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  1. People need to plug their GameCube back into an old CRT and remind themselves of how Sunshine used to look. It’s the game that has improved the most in the update
  2. tempted to do them in order... had a wee shot of M64 on WiiU in preparation last night and it's still great. What a mind blowing game it was at the time. Seeing that all nice and sharpened up - can't wait.
  3. You’re buying Mario 64 to play on the Switch. You’re not Mario 640000 or whatever.
  4. yeap - and, after years of having my brain re-programmed (mainly by using the Wii) - when I went to play Sunshine on the cube a wee while ago I just couldn't cope with the camera. Everything was just backwards. It's weird - I used to invert *all the time* in FPS games then something flipped in my head and I can't play it that way anymore.
  5. Can SMG be played handheld? If so I reckon it’ll be tilt and shake to activate things which might be a pest. SMG2 wouldn’t have been feasible in handheld
  6. really quite enjoying this - but a bit dissappointed that you can't pull off sweet full 360 spins like in RR:R and the likes. I'd also say the tracks are a bit wide in places with not enough drifting potential. I want to basically be racing sideways ALL THE TIME.
  7. they were - but there was no build up to the finale in either. You blasted through as fast as you could. GoT ended up ending badly, but it still didn't stop it being ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE and practically the only thing on telly people were talking about. I think I must've watched the Battle of Winterfell about 3 times in the week between that and the next (shitey) episode. There's enough content on services, I don't mind a weekly release.
  8. missed a trick with that by not buying enough battenbergs...
  9. We had a birthday cake for Mario today
  10. ... and it’s done. Loved that. Cracking easy watching. We’re going to see Johnny and Daniel team up to take Kreese down once and for all aren’t we? and if there’s no Joe Esposito in the next series finale I’ll chuck my coors banquet through my telly!
  11. It's some of dodgy references that stop me watching it wiht the kids as most of that aside, it's fine... apart from the fact that Johnny can drive absolutely out of his tits all the time with no consequences. 80s as fuck.
  12. surely the final level is going to be Zelda blasting all the guardians to fuck then facing off against CG on her lonesome.
  13. to be fair - Zelda defeats Calamity Ganon at the end, or at least seals him away with her power.
  14. I've fixed my own and my sons joycons. The joycon drift was solved using wd-40 contact cleaner and I replcaed the ribbon on one using a kit from amazon which cost about 12 quid and came with the screwdrivers required (decent quality as well - can't grumble at the price). Bought these ones https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07P9YLM3H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I'm absolutely hopeless at anything remotely approaching DIY - but I managed this fine myself following a decent ribbon replacement youtube video. Make sure you get tweezers and you'
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