this is their next 4-5 year machine, not another stop gap like the S.

  3. I never even thought about the name. They cant do a straight number, they cant go backwards with 'one', it has to be something along the lines of pro, 4k, some sort of name.

    They've done elite and it worked, but I'm not sure if that conveys the power jump...last time elite just meant fancy colour and new hdmi port etc. They've done the S, so it can't be just a single letter again, and personally I think they'll dump the 'one' as it's tainted with defeat this cycle.


    So...xbox 4k.  xbox ultra.  xbox ultimate. xbox 4.   I really dont know except I bet it's something no one guessed, like pro was.

  4. Just now, Revival said:


    The thing is those types of games take 3-4 years to make. It's why people haven't been shouting about the PS4's first party output from 2014-16. Is it worth throwing the entire Xbox division over a cliff just because some exclusives have arrived on other systems at the same time early in 2017?


    The ps4 had a good output during 2014-2016. I really dont know why you're arguing this point, especially with me. You keep saying things that I am not saying. No ones talking about throwing out the xbox division.  Listen, all I said was that for the last year and a bit, since dropping further behind, MS seem to have gone into hiding regarding 1st party titles. They basically became a Halo/Gears/Forza company, with third parties.


    None of that statement is innaccurate, nor am I loading it with other hidden meanings, nor am I saying MS can't make good games, nor that the scorpio sounds good. ALL I am saying is that I hope they bring the games to go with it, as they've been quiet lately. That's it. Can we please stop nit picking and misinterpreting statements in here, the reveal is thisafternoon, hopefully it's good and should leave us plenty to discuss.

  5. Just now, Revival said:


    I've checked my external drive and it's just 3TB of Excel files. What to do eh?


    I'd expect that kind of post on NeoGaf, I thought people on here were a bit better than that.


    That's not remotely what I said. I'd expect that kind of misinterpretation on neogaf but I thought people on here were a bit better than that.


     It's no secret that the xbox one has had a very slim amount of exclusives lately and is lagging badly behind this year. I've got an xbone as well but there's been no really big 1st party titles since gears and forza. Wheres the zelda, the horizon etc?  EVERYONE knows MS have gone really quiet.

  6. 4 minutes ago, petrolgirls said:

    I know it's Boozy and all but it's crazy to me that you'd rather buy the same machine again with more shinies than have access to a whole new library of stuff. There's no way I'd sell my Xbone in order to finance a PS4Pro for instance. You've really painted yourself into a very unusual ideological corner when you find yourself making those sorts of decision. 


    I dont have a problem with him really, we're all entitled to like what we like. I agree though, I don't understand the denying of oneself access to a library of great games. Both machines are nigh on identical anyway, save the better gpu and ram in the ps4. People who can afford it (and theyre cheap nowadays) really need both.

  7. Pardon my playground post, I was just tickled by boozys "but what else have the Romans done for us" stance.


    They're just consoles, should be exciting today.

  8. 15 minutes ago, Boozy The Clown said:


    Now list the other exclusives.


    TLOU 1 and 2, Rez Infinite, Death Stranding, Until Dawn, God of War, Gran Turismo Sport, Yakuza 0, Drawn to Death, Nex Machina, EDF 5, Persona 5 etc

  9. 19 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    Bloodborne, Horizon, Nioh, Nier, Uncharted, Last Guardian - hindered by mediocrity.


    I think he was referring to himself.

  10. Yeah true. I'm actually quite concerned for the Scorpio. It sounds powerful, but Microsoft seem to have forgotten to make any first party games for a while now, all the time while the likes of Horizon are strutting around. The machine might be great but they need to ramp up the games.

  11. I remember when he scores his half way line goal, the one he attemped every match until one finally went in. Even my mam, who is quite tolerant, absolutely despises him. I bet he's a real arsehole in real life as well.

  12. @mdn So there's a fast way to do it without dipping into main menus? 


    1 minute ago, Kevvy Metal said:

    It's the complete opposite of that. You're rewarded with new cool items constantly, but they "run out of ammo" essentially. 

    All weapon, shield and bow switching is done via D-pad, as well and throwing away unwanted weapons. 


    okdoke, ta. Sounds ok then.

  13. Ref body have admitted the mistake and said the reffing team are "very dissapointed". The rule is if encroachment occurs AND the pen is missed, then it's a free kick to the opposition. If the pen is scored, it's a retake.  Ref fucked it up.

  14. 6 minutes ago, Kevvy Metal said:

    It is also worth pointing out that the weapons in BOTW have wildly varying health, it's not the case that each one has 20 hits and that's it. 

    But yes, it's a system that hinders the player but the game is all the better for it. Some people may find that grating... basically not wanting anything that causes friction to the player, but I see that as being quite short-sighted. 


    It sounds potentially dissapointing to me, just like when youre rupees are full and your reward for a side quest is...rupees. I'v read its annoying to have to dip into menus to swap constantly, whats the fastest way to switch weapons?

  15. Just now, George Clooney said:


    What specifically did he day that is actually incorrect though? Or do you just mean you don't agree with him?


    I think his review is mean spirited, he's shocked and upset by the speech even though everyone knew that would be the approach. He's used the game as a platform for himself for the last week or so, with his NDR breaking comment, and a 2/10 review. It's poor all round.

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