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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. Even as a fan I generally find the whole “X meets Souls” shorthand unhelpful (unless I’m using it facetiously ) so I enjoyed Sekiro (and BB) way more when I removed all subconscious “Soulsborne” comparisons from my mind. Not everyone can do this because the offputting Souls stuff - that’s absent in the other games - is purely personal to me, but even judged as its own thing I enjoyed it. The posture system could be pretty satisfying when you got the timing down, the skill tree was way more interesting than stat-levelling, the movement is very liberating (especially when you can just run from a general when things are too much), you don’t have to think about equip load or stamina and Wolf actually has something resembling a personality. If you really want comparisons to From games, I had more fun with BB and DS3 than I did with this, but Sekiro still ended up in second place when I did my list for the GOTY poll.
  2. Had this random idea a moment ago Latch Brothers - Latch Brother Bounce x MIA - Fire Fire https://rave.dj/0kW4wlQUatH3CA
  3. 3 felt like the most natural "next step" after BB - it's quite similar in terms of having less (deliberate) clunkiness, and you can tell that they took a lot of the awesome architecture and design stuff that they honed in BB and applied it here. Sadly the setting is rooted back in Souls territory (so there's no cosmic horror) but otherwise there's a lot to enjoy.
  4. 18? Has the soundtrack got rude words in it?
  5. A slightly niche honourable mention: finding my first settlement in Nier Automata, discovering the stores, upgrades and sidequests, and gradually getting exactly what I was hoping for but never quite expecting - an actual RPG in the vein of Gestalt, and not the character-action vessel I was dreading after the demo. I’m still blown away by the news of Replicant making a return too...
  6. Unfortunately a picture can’t tell you if that stick and those buttons will feel awful. I think that was one drawback of SNK’s effort?
  7. I See Girls and Boys: https://rave.dj/ExLNfJUxYhAy1g A bit of confusion in the middle but otherwise pretty tight.
  8. inb4 "the Switch is the new gen along with the PS5 and Series X, otherwise where does the WiiU go" (sorry)
  9. It's a cross-gen game, but getting "Rllmuk Massive" into the credits of Amplitude (PS3/4)?
  10. Coincidentally, I was looking up this game on HLTB recently - I’ve never played it, but I know my way around SSF and it feels like one of those games I should get around to...
  11. I haven't had much luck today but this was a nice TCQ x MJ: https://rave.dj/SKtDnCtCZpNURQ
  12. Destiny 2? There are solo missions, matchmaking co-op missions and events, PvP, PvP, PvPvE modes, and unless you're doing late-game stuff then you can join up with randoms.
  13. You can learn a lot about someone from the initial abilities they activate in Gradius
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