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  1. Everything is about a witch hunt these days, fill in air time by slagging someone off, accusing them of all sorts. When it all blows over, which it will, I hope Moyes refuses them any more interviews or access at SAFC. Seriously, fuck em. Yes it was a little bit silly but does anyone in the world really think he was being a raging sexist? He made a joke about slapping her for a comment. I'm sick of this thing of holding people accountable to ridiculous made up moral standards for no reason other than to get coverage off it, and cause a buzz on the phone-ins. This shit doesnt pass unnoticed though, I'm sure there are tales of other managers refusing to talk to certain outlets after being stitched up. The media expect the managers to stand there, take their kicking, then come back next week and give them an interview. Sensationalist journalism at it's worst.
  2. No excuses then really, 13 years old is prime N64 owning territory. He must just have dodgy taste. Banjo 1 wasnt a collectathon, no more than Mario 64. It was DK64 and Banjo 2 that tipped the balance into the stupid amounts of pickups, the original is still brilliant.
  3. Nowt wrong with Champage Charlie, top bloke.
  4. angel

    Rocket League

    Not a clue. I lost a good chunk when my old ps4 died 6 months into the game, and I mainly play 1v1 casual so its skewed. only 11 MVPs, shows how little I play with others.
  5. He does, he's quick to criticise others for unprofessionalism yet he breaks the embargo on a game he was sent to review (with his "prepare for dissapointment" comment). I'm going off him. Is Banjo a 2/10 game right now? In the modern world, sure its archaic, but it's also charming and atmospheric. I loved it at the time, its still fun now. I really dont see how this can be a genuine 2/10. For me that means the game doesnt even work. Oh and he bitches about the "memory test" questions, seemingly oblivious that they're a callback to the end-game quiz of the original, a series staple. But he doesnt know that because all he plays is shit steam greenlight games to give them a kicking. He wasnt there 20 years ago man, he doesnt know...trails off on rant..
  6. Im a fan of Sterling generally but complaining that a banjo game is a banjo game is moronic. I question his knowledge of history too, he complains the character voices are synthesised mumble talk (best way I could put it), but banjo always did that. Also his sidekick kazooie was always a sarcastic cow, slagging everyone off. I hardly think laylees quips against a talking snake can be considered racist (his use of the word not mine). I think he was about 6 years old when the original came out too, and I dont think he's as smart as he thinks he is.
  7. Been watching the soccer saturday funny bits for years, there's loads of good Paul Merson ones too.
  8. angel

