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  1. I can’t believe how much they’ve perfected this. I can appreciate that the tutorial is still bamboozling for folks who’ve never played a MH before but for someone who has, this is pretty much perfected. It’s so so so so good. Soooo good.
  2. I’ve watched all the films now over the years but had no idea who those two characters were... my son also got bored during that episode which is not a Good Thing.
  3. I’m finding it really hard to understand wtf is going on... just people appearing at various places and stuff happening.
  4. I'm using the wishlist - but I still don't trust it. Surely it just feeds the Desire Sensor.
  5. jeezo - even gathering quests are fun in this. Wirebugging all over the place and Cohoot makes finding the areas easy and quick. I love this game. After bouncing hard off of MH4X on the switch, they've fixed everything I struggled so hard with.
  6. Also... does Sky one ever show anything other than The Simpsons?
  7. I'm worried about marking items that you want to track down to complete sets etc... surely this feeds DIRECTLY into the Desire Sensor for extra trolling. I don't fucking trust it. No siree.
  8. Oh this is a bit good... finding wee books and crannies and nice items with the wirebug is really satisfying too.
  9. The demo is a terrible entry for folks who've never played a MH game before.
  10. it's absolutely for you - particularly if you like the multiplayer aspect
  11. there are few things better in gaming than finally felling that massive monster just before the timer runs out... you've ran out of potions and everything... you need to break off during the fight and retreat to see if you can find stuff to heal yourself.. but time is running out... you start taking risks when you're fighting because you just know it's almost down... you can *feel* it, there's just something about the way the creature is acting that makes you feel that there's just one or two really well timed super strong hits with the great sword will do it. You're nervous though, you can
  12. How can 15 look smooth? That doesn’t make any sense!?!?
  13. I know you've said that but I really can't get my head around not being able to tell the difference between 15fps and 60fps. My brain just can't process that.
  14. If they did stuff like that, I wouldn't mind if it was really quite rare and perhaps not sign posted... imagine if Nintendo said 'and after this direct, if you go to Tarry Town, the festival has begun...' and you go there and things have changed and there's a wee mini quest with a couple of new shrines or something. but they won't do that - because it won't them any more money and would take development away from BOTW2.
  15. HW Framerate nose-dives in some areas, particularly in the very first level which seems to be the worst offender. Bowser's Fury also has some framerate problems when it gets busy and you're high up with lots of stuff going on. I'm convinced you observe the world in 10fps and miss all these things.
  16. ah. Ok, that’s not so bad.
  17. Is there any easy way to have separate profiles for other users without setting up live accounts? My son and I share the Xbox S but none of the games let us have our own saves without online profiles....
  18. Switch Pro launching with Mario Kart 9, Metroid Prime 4 and BOTW 2.
  19. BOTW 2 is Nintendo's BIG christmas release this year... just like BOTW worked fine on Wiiu... it'll work fine on Switch... but it'll be 4K and more on the PRO. Getting one of these is going to be FUCKING MURDER POLIS.
  20. After reading the reviews I couldn't resist - 36.99 from Smyths as well. After finding MH4X on the Switch absolutely impenetrable from a story progress perspective - seeing this is much more straightforward makes me happy. (I loved previous MHs on 3DS,Wii and WiiU)
  21. In a fit of rage at losing out again - I saw that the Xbox Series S was available and bought one of those instead. STICKING IT TO THE MAN.
  22. 'we have now sold out - thanks for waiting' sigh
  23. I’ve given up as well. Probably Christmas at least before we can get them
  24. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve missed... make sure you get all the armour sets as well, some of them are hidden in really cool places
  25. Started a game of Jaws of the Lion with my son today. It’s really impressive. Learned a lot from Gloomhaven. Easy to pick up and learn gradually over a few scenarios. Highly recommended.
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