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  1. So this tweet got a like from Liam McKintyre and...
  2. starz - you can get it on Apple TV
  3. hahaha - I mind reading about they spoke in the programme and some experts were saying how it was a really accurate way of taking latin and turning it into modern English. I found watching it with subtitles on a really good way to not miss the unusual turn of phrase.
  4. and while we're at it - if you're into boardgames, the Spartacus Blood and Sand boardgame is an absolute belter and I would highly recommend it. It's unfortunately reprinted with generic art now, make sure you get the original with all the pictures from the programme.
  5. I thought McIntyre wss just as good as Spartacus, he does a great job of moving and talking like him. Series 3 is a different type of programme - you're away from Capua and it's all about the war. For a few episodes it's obvious they're saving their budget - considering it's a big war, it seems a bit small scale... but half way through it really picks up and you can see why they were saving their budget. That final battle is as good as anything you've seen on film. The wee nod to Braveheart with the 'hold!' gave me a smile.
  6. I'll agree that series 3 was much more serious in tone with none of the classic Batiatus lines and had none of the political intrigue either. The reason it took me so long to finish is that about 3-4 episodes in I felt it wasn't quite the same. Then I went back and binged the lot and loved it. I do reckon Liam is every bit as good as Spartacus though and the last few episodes are really epic... and the battle of wits between Crassus and Spartacus was well played out. If anything, they held back on the games they had for Crixxus. Apparently in real life between 300-400 Romans
  7. Used my Covid vax fever day to catch up and watch the end of War of the Damned. An epic finale. You can see where they blew all their budget at the end. A bit slow to start but ended well. fantastic series
  8. I've just started this downloading it on GamePass and I'm really impressed... I did a couple of wee missions back and forth and then there was one mission that was going to give me 100,000 CR for flying a few systems away which I did... but when I got there nothing happened. And there was a base on a planet I wanted to land at, but it didn't work... I haven't quite mastered how the auto-cruise stuff works. I targetted the base, charged up and flew straight into the planet... then I targetted another base and flew right past it. Then when I landed there were tons of missions with people of
  9. People complaining about silly over the top stuff have obviously never played RE4. You get chased by an enormous giant stone golum controlled by a midget
  10. I might make one where I just get annoyed and swear at the waist height crates that stop me going down corridors... :grumble:
  11. since I subscribed to Game Pass I haven't bought an actual game on xbox - there's no need.
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