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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. I know I shouldn't care about these - especially in a world of mobile gaming - but I'm kind of keen to see what else they bring back. I still have some of ours around here somewhere - Karnov, After Burner, Sonic 1 and 2...
  2. Yoghurt Catastrophe Kikosher Dirty Boule, Boule Revenger, etc
  3. It's all good, as long as the snark is directed at the people making the things, not the people buying them. No matter what you thought of the Xbox One's original plan to block preowned games and have an always-online infrastructure, it was huge news and everyone was talking about why this was a good or bad thing. And giant enemy crabs and Riiidge Racer were an interesting way for Sony to promote the seventh generation, so it was worthy of discussion. I'm looking forward to talking about the new gen, and hopefully we can do so without name-calling.
  4. It's sometimes a mess and sometimes brilliant, but generally I like it - the good bits outweigh the bad bits for me. Also it's absolutely an action RPG, so anyone expecting streamlined character action should play something else.
  5. Notables: Nier Automata for £17.49; DMC5 for £16; DB FighterZ for £12; Persona 5 for £11.49 (but Royal is just over a month away so I'd hold out for that); FFXII Zodiac for £20...
  6. Space Giraffe is optional 3D ping-pong with bullets where you're actively trying not to shoot enemies so that you can wipe them out for big points - it's like unlearning all of your Tempest instincts. However, I don't think that particular aesthetic helped - if it got away from the whole space thing people might have been able to adjust a little more easily...
  7. But you haven't truly mastered Contra Gryzor until you've played it with one foot outstretched so that your toe could tap the space bar and allow you to jump. I think the "solution" for a few games was to let you plug in another stick and have that fire button perform an additional action, but that seems a bit excessive... Related but not: Gradius, R-Type, Salamander and the rest of them were all called shoot 'em ups in my mind right up until some online article or thread introduced me to the word "shmup" - I've resigned myself to using it now but I still think it's nowhere near as cool, and it's pretty rubbish as a descriptor and it only really "works" because it's been driven into everyone's subconscious over several years. I still continue to call beat 'em ups "bmups" in protest.
  8. They're hit-and-miss for me. I wasn't keen on Sheep in Space or Hovver Bovver, I liked AMC and the Tempests, and Iridis Alpha is up in my top 10 all-time favourite games.
  9. In Persona 5 there's a late-game skill you can earn where you can insta-kill enemies that are particularly low-level, but you won't gain any experience from the encounter. So if they can somehow judge the gap between Cloud's level and the level of the enemy he's fighting, they could reduce the experience gains (to zero)?
  10. The only "maybe" I can think of is that sticking a few interactive NPCs and shops in a world map location wouldn't take up as much space as all of the "event" dialogue, cutscenes, set-pieces and mandatory battles (not to mention any unique mechanics such as motorbike chases) you get when you're going to a location for story reasons - so a lot of episode 1's stuff won't be needed again in episode 2... but even then, the "interactive NPCs and shops" would have to coexist with all of the content of the next episode...
  11. A port-begging campaign is underway on Twitter, and Atlus wants to encourage the port-begging; the hashtag is below if you want to join in... https://twitter.com/NinWire/status/1229612753645641728 (I've already tweeted my support)
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