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  1. So what happens if you steal a second hand copy, do the 2x steals cancel out into a purchase?
  2. And they already got their money when that copy was sold new. I give in, you're mad as a badger.
  3. I bought my car used from a dealership, fuck I'm funding piracy. I better write Vauxhall a cheque and beg their forgiveness.
  4. The market for preowned games has existed for decades, and trading things against new items is a staple in the industry. You're right, it isn't rocket science that the preowned market is not equivalent to piracy but you seem to refuse to get it.
  5. They repackaged roms that were examined and shown to be downloaded, yes. Happens a lot, Capcom once used IGN artwork for Okami on the box, Mass Effect used deviantart for in game assets, Ubi used rips from the pirate bay for an Ass Creed music cd, there's plenty of tales like it. Quite amusing.
  6. Seriously? Preowned games are still real games, that are bought and sold on for money off new ones, they keep the market filled with items of stock. You can't trade in your downloaded BOTW against Mario Kart 8 DX, the industry sees nothing from a copy running on a PC. You're calling all buyers of preowned games full of cognitive dissonance and not much better than thieves. Good look with that opinion.
  7. No, DC is a pro with his weight, it's just the standard AKA gym wars crap and a few niggling injuries that get him.
  8. Yeah, he used to be strikeforce heavyweight champ.
  9. Yup, Crysis was the most advanced looking game for a long time, but they made nothing on it. I used to be a staunch PC gamer but gave it up. Interestingly, it's the same syndrome with a lot of 'nerd' franchises in TV and film, their fans are always the most tech savvy, and the most likely to download rather than buy.
  10. You can remap all buttons at a system level, go into "accesibility" in the ps4 settings menu.
  11. I agree the purging of material items can be therapeutic, but reducing it down to a single PC and pirating everything is hardly the pinnacle of moral living.
  12. So you'll spend money on upgrades but not software. Slow clap.
  13. If he does then the UFC should place a full on ban on AKA.
  14. Brutal ending too (video). Franchise on hiatus after this.
  15. Crowbcat vid is incredible.
  16. I forgot to mention, Halo 5 has my favourite intro movie to any videogame ever. As far as I'm concerned Blur Studios should do the movie.
  17. I don't think anyone in here has expressed fury, everyone knows piracy won't ever stop. It's a complex issue, I'm pleased that old games are preserved but I'd be happier if we kept current stuff away from it. Pretending it isnt real doesnt help anyone either, I just choose to not do it myself, and enough people do the same. Thankfully modern consoles tend to have so many online features that people stick to buying stuff. An offline COD or Rocket League is no use to me.
  18. People pirating games is bad for everyone, it means less money for the industry.
  19. People who admit to using adblock on gaf are banned, nevermind pirates.
  20. PCMR isn't trying to enforce a rule or even censor discussion either, he's just making his point that new games hitting emulators immediately is bad. Which is a pretty clear and unarguable point. At the end of the day there are people in here who want to discuss the emulation of it, totally legit. There are people who think that it existing is bad, again totally valid. The only one who has been really attacked is the OP, and that's because he's blatantly just downloaded it to get a new game for free. I think that tells a story that the members of the thread are civilised people, admittedly having a bit of a disagreement, but everyone recognises the basic truths. The emulation of BOTW is interesting, impressive, and also morally not ideal. No one wants to stop discussion except for the new kid who said "mods close it down", but he clearly doesn't know the forum yet.
  21. I've never said that, I said the BOTW thread would be rubbish if it was full of tech talk. I'm not trying to stifle any discussion, you were the one accusing everyone disagreeing with you as "shitposting". My points are simply that BOTW running on PC this early is bad, and that game threads are better when they're about the game not how it runs on a dodgy version.
  22. Derail the thread? The entire original post was someone saying this: I think the discussion of it being right or wrong is entirely justified.
  23. A game running on emulator within 3 weeks of release is impressive technically, but it cant be denied that it will affect sales (of hardware and software).
  24. No one is "having a go", people are just expressing preferences in an adult manner. I'm not upset people are emulating BOTW, I along with some others just choose not to partake. It doesn't proclude us from the discussion though, it's simply another viewpoint. A discussion without opposing views isn't a discussion.
  25. Why are you misinterpreting everything i say? I don't mind tech chat, but context is important. The ps4 pro thread is, by definition, a thread about the pro version of the ps4, a 4k designed machine which naturally flowed into people discussing their 4k sets. Perfectly natural and normal. On the other hand, we have a brand new game who's very purpose is to invoke feelings of excitement, adventure, sharing the experiences enjoyed by players embarking upon it's quest. The thread is about the game. The ps4 pro thread is about a console. Like I say, the Zelda thread should be about the game experience, not water collision. A separate thread about the emulation of a game is fine, that's where the tech chat can live. I have no objections to that. My 2 main points are a new game being emulated immediately is not ideal, and I choose not to partake in it. Also that emulator tech chat in a brand new game thread is dry and against the spirit of it. That's it.
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