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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.
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  1. A free "lost chapter" DLC dropped for this yesterday. It's not overly-long but there are some genuinely tough stages in there whilst you're getting used to the patterns, so you'll still spend a decent amount of time with it. If you liked the base game I definitely recommend taking a look - however... ...this is every bit as applicable for the new chapter. Don't run off to Youtube and look up the new levels, or even their music. Playing is believing.
  2. https://archive.org/details/OUTRUN2006C2C ?
  3. That’s a lot of preconception about how easily other people can make judgements. But then I’m doing the same. In all seriousness, there’s a lot to unpack with LaD’s story - the set up and premise is nothing new and it has the same OTT daftness of other games in the series, but even from a first impression the cast is likeable and the chatter between them is decent. And following the adventure of a bunch of middle aged misfits is immediately more interesting to me than a group of pretty young heroes that you’d get in various other JRPGs. It’s a very “conventional” story rather than being a Zero Escape-level meta mindfuck, so it definitely doesn’t break ground for the medium or anything, but there is enough of a narrative pull that I don’t think the gameplay alone could carry LaD for however long people had played it. Also, I include general incidental flavour and character building moments as “writing”, and you’re running around the city with party members and ending up in so many impromptu conversations and substories that it manages to cement a first impression pretty quickly. And I was seeing narrative problems as easily as I acknowledged the strengths - some of the characterisation can be kind of iffy and you wish that every character was treated equally in terms of the care and attention spent writing them - so those early impressions (mine at least, but I saw others making similar points) weren’t simply gushing praise.
  4. Dolphin now has integrated GBA support, complete with online play - so remote multiplayer Four Swords et al may be possible... https://kotaku.com/gamecube-emulator-now-has-a-built-in-game-boy-advance-1847346876
  5. Links and things are all in the OP.
  6. In the writing category for the forum’s GOTY poll, LaD came fifth. I thought it was decent - the characters are great and the plot strands are compelling. And I played with the dub and didn’t hate it, which is something.
  7. Last Friday I finished my second playthrough of FFVI. I wanted to record some gameplay footage of boss battles and put it on my Twitch channel. Apparently all I've ended up with is about three hours of footage - from a 38hr playthrough - showing someone who hasn't realised that the shoulder buttons let a character target multiple allies or foes when casting.
  8. August 18th for the free update and Steam release...
  9. That’s on my radar but I can see my gaming schedule getting busy in the future. Might be worth making a thread for it if it’s any good.
  10. Bit late with this, but still:
  11. Beware of spoilers... (alternatively: check your inboxes?)
  12. Finished FFIII (VI) last night. Not all of my clips are online yet but I'll probably have one or two big upload/stream/share sessions in the future. Annoyingly, I kept my first four characters for most of the final boss sequence, but I forgot that the second-to-last phase uses an instakill move on a character when it's done. I spent hours getting everyone prepared with suitable gear and levels and Espers though, so it wasn't a massive hurdle.
  13. That is specific. inb4 "actually the original line was a sample from Ultramagnetic MCs"
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