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  1. jesus - Game says it has it in stock... from a re-seller asking 199 quid for it. Fuck the scalpers for this game.
  2. Aye... there's loads of 3rd party pilate rings out and it would really help kill off the scalpers too.
  3. Imma gonna get Diablo 3 at that price now.
  4. I'll do anything for a copy of this by anything I mean, pay RRP. can't get it *anywhere* and scalpers are getting is as soon as it's available and punting it for tidy profit. grr
  5. I think it was for the direct that we had earlier that majored on Xenoblade but word on the street was that a major part of that video was cut out at the last minute.
  6. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    The Bowser battle in 3D World is probably the best in any 3D Mario game, including Odyssey... it's epic!
  7. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Well well! My flabber is well and truly ghasted... if that's a regular priced game, that's amazing value. METROID PRIME TRILOGY NEXT PLEASE NINTENDO
  8. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Winder Waker WiiU is a beautiful and wonderful thing that will never ever age
  9. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Don't get your hopes up for Mario 64 being anything other than launching the N64 collection on Switch just like NES and SNES. Every other game will be sold standalone. C'mon guys - you know this. It's Nintendo ffs. I hope they do with sunshine what they did with Wind Waker. A proper eye popping colourful version of that could be gorgeous. and I will buy every one of them.
  10. yeah - the design is too strong and obvisouly thoght through for ARMS to be a one off (looks at F-Zero and makes sad face)
  11. I strongly suspect this group of characters aren't going to be confined to vs fighting games. I'd love to see an action platformer starring Ribbon Girl
  12. I pretty much avoided all the ? that are in the sea
  13. I watched the bad ending bit when Ciri goes through her memories - you'd have to go out of your way to be a total dick I also don't believe that
  14. Ooft! Lots of possibilities. Again, with Temeria becoming a country again in my ending, it felt like a good one.
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