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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. If you claim Prime's games on the web page, it might be worth opening the app to confirm that they're claimed - I've recently had instances where doing one doesn't update the other...
  2. This is like a creepy parallel to the universe where BotW was first unveiled and everyone said IT'S ZELDA SOULS!!!!11
  3. These are available to claim now. Again, I've had some weirdness in the past where I claim in the browser page and they show as unclaimed in the app, so see how you get on.
  4. I enjoy the pretending! Like I said in the "easy mode" discussion: So I guess I'd take a nonspecific Dark Fantasy Action RPG over another Souls game.
  5. This will be available in March's Prime Gaming offerings: https://medium.com/prime-gaming/spring-into-march-with-new-free-games-and-content-44b1b09df328
  6. It's that time again: (Also, Blasphemous!) https://medium.com/prime-gaming/spring-into-march-with-new-free-games-and-content-44b1b09df328 You can find the games at https://gaming.amazon.com/ Install instructions (please note step 5):
  7. Sol in the Wipeout Omega Collection is pretty nice, especially in VR. Honourable mention to Silence in F-Zero X - it’s little more than a slightly skewed oval, but there are great opportunities for boost-chaining, and the music is cheesy but it absolutely works...
  8. Short answer: yes. But there are some decent unique encounters and challenges in there, so if you're done with the story but want an excuse to jump back into the combat experience, it's worth a look.
  9. Apologies if you already know, but that opening has its own name, "Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee". And yes, it's ace.
  10. Presage is do-able solo (the standard version at least - I haven't looked at harder variants) but you need to set aside a lot of time to allow for screw-ups. It gives you a few lifelines in that it's not one massive restricted zone and your equipment isn't locked, but there are some rough arena moments and a few things that aren't immediately clear until you've looked them up.
  11. A bit of advice for those going into VIIR cold (e.g. if you skipped the demo for some reason): I recommend playing with the difficulty settings before settling on one. Normal and Easy modes have the modern combat where you're performing real-time actions to build up to an ATB action (I think Easy mode just softens enemy blows) and the Classic option has the real-time actions happening automatically so that you only have to issue ATB commands. The only problem (for me) is that I found the automatic actions in Classic mode a little too good, and it came close to making you feel like the game was
  12. Delayed to '22! Probably a good thing, given how much I still have in progress with the current content.
  13. Qazimod


    Too late! My personal top 20 off the top of my head. I'm sure I've missed some. 1. Iridis Alpha wait, I probably can't have that. Okay: Sexy Parodius Dangun Feveron Under Defeat Deathsmiles Thunderforce III Ikaruga Parodius Da! Layer Section Salamander Gradius V R-Type Final Strania: The Stella Machina Psyvariar Radiant Silvergun Guwange DBCS Border Down Muchi Muchi Pork Triggerheart Exelica
  14. I never really play into the small hours*, but if midnight is approaching I'll often find myself wanting to play something but not having anything in mind, so I'll go to an old faithful arcadey game. Outrun 2006 on PC and CvS2 on Redream are currently filling that gap. *I have had at least one instance of playing co-op Destiny which has been an exception - usually when we know we should quit and try again another time but we're also reeeally close to finishing a thing...
  15. @therearerules One of the first universal player rituals is "getting used to the bonfire gang", even when you know the run and are just aiming to get blood echoes and vials. It takes a while before the threat becomes more trivial.
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