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  1. Bayo is kind of knowing in its sexiness, but be real - if you were browsing at work (uh, in 2010) and someone had posted a gif of the pole dance or Joy’s unique torture attack, would you turn to your boss and say “but it’s empowerment tho”?
  2. Playing Neo TWEWY last year made me feel a little awkward, but not for any boobs or violence. Instead the street lingo and internet speak made me feel like an old man. I've seen people point fingers and say that the dialogue is "cringey", but it's so close to your typical Twitter and SMS vomit that the criticisms feel like a self-own. I was absolutely fine with how "current" the dialogue was, but sometimes I felt like I wasn't hip enough to appreciate the game. I was the embarrassment. Meanwhile, I can easily identify with Yakuza 7's washed-up geezers.
  3. I'm juggling Destiny 2's next DLC and Elden Ring in late February (and beyond) - since I won't always be in the mood for a massive loot grind or a nails-hard RPG, I can jump from one to the other depending on what I feel like.
  4. I’ve dabbled with clicker/idle games but never really to the point of addiction or spending money on them - they’re just something I leave running in the background. As for loot games; sure, I play Destiny but the loot collection is only worth pursuing because things like the co-operation, the mission design and the tactical options (which buffs to use, what elemental damage is covered, which ability cooldowns need improving) create a satisfying experience by themselves. If the fundamental shooter gameplay was crap, no amount of shiny exotics could keep me interested.
  5. I'm embarrassed by how much time I spent with Animal Crossing before I sold my DS collection. "So what do you do in the game?" Uh...
  6. #3 and #4 were limited time betas, ffs. 96 hours in total recorded for the year, and NTWEWY accounted for more than half of that. Although I was playing more PC things last year...
  7. Chrono Trigger. Advance Wars? I don't play it but it seems kind of "normal"?
  8. Killer is Dead and it’s daft “gigolo” minigame. I think I did the first one just to know, and then opted out until the game was complete. It’s not even successful at being sexy - it’s dumb and comical… but maybe that’s the point. Also, I never played the Witcher games, but the whole idea of gamifying your conquests seems a bit much.
  9. I kind of die inside if I end up having to explain my dumb high school JRPGs to non-gamers, yeah. Although the framing is probably the least interesting part of Persona, and they could easily do the same gameplay but with young adults in actual jobs and oh wait they already did. Although I think @bradigor wins with Demon Gaze - seems like a pretty solid dungeon crawl right up until the full screen storyboarded knickers shot during exposition.
  10. There was that one Corrupted Monk encounter where you could get the drop on her and take out one of her lifebars immediately. Which they patched out. Honestly I kind of liked it as a concept - multiple lifebars meant that you could do the gimmicky deathblow and still have a "real" fight. In all seriousness, I would have liked more items and tools that were effective in Sekiro's boss battles. It'll be interesting to see if ER's crafting opens up the potential for varied approaches to encounters...
  11. Yes. Ish. A lot of the combat gameplay is lifted from those games, but the open world hints at varying challenge. Some encounters in the beta I immediately noped out of, whilst others seemed okay enough for me to take a few attempts. So the open world may at least offer alternative pursuits if you’re tired of getting owned by the same dude. However, sometimes it still felt like the difference between Hard and Go Fuck Yourself, and we only explored a small portion of the open world, so it may not be enough of a game-changer.
  12. The beta was promising - a lot of gameplay seemed lifted from Soulsbornekiro but it feels like the open world gives you lots of things to check out. There were invisible walls in the beta so we didn't see everything, but hopefully the full game will have various distractions that will appeal to different players.
  13. Oof, Switch outside the top three? I almost went with my joke vote of "I'll vote Switch even though I don't own one because it wins every year" too. (And of course the end of my Switch Pro bit on the first page is less effective now...) Then again there has been more attention drawn to the "newer" new-gen machines now that more people can actually get hold of them. I'm sure normal service will be resumed once BotW2 arrives.
  14. I think the touchpad could have had interesting (if very specific) applications in certain genres, but nothing was ever done with it. Like, you could prevent accidental inputs by having the user hold another button when performing rear-touchpad actions, and you could show something onscreen to reflect what the fingers were doing at the back. And you wouldn't have the front-touchscreen issue of hands obscuring the action. Maybe the back is too big for small fingers to move across, but there could be games where small gestures make big movements. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It would have been cool to see it used for cursor control in something like an RTS or Diablo knockoff... if only as a proof-of-concept. Although in the end the only gimmicks that I remember being any good were in Tearaway, and even then it was usually just used as a big button.
  15. Awesome round-up there @Wiper. Also I'm both on Jo's side and entirely guilty when it comes to "nothing happens" games. I cannot, cannot see any of the appeal in something like Night in the Woods (I tried checking out some gameplay footage but, y'know, nothing happens) - but then I'll happily play something like P4 which has a whole lot of "nothing happens" before you actually get to the decent bits...
  16. I feel so daft for missing out on it first time around. It's on my RS97 at least. I don't care about collecting for resell profit later though, so maybe one day* I'll end up getting some cheap custom repro or battered used copy or whatever. *not right now though
  17. Halfway through January and so far I've "bought" a headset and some PSN credit - although both were via gift vouchers - but no games. Trying to keep this going to soften the blow of February (and possibly March).
  18. I open all my games, so I could only deem something “prized” based on how much I enjoy playing it. I did re-buy a new Wario Ware Inc. online (I can’t remember what it cost) which I’m pretty happy with as it’s one of my all-time favourites and I was daft to get rid of my own copy.
  19. DJ Hero turntable. (The DualShock 4 seemed good enough when I played the beta, but I haven't tried all of those options so I can't comment.)
  20. Ah but it has to start with a vague rumour and culminate in an official announcement that makes the rumour look daft, in the space of a year Maybe there will be a Switch Pro in a few years, but this was more about hype getting out of control and hopes being dashed.
  21. I'd say that Blizzard doing dumb things with cherished IP (Diablo Immortal, Warcraft 3 Reforged) was baffling, but then again Blizzard suspending a Hearthstone player for protesting against a totalitarian regime was baffling...
  22. In Sega's defence, the Saturn price was announced first, so they didn't know it would be £100 more until it was too late. I'm not saying it isn't a wild price tag, but I guess this was still the era of everyone jumping on the CD bandwagon and throwing figures around...
  23. I hope anyone reading knows that I'm not poking fun at them for believing the wilder rumours (if anything, most of us were joining in on the daftness) - I was just taking a look back at a more internet-wide event of last year that was a bit silly. Like I said, I've definitely been swept up in lots of rumour-fuelled hype in the past.
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