    Rocket League

    Oh youre on this today, give us a shout for a game then.
  9. angel

    Rocket League

    Ive posted these before but here are a couple of my fave goals brad
  10. angel

    Rocket League

    I'm really rusty but I'll give you a game if you want Bradigor, let me know when you're on. 1v1 is brutal mind, it sharpens you up in different ways to 2v2 when you're the only line of defence.
  11. That's a misleading title, it's just a bunch of vocal trance I chucked onto my ps3 for HD, nothing Wipeout related. The other one is something I got at the time off someone hosting it on gaf I think: #EXTM3U #EXTINF:258,Logistics - Daybreak Sequence 01 - Logistics - Daybreak Sequence.mp3 #EXTINF:458,Noisia - Raar 02 - Noisia - Raar.mp3 #EXTINF:345,Klute - Machines do the Work 03 - Klute - Machines do the Work.mp3 #EXTINF:346,Mars - Sins of the Flesh 04 - Mars - Sins of the Flesh.mp3 #EXTINF:366,Mowgly - Solar System (Domu's Zoltar Mix) 05 - Mowgly - Solar System (Domu's Zoltar Mix).mp3 #EXTINF:386,Aquasky vs. Masterblaster - Disco Biscuit 06 - Aquasky vs. Masterblaster - Disco Biscuit.mp3 #EXTINF:238,30Hz - Electric Sheep 07 - 30Hz - Electric Sheep.mp3 #EXTINF:358,Sonic - Electrosound 08 - Sonic - Electrosound.mp3 #EXTINF:456,John B - Gollum Vs Posion Arrow (ReMaster) 09 - John B - Gollum Vs Posion Arrow (ReMaster).mp3 #EXTINF:364,Concord Dawn - Strangers 10 - Concord Dawn - Strangers.mp3 #EXTINF:352,Optical - To Shape The Future Remix 11 - Optical - To Shape The Future Remix.mp3 #EXTINF:347,Mstrkrft - Paris 12 - Mstrkrft - Paris.mp3 #EXTINF:554,Grooverider - Where's Jack The Ripper? 13 - Grooverider - Where's Jack The Ripper.mp3 #EXTINF:408,Concord Dawn - Guardian Angel 14 - Concord Dawn - Guardian Angel.mp3 #EXTINF:340,Noisia - Behold The Power of Darkness 15 - Noisia - Behold The Power of Darkness.mp3 #EXTINF:282,Orbital - Crash and Carry 16 - Orbital - Crash and Carry.mp3 #EXTINF:359,ILS - Storm From The East 17 - ILS - Storm From The East.mp3 #EXTINF:405,Ed Rush & Optical - Syringe 18 - Ed Rush & Optical - Syringe.mp3 #EXTINF:363,Hybrid - We Are In Control 19 - Hybrid - We Are In Control.mp3 #EXTINF:469,Koma & Bones - High Rollin' 20 - Koma & Bones - High Rollin'.mp3 #EXTINF:429,Future Prophecies - Magnetic 21 - Future Prophecies - Magnetic.mp3 #EXTINF:438,Slam - Staccato Rave 22 - Slam - Staccato Rave.mp3 #EXTINF:329,Calyx - Are You Ready (Gridlok and Hive Remix) 23 - Calyx - Are You Ready (Gridlok and Hive Remix).mp3 #EXTINF:444,Concord Dawn - Escher 24 - Concord Dawn - Escher.mp3 #EXTINF:337,Matrix & Danny J - Domino 25 - Matrix & Danny J - Domino.mp3 #EXTINF:432,Phace & Mayhem (Feat. Noisia) - Ocean of Emptiness 26 - Phace & Mayhem (Feat. Noisia) - Ocean of Emptiness.mp3 #EXTINF:436,Q Project - Champion Sound )EIB( Remix 27 - Q Project - Champion Sound )EIB( Remix.mp3 #EXTINF:397,Teebee - Tech G 28 - Teebee - Tech G.mp3 #EXTINF:329,Total Science - Squash (VIP Mix) 29 - Total Science - Squash (VIP Mix).mp3
  12. angel

    Rocket League

    i added you
  13. Her genders irrelevant though it was just banter. They expect managers to do all that media even after a loss, and they get poked and prodded with stuff about losing, their job, fined if they say the officials fucked up etc. God forbid one of them tried to make a joke.
  14. angel

    Nintendo Switch

    Does anyone in here have a bent switch? Lots of people on gaf reporting them. edit - beaten
  15. Still got all my rips, edits and custom soundtracks (using the vocal versions instead of instrumentals etc).
  16. You're crazy man, it's on a level all of it's own as far as I'm concerned. One of the truly perfect videogames in existence.
  17. I watched that season and I thought he was ok, they always play up to the cameras. That reporter thing was weird though youre right. Don't remember the Rogan thing, and I'd forgotten the DUI and A team stuff. I just loved that he came in, beat Chuck and seemed a laugh. But yeah he is a bit highly strung, I always think he's just funny with Ariel too, it's nice to see someone not sucking up to him (Ariel).
  18. angel

    Rocket League

    I dont farm crates, I did a few in the past but thats it. You're better off buying the items yourself, how soon you forget I got you your ZSR hogface. Will look out for a games, not been on in a few weeks, could fancy it.
  19. angel

    Rocket League

    will do, or add me mr popkins.
  20. angel

    Rocket League

    I like 1v1 but everyone else hates it, I dont mind 2v2 aswell, on ps4.
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