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  1. Got mine also, first impressions.


    Nice build, doesn't feel as well crafted as the Elite series 2 pad.


    The face buttons are much shorter travelled and a bit clicky/crunchy in comparison to the regular pad.


    D-Pad feels the same


    Analogue sticks make a loud clicking noise when moving from centre.


    Grips on triggers are nice, never had an issue with grip on regular ones but these feel good. Nice tactile feel.


    Touchpad is an improvement, I use it in GT7 to show or hide my ghost mid race as an example and the button press feels and works better.


    The convex/dome analogue sticks feel great with GT7, can be more precise with control.


    Menus and customisation are easy to follow and plentiful.

  2. 1 hour ago, Strafe said:

    You get 1 year in the UK by law, don’t you? 2 years when we were in the EU. I might be wrong.


    I'm not sure if anyone has made a claim against this as I was surprised also but if you have a look on their website it states 180 day warranty in the UK - IIRC it was only 90 days when I got mine for the PS4 back in 2015 ish.


    Just as a cost comparison also I'm sure I paid £160 - whatever that is adjusted for inflation the Edge isn't too bad as it will definitely be better quality and has much more features. 

  3. There is a lot being said regarding the ability to replace the analogue sticks. Mainly criticism. 

    One point i’d make, if you have ever had a scuf controller or even the Xbox Elite pads. They haven't been reliable. But worst of all they all shipped with a 90 or 180 day warranty. Yes not even 1 year warranty. (Microsoft has now put a 1 year on the series 2 pad)

    My scuf analogue sticks wore down so fast, the paddles constantly breaking and had to be replaced. All out of my own pocket. 

    My Elite pads have been good except my series 2 the rubber cover on the trigger adjustment has came off leaving a really sharp plastic nub. It is now outwith warranty.


    In 366 days (if Sony offers one year warranty) you could be out of pocket another £210 or have a paperweight if you get stick drift. I feel like the ability to replace is great but only after the warranty period.


    None of which justifies the cost of entry mind you. The core Xbox Elite Series 2 is an absolute bargain in comparison.

  4. 1 hour ago, Capwn said:

    My original pads from PS5 launch honestly last about 60/90mins now. It's ridiculous. I should disable haptics and only enable when there is a game that justifies them, which is about one game a year at most.

    Is that at the point you get the notification to charge, where the empty battery symbol is flashing?


    Mines seems to last another 90mins when this happens. I really believe they could adjust the point it tells you to charge, it feels like it kicks in when the controller still has 30-40% charge