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  1. I'm really struggling with this - there's no tutorial and about a million different moves. Any tips?
  2. get the digital only one down to 250 quid and get a bundle on it - they need to do what MS did with the orignal xbox. I bought the fuck out of that when they massively reduced it and bundled Halo, PGR and JSRF
  3. yeah - I think it's fair to say that Sony have fucked it this gen.
  4. IMO - Sony need to make the PS5 as *available as fuck* - and take a bath on the margin, maybe on the digital only one.
  5. not really - then you get 'time poor' adults with kids, where there's no actual point buying two machines. I was really trying to get a PS5, gave up and got an S on a whim. It's a great machine and I don't really feel the 'need' for a PS5 any more. The only thing I actually want it for is the UHD player. I might just buy a standalone panasonic one or something.
  6. Everyone here talking about CoD?? This is as much, if not more, about Candy Crush and mobile gaming.
  7. Looks like buying an S when I couldn’t get a PS5 was The Right Thing.
  8. Played more Descent Legends of the Dark over the weekend - the biggest map yet, pretty much took up the entire 3x3 space. Really enjoyed it too. Yes, the 3D terrain really does add to the immersion in the game, opening a door and seeing some stairs leading to a raised room full of cauldrons and bookshelves and stuff never gets old. We also played Alien: Fate of the Nostromo from Ravensburger. Light and easy, with great art though and very thematic - we had a good time with it. We died right at the last move. For the 'endgame' card objective, I was making my way to the bridge, Dallas was in the airlock and we'd managed to get the alien to the docking bay with Ripley. Once I was in the bridge, we'd blow the thing out into space... except the encouter card we drew meant we lost the alien, it retreated to its nest and very room went dark - I stepped into the bridge, flipped the newly placed token and of course, the fucker ambushed me and cost us the game. nice
  9. I just caught up with the finale yesterday - as a non book reader, I enjoyed the finale quite a bit. Overall I thought the programme sagged for pacing in the middle, then seemed to rush a lot at the very end. But I enjoyed it and look forward to series 2.
  10. This looks great - definitely picking it up. Looks as though it's sharing a platform with Mario 3D World
  11. Played Dice Settlers over the weekend 3 player and solo - nice wee game, enjoyed that. Got Dune Imperium out to learn the rules. Looks daunting at first, but the rule book is very clear I thought and the game is really straightforward - but lots of clever wee touches that I like.
  12. apologies - I figured being a games forum and this being full of witcher fans, it was highly likely that folks would be pretty knowledgable about the games. on my deathless mother thing though, yeah - she's obviously so it's very different
  13. Yeah, I'm much more likely to do this - maybe a core and the investigators. Play the campaign and then punt it when done. Chasing mythos, especially when sometimes they were hard to get, became a pain - you pretty much had no option but to buy them as soon as they came out, even though you were no where near ready to play. Also, with each mythos pack there were player cards too - this is a much much better approach.
  14. nah - that was Arkham. I was baws deep in that... but had to get out. Sold it all for a decent price tbh.
  15. I don't own LOTR but my friend owns the whole lot (so far). It's great - really really good game. The cycles are little campaigns. There's no connection between them but the cycles tended to follow the general stories through the books. From what I know of how they've dealt with Arkham, they'll just make buying older cycles easier - rather than buying lots of individual packs - everything you need will come in one box. This is a *much* better way to do LCGs. I gave up on collecting Arkham because it all became too much, I couldn't keep up with the thing - and ended up with piles of unopened packs of cards. Another thing I'd recommend is, don't chase cards for completion unless you're a LOTR fan collector type (like my pal is). You're much better just getting the revised core (which has everything you need, you no longer need to core boxes to be able to build decent decks to start with) and then buy the full cycle packs when you want to play that scenario/campaign.... that box will likely come with everything you need to build a good deck that works well for that set of adventures. Then punt the set and get a new one. I'm thinkng of getting back into Arkham doing this.
  16. AFAIK - there's certain bits of dialogue you can't skip due to the scene rendering... but you should be able to skip regular in game conversations. If not, that's a game breaker for me - I read much faster than people talk and I always skip through chat.
  17. How do you get casting to work? I’d like to be able to cast this to a phone or tv so other people can join in (and I can help explain stuff to folks better) but I can’t get it to work.
  18. Oh that fucking quicksand….
  19. Gaunter was amazing. Would love to see him in the TV programme, like the Witcher’s version of Q
  20. I thought WV was really clever and as a family we all enjoyed it then at the end it had the whole magic battle where folks fire different coloured beams at each other and try to push their beams harder than the other one and I was like ‘sake man’
  21. Aye. I’m not a lore person. Me and the boy sat down to watch the big finale and we were bored. Didn’t know who this guy was and what he was waffling on about. Was a shame as the first few episodes were great. I know folks who are pure up on all the lore and they were pretty hyped but meh
  22. God of mischief? God of hair flicking more like…. And, if you weren’t a lore person that last episode was awful IMO. but Hawkeye was GREAT
  23. Just finished this with the boy - great stuff. Best MCU programme after the disappointments that were FATWS and Loki (started great, ended very very badly).
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