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  1. tell you something but - Touissant is *gorgeous*. Reminds me of my work experience in a rural part of France, walking back from the factory to the school we were staying at through rolling fields.
  2. what the FUCK is that living statue fight all about in Blood and Wine... it's a ridiculously unfair difficulty spike
  3. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Got that big daft Hori split pad pro... it’s cracking. Now if I could get a case that fits them that would be ideal.
  4. This is good light fun but there’s absolutely no reason for the janky performance on the switch. Hope they patch that quick as it can be really bad in two player
  5. I sold my entire collection a couple of months back for 400 quid... it’s a great game but it became a bit of a money pit and I couldn’t keep up with the releases.
  6. how on earth do folks get their towns to such a level? I've played pretty much every day for 15mins to an hour at a time - plodding along, getting bridge and stuff... since release day. I still don't have KK visiting yet.
  7. The *only* thing I would say against MK is that it's a massive table hog and in some ways it doesn't need to be... the level tracker boards are a oversized and a companion app for that stuff would be ideal. ... but... oh man... the puzzling. It's so rewarding when you work out an ultra efficient way to beat a hard monster.
  8. Mage Knight is the best solo game you’ll ever play and Gloomhaven wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for that game...
  9. Trying to beat Drageux at the end of the world I'm on almost physically killed me... it's a good workout.
  10. Is it just me or were episode 4 and 5 really shite?
  11. it's Space Witcher.... and Witcher was basically like Xena. I thought episode 4 was a bit weak tbh, but 1-3 have been great. Kids enjoy it too.
  12. start at the beginning and just go with it... it's very good. I'm doing online HIIT classes and my own weight stuff but this is a nice alternative and, most importantly, my son genuinely enjoys it.
  13. That ice level with the shells is just a bit too hard for me unfortunately... found the last section too frustrating but I’ll go back to it
  14. @GokouD's world is great! I've played through a few of his levels already. Loved the darkness under the sea one!
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