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  1. I was playing the season half attentively. I did like the Drifter/Eido chatter in some of the missions, but the whole Osiris thing in that cutscene was kind of . I gave up on the weekly challenges and the artifact upgrades though.
  2. An end of year PSN sale runs until the 21st December, just in case you missed any Black Friday offers or were on the fence.
  3. I've never owned 3D tech myself, unless you count the stereoscopic effect of VR. My interest in 3DS was killed after claims that not everyone will be able to get the most out of the effect due to vision issues... coupled with the fact that nobody in my area was even showing the hardware as a demo unit, so I couldn't see the effect myself to know if my own vision would cause problems. (Not until much later when an acquaintance let me have a look at their console, anyway.) And by the time I did check out the effect, everyone was saying that it was a novelty and they played with the slider turned all of the way down now. I do like its use in VR though, like the cute diorama effect in things like Astro Bot.
  4. Dog of War Collar Duty Year Walkies
  5. An update to Deus Ex 1 would be nice. There's no need to touch the gameplay, but maybe update the textures and things. Or just pay a modder who's already done it for you.
  6. You could probably skip the 30th Anniversary pack if you don't care too much about what it offers. It has the Gjallarhorn, a "new" activity and dungeon, and some cosmetic bits. I stuck around with Beyond Light content until Witch Queen, because I rarely bother with dungeons and don't care that much about Gjallarhorn or the cosmetics. (I'll probably pick it up if it gets discounted even further in the future. )
  7. Things that helped the final boss sequence for me: You could also parry everything and just work the posture, but I feel like getting out of the threshold takes the edge off these battles
  8. GRIP came out, if that counts? I think it's somewhere in my Prime Gaming library too...
  9. Concept: Witch Time 1983: Granny's Garden (BBC Micro) 2004: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Gamecube) 2022: Bayonetta 3 (Switch)
  10. Qazimod

    Boomer Shooters

    Exocide, anyone? New thing from Hellforge/Apogee, coming "soon"
  11. The Tactics games are coming to PC and consoles next year, which might alleviate small-screen issues. https://store.steampowered.com/app/2169930/RType_Tactics_I__II_Cosmos/
  12. Is The Blair Witch Project (15) too naff now? It's been ages since I saw it but I don't remember it being particularly explicit (there may have been a few swears though) and it's more about unnerving fear than jump-scares. She might find it boring...
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