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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. Our first was a Commodore 64, but it was the newer model without the dark keys - I think it's called a C64C? Anyway, we got it sometime in 1990 so in terms of technology the C64 was already on the way out, but that meant that there were lots of budget games we could check out, not to mention all of the games given away on magazine covermounts. Also, by the time we got into C64 games people had already figured out fast loaders, so unless you were buying an ancient game or something with multiload the wait was never too long. We never really got any other "home micros" - BBC, Spectru
  2. When we finished Spring Breeze and DynaBlade, the main game selection screen took a moment to make Revenge of MetaKnight selectable, but completing The Great Cave Offensive hasn't really unlocked any new minigames, so I feel like we have to play this if we want to get around to Milkyway Wishes (and anything else that might be beyond that - again, I forget how the last few unlocks go down.) Before moving on, I take one last look at The Great Cave Offensive to make sure it's updated to be "complete" (e.g. the description screen for the minigame has a little rosette), and then I select Revenge of
  3. There's also a demo on the PS Store: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP2385-CUSA24790_00-2390742356736048 And Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1190400/The_Wonderful_101_Remastered/
  4. And obviously budget to a comfortable amount - don’t worry about being “tight” if you can only afford to spend so much.
  5. It's that time again... This month's bundle includes: Battlefield 3 (requires EA Origin) Hyper Dot Wizard of Legend Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Turmoil Close to the Sun Details are at https://gaming.amazon.com/ Install instructions:
  6. https://www.simplygames.com/collection/get-ready-for-christmas https://www.simplygames.com/p/persona-5-royal-standard-edition-ps4 £21.85 at Simply whilst stocks last. Free first class delivery, apparently.
  7. In - PM incoming. Thanks so much for arranging this again. Also, I hope my victim likes Persona 4 Golden (j/k)
  8. ~The Great Cave Offensive: Finale~ aka. Awkward Racist Boss Finale Leaving the save room, I head back to the "hub" and enter the lower-right door - this has a few roaming enemies, more DKC-style cannons that Kirby can jump into before launching himself in a given direction, and some walls we can break through with said cannons. I use the cannons to move around this room until I get to a cannon near the lower-left which can blast me towards a door. I want to finish exploring the cannon room first though, so I look around and find a Maxim Tomato in the upper-right corner and som
  9. Buy up a load of Nintendo games and set up some kind of rental business in the modern day. Given that Nintendo frequently smack down anyone for obtaining games that the company has done nothing with for years, it would be nice to have a service where official games are in frequent circulation without disappearing forever. If I wanted to dream bigger, turn the business into some kind of archive or museum? Funding might be tricky, but I can always riff on @Madness' idea
  10. I caught those, and also (spoilered for those playing at home) I genuinely enjoy these annual compilations btw @MW_Jimmy - some great editing and always enjoyable soundtracks.
  11. I wasn't really keeping track of which of the four hunts I had done, but I was holding onto three charges so today I just went through the ones that didn't sound familiar. I feel like if you're good enough to do one then you can do all of them - they all have a similar structure - but things can get dicey in those boss rooms. I was having fun with the olde ACD/0 Feedback Fence gauntlets though, since you can run around punching Thrall and letting them kill themselves via Fury Conductor
  12. Do the obnoxious huge soft-baked cookies that come in small bags of five count? Pre-lockdown, people at work would go to a nearby Waitrose (yeah, I know) to buy cakes and biscuits (for birthdays etc), and they had white belgian chocolate/cranberry or dark/white belgian chocolate flavoured cookies that came in packs of 5. They never lasted long but they were probably too indulgent to count as "biscuits"...
  13. Happy with my success, I ran to the left door on the outside of the tower, hopped on a minecart and entered a door to the next area. Here, there's a door to the left and a switch in the middle of the room - the switch makes a bunch of enemies burst from a hole, but you can enter the hole and get a treasure (Wintertime, 250'000G) before leaving again. We can then go to the door on the left where we'll find an interesting challenge. Below Kirby and partner are strong currents and platforms to drop down - however, one current blows them left and away from an open route to the right (where I'm wil
  14. I feel like this is a callout thread The main games I picked up this year were FFVII, Persona 5 Royal and Yakuza, so I definitely lean towards JP offerings. At the same time, there are some great indie offerings from east and west (and I pour endless hours into Destiny )
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