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  1. yeah I loved the game but eventually gave up on it as I just couldn't progress. Even using the wiki I found it hard. Knowing that there was an assigned quest system in World makes me happy.
  2. I love me a MH game - but MH GU broke me. I found the story progression completely impossible to work out. I had no idea how to move it forward. After hours and hours of play I still wasn't fighting any decent big monsties. It's the only thing making me a little apprehensive about this one.
  3. but the trials were great! Really tense - needed you to plan your run using stamina flowers and the best order to collect the tears in to give you the most safe time...
  4. I suppose I meant that I don't really know what makes him appear at all - sometimes it's quite frequent and others it's not.
  5. I haven't worked out what makes Bowser appear post credits...
  6. Fixed - sorry! I suppose I figured a game as old as Skyward Sword was kind of spoiler proof now.
  7. Spirit Tracks is at the bottom for me... the on rails train was just far too restrictive and I got bored. I gave up on it. One of the few Zelda's I never finished. I don't really count Triforce heroes.
  8. Jumping off of Skyloft, Zora armour on, into a massive dive and straight into the water then swimming underwater to a hidden domain of the Zora's.
  9. In my mind the perfect Zelda game features the overwolrd of BOTW but with floating islands I can freely fly to... but with some 'traditional' dungeons somewhere.
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