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  1. I would *love* them to give Echoes and Corruption this level of update - especially Echoes.
  2. very very well indeed
  3. Is it wrong that I'll probably get this physical as well... grrrrr Curse you Nintendo!
  4. I can actually make out details on the space pirates now!! So much better. I’ve settled on dual sticks with gyro as it has a lock on as well. The game is designed around the lock, so that makes sense.
  5. Well Metroid looks and plays the business. Hybrid controls are the way to go.
  6. fuccckkk I'm behind because I had some family shite to deal with and now I'm wathcing some lion king SHITE
  7. TAKE THAT YOU CUNT (old @moosegrinder meme)
  8. I'll maintain that Metroid Prime and Echoes are designed around lock on,.. and best played that way. and I can't wait anadigrj I cnadgir just kasdfjalkm fappp
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