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  1. Override is... fine; it doesn't feel like a massive departure from the typical mission gameplay, but it's engaging enough. Interesting that the new "Cryosthesia" weapon is in the kinetic slot - I don't really have much kinetic gear with elemental damage, so my character can actually cover all four elements now (between the kinetic slot, the energy slot, the power slot and the subclass.) Not that I'll need all four most of the time.
  2. He gets the call before taking off. It’s like when Keanu gets told about the bomb in “Speed” but the bus hasn’t hit 50 yet.
  3. Nier’s Forest of Myth sequence has a bit of this, which I guess might be a spoiler with 1.22 out now…
  4. Destiny 2’s probably in the lead, with 500+ hours on Steam and all of the time on PSN… At a genre-level, it’s probably RPGs. Something like P4 is around 50 hours long and I’ve finished that numerous times. P5 alone took 97 hours on my first playthrough. And I just finished Chrono Trigger last week. I think most of the “new” games I bought last year were RPGs - FFVIIR, P5R, Yakuza LaD, P4G. A few years ago it might have been fighting games, but I try not to play them as much because my internet connection would just ruin everyone’s day
  5. Siberia 2018 Keanu Reeves "thriller" that probably popped up in my Prime Video recommends because I watched John Wick or something. Keanu is a diamond trader who gets involved in a dangerous deal which goes awry. Oh, and there's a romantic subplot in there that might be there for dramatic character tension but ultimately doesn't add a whole lot. You can tell that they're going for a slow-burn suspense-building thing, but there's no payoff and the film just kind of ends. It's rarely good when the credits roll and you think "that was it?" 1.5/5
  6. So if you have the full game... *tumbleweed* ...a new level ("Worn Out Tapes") was recently added for free, as part of a crossover with Unbeatable (a forthcoming rhythm game that also looks awesome.) You can find it in the main ward (where the 1-1, 1-2... and 3-1, 3-2... stages are) if you go over to the left. (And yeah, if you haven't tried the Unbeatable "White Label" sample that came out yesterday, that's also worth a look.)
  7. More that I know that a few people hoped LaD's style of gameplay might be a one-off for the core series. There were definitely comments to that effect when the combat system was first revealed.
  8. My internet connection would ruin everyone’s day. Also I’d spend 99 seconds doing fullscreen neckbreakers and getting blown up.
  9. Possibly bad news for those who bounced off the battle system... https://www.ign.com/articles/the-yakuza-series-will-be-a-turn-based-rpg-series-fully-going-forward So the mainline series will continue with LaD's format, whilst the spin-offs retain the classic gameplay.
  10. I played the SNES game on my RS97. It's how I played through FFVI last year, and it's a great little device for when you want to just pick up something for a few minutes. I used the "PocketSNES" emulator that's already on the machine - it struggles with performance a bit, but once I nudged the frameskip up I barely noticed any issues. (I confess that I may have used save states once or twice as well, but it was more of a convenience thing where there were long stretches of gameplay without conventional save points. Also I'm all too familiar with the danger of "saving yourself into
  11. Aaand done. @DeciderVT must have motivated me to finish it off! Again, the final sequence was one where I probably levelled a bit too much, because in the end I didn't need to retry the final battle. I had heard a lot about the game beforehand through conversation and I had an idea of what might be expected, but generally it was "just" a case of juggling Ethers, Luminaire casts, Revives, other strong elementals and everything else. I know there are all of the other endings to discover and stuff, but just finishing it once feels satisfying. As I mentioned, this and FFII
  12. @DeciderVT Congrats on finishing it I'll see how I get on with the next few bits... This thread is very useful for just offloading my thoughts as I go along (as with my FFVI notes) if I just want to post unedited ramblings without going to the lengths of making a proper "playthrough" thread. Although I'll probably take a short break from updates just so that I can do whatever levelling and item purchasing is necessary...
  13. There's an "episode 1" free trial out today - not sure how it compares to the other demo though...
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