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  1. He has. This mate has found another friend without Mario-shaped-lens in his specs. How this game can be held up as "excellent" in any way, I fail to understand. To have its name uttered in the same breath as 1080 or Waverace astounds me. The game is utterly unfulfilling in all three areas which I "articulated" so well. I'm holding out for SM Galaxies and Metroid Prime 3. I feel like I'm standing in a desert on a distant planet, surrounded by gameless Wiis and all that's going through my head is "Help me Reggie-Wan. You're my only hope"......
  2. ubob

    Game Boy Micro

    Like this, ya eejit.
  3. Just a bit tired of folks saying something is not worth the money just cos they can't find the cash. Get's a bit weary. Apart from anything else, there's no 40quid games. Not unless you're a nutter who shops in Game or the like. Games are, in the majority, 29.99 or less. Go look. If you can't find 30quid now...stick in at school. You'll find the money eventually.
  4. Good. That leaves more copies for the rest of us who will.
  5. "Stance" or opinion ? I am opinionated. Therefore I have a stance. Doesn't mean I force my view on others, but when asked for what I think on a matter I will express my thoughts in line with my view, my opinion, my stance. You want to have an opinion on toast - go for it. I'm almost certain you probably do because you'll probably prefer either brown toast or white toast. Or maybe you just plain don't like toast and prefer cereal. That's all a view, an opinion, a stance. Ultimately, as you say, it doesn't matter - for it is merely your view, your opinion, your stance. It is no more right or wrong than any other person's view, opinion or stance. I'm not clear who's taking this far too seriously....I posted some pseudo-random thoughts about a videogame whilst I was drinking my morning coffee. You seem to have gone off on a parade about why it's ridiculous to have opinions in life. Maybe, I should have just posted: "Zelda: 4 Swords is teh best EVA." That would have made for a great thread. Hmmm...however, thinking about it more, even that would me taking a stance. Maybe I should just have posted: "Zelda: 4 Swords exists"
  6. This is why I love this place...just so brim-full of such joyous types. "Mock proselytism"....I think I'll take that as kudos. 'Course not. I've just chosen a stance. There's nothing wrong with that. Maybe you like all things and everything. I don't like Fords or Vauxhalls - even though, alledgedly, they produce some good cars. Same thing. The post wasn't really concerned with my thoughts on Nintendo - it was really the fact Zelda: Four Swords is a great multiplayer game - an no matter what your opinion is on wether Sony or Nintendo are the best (which is a dull and ridiculous argument) - it's still a great game. However, if you want to debate why I think Nintendo are taking advantage of their customer base - I'm more than happy to do so, though probably not in this thread. I'm not really familiar with this "beard" concept - other than the black bits that get left in the sink in the morning. Maybe it's a 'yoof' term ? Anyway, I wasn't taking the piss. It was merely an type-up of some thoughts I was having over my morning coffee.
  7. I'm not so sure. You need one mate with a GC and a couple of friends who have a GBA (SP). Not exactly a wild fantasy occurance, I would have thought.
  8. You need 3 folks for sure. It's such a "thin" Zelda game - almost Gauntlet in style - so it's really about the hack and slash and, as mentioned before, trying not to give in the temptation of torching the arse of your mate.
  9. Before I even start this let it be known that I am a recovering Nintendo fanboy. I used to the love company, all it produced and even its little quirks, but since the launch of the DS I've decided I no longer like them. How, you say, can the coin flip so readily? This is not a black and white decision, you cry! I've decided they are preying on the weak minds of my former friends in the "Nintendo Appreciation Society". And it's not the DS that sparked this decision - sure, the DS release hype coincided with my thinking - but the DS is not solely to blame. Anyway, that was merely to set context. This is not about why "Ninty is teh D00med !!11!". Nintendo will go on forever. This isn't even about why I now hate Nintendo. This is about why I hate myself. Zelda: Four Swords That's why I hate myself. Despite my new found hatred of Nintendo I have the misfortune of still hanging out on a regular basis with some gaming mates who are die-hard Nintendo fans. "We just love fun games", they shout and wail. "Keep your Ridge Racer - that for the mediocre people. It looks good, but it's not fun!" "2D isn't dead - have you seen Castlevania DS?", I'm asked. Anyway, this week, despite not in the least looking forward to "Yet Another Fecking Elf in a Green Hat" game, I had to dust off my Gameboy Advance (see, I didn't even bother with an SP upgrade) and hook it up to my dust-gathering GameCube. "We're playing Four Swords". "We're what ?" "Zelda. Four swords. It's like Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles only it's set in the Zelda universe" "Help me, jebus." FF:CC was fine. It was OK. I was an enjoyable little flutter with an RPG-esque game where you relied on your Gameboy to control the Gamecube. Innovative idea but not overly well executed in my opinion. So, as I'm sure you can imagine, I was hardly relishing the idea of playing the same style of game except with the fecking little pointy-hatted elf (again). (Seriously, Nintendo...you need some new characters). I was wrong. So wrong. 3 hours went by and I could have played for another 3. It was a rip-roaring romp where I insisted in trying to beat a pulp of the red-pointed-hatted elf in because he kept nicking all my gems. It was fast, it was puzzling, it was a laugh (Who helped you most? Not that fecking little red-pointed-hatted elf, that's for sure!). So now I hate myself. I hate the fact that I've been bitching about Nintendo for months now. I hate the fact that I've completely dismissed the DS and am positively salivating at the prospect of a PSP. I hate the fact that I got bored of "Metroid Prime: Echoes" because it felt like I was trapped in a time warp. In the same breath last night I wanted to play "Zelda: Four Swords" again and I was saying "Ninty r teh suk !!!11!". Pah...I might even have to get a loan of "Minish Cap" now..... Damn it....
  10. Yep. In all reality, Nintendo (oE) could have offered you guys just the Wario Ware demo and the T-shirt for £130...and you'd still be queueing up to spend your stars and hard-earned cash.
  11. I think most of the folks trying to get this deal are getting cream just thinking about it....
  12. That was me.... And, ironically, it doesn't shock me that Nintendo (of Europe) doesn't have the business savvy make money from all the Ninty Fan-boys trying to get their non-deal this morning.....
  13. "Welcome to the Church of Nintendo. Please donate heavily so that we can continue to preach the good game mantra and bring more into our fold. Without you donating your hard earned cash to our cause, the future of your Church is in jeopardy. Your help is appreciated." And there was me thinking Nintendo was a business....
  14. How about you don't use your Magic Stars at all and just get the whole lot at sub-RRP from somewhere else ? Unless, of course, you're a hardcore Ninty Fan-guy and want to wear your "I Suck The Nintendo Boaby" T-shirt around the office Actually the more I think about this, given it includes a demo of "Wario Ware" - the whole bundle is just screaming "THIS IS MEANT FOR YOUR MR NINTENDO LOVER"... I guess it's not really for normal folks.
  15. ubob

    Ds Europe

    So you think ale (which you piss against a wall) is worth 25quid, but a game - which, even if you choose to ignore R&D and production costs, has a resale value - isn't worth 25quid ?? Everyone seems to what something for nothing. Did you pay £29.99 for GTA:San Adreas? (random example of high selling game) Oh..maybe that's cos you thought it was worth it?? Why would it be worth more per copy than say "Feel the Magic" ? Agreed. I don't want any of the DS games. In fact, I don't even want a DS. I won't be buying one. I'm merely arguing the flaws in the (commonly posted here) arguments about "value" and the price of games. Anyone would think this forum is populated by paupers.....
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