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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.
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  1. Not so much GTA... but I occasionally played Yakuza's minigames during Like A Dragon as a bit of a break from core missions. Usually things like the card games and darts, rather than the Sega cabinets. However, the arena you unlock pretty much takes over your "downtime" later in the game.
  2. 2021 listing https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIBsGh04aigETKzsORhpV2ZK2SiwNgtA&jct=Z7wX1lRJp8ftt76B-2EobG_anK3UsQ Featuring Rhythm Doctor, Neo TWEWY, Deltarune and some other bits and bobs. (I didn't play many new things this year...) Like my other playlists, this is open to contributions from anyone.
  3. November recap: No games bought… but one PS5 bought. I’m currently using it for old PS4 stuff and PS+ giveaways, but my actual plan is to be able to play Elden Ring on new hardware next year. I thought that maybe the Black Friday sales might sway me this month, but in the end I wasn’t tempted by anything. I’m not sure how December will go; I’m usually quite well-behaved… but I did get a stack of gift vouchers recently (an award for long service at my workplace) so my resolve might crumble… I’ll also be buying gaming gifts for others (secret santa etc.), but I don’t count that kind of thing here.
  4. I think I skipped the entire motion control fad - I never had a Wii or PS3, and I didn’t have room for Kinect. So unless you count EyeToy on PS2, I didn’t bother again until PSVR…
  5. In the earlier episodes I had a hard time following things as an adult they seemed to start things off with multiple threads that you just had to kind of hope would make more sense and gain more relevance as you got more breadcrumbs. Like you, I'm not making a criticism - I shrug and assume the initial bewilderment to be intentional - but sometimes it feels like the writing is torn between making accessible family viewing and satiating social media nerds who want something more crazy.
  6. I remember ranting in the Bloodborne thread about the Nightmare Frontier and the absurd run through the poison lake to get back to Amygdala, but it turns out I’d just missed a crucial elevator shortcut or something…
  7. Awesome @MW_Jimmy; I always like these montages. For a while I wondered if you were going to move on to "year 1" of one of the new-gen consoles, but there's still plenty to enjoy on PS4.
  8. Yep. I find it hard to time those so I often just finish him off with the regular shot, but sometimes he gets stuck in a corner and a bomb can do huge damage.
  9. And of course, I played them so that others don't have to. (Although I've tried to leave enough detail to help anyone get started!)
  10. @Goemon I finished it for the first time earlier this year, and went through it again recently just so that I could have some recordings of battles to put online somewhere. I found that most of the time there wasn't too much of a need to grind, but there was one late game encounter (near the end of the "Fated Hour" chapter) that I thought was so one-sided that I didn't attempt it again until levelling up a bunch. Also, doing lots of battles can be useful for learning more techniques and opening up your options in battle. And yeah - as with most games like this, Haste is always useful - having "more turns" makes it easier to correct mistakes and prepare for things.
  11. The "beam corridor" in Quick Man's stage in Mega Man 2. Insta-death beams go across the width of the screen so you need to drop down before that happens, but you have to know the quickest route down there and you'll never know without dying repeatedly as you attempt it. You can stop the beams using Flash Man's ability, but Flash Man's ability is also Quick Man's weakness. I can do this stage without any additional abilities now, but when you first attempt it, it can be rough.
  12. My approach was always to slow down, fire once and retreat before they got to me. But then the game wants you to do everything at full pelt. The worst moments are when you warp into an area at top speed and bump straight into one before you have a chance to slow down...
  13. When I originally played Kirby Super Star, I got to Milkyway Wishes and skipped past the tutorial, so I completely missed the core mechanic of Deluxe Copy Abilities. A recap: In regular Kirby games, you inhale enemies and gain their abilities - you can lose an ability if you're hit with certain attacks, or if you die, or if you replace your ability with a new one. Deluxe Copy Abilities are more like Mega Man power-ups; you collect them once and then you can switch between the ones you've obtained at any time. You can suspend gameplay and look at a screen showing the ones you've obtained, or you can cycle between them during gameplay. Since you only need to get a Deluxe Copy Ability once in order to have it permanently, they aren't an abundant presence in the world; you stumble across them in rooms or find them at specific locations. And so because I never bothered to press any buttons and cycle my abilities, or view the abilities I obtained, I just assumed that the idea was to get as far as you could using the last ability you found in this manner. (Thankfully, I knew what I was doing by the time I did my playthrough thread. )
  14. Fake-out repetition in games: where you have to progress by doing the "wrong" thing repeatedly before you can get anywhere: I think there's a bit in Persona 2: Innocent Sin where you loop back to (what seems like) the same area repeatedly, but you only discover that you're making "progress" if you keep talking to everyone - eventually a dialogue scene will automatically play out and advance things. Also, those bits in Ace Attorney where you have to keep pressing all of the statements until there's a scripted moment of Phoenix going "oh noes I've got nothing left" followed by a deus ex machina changing everything.
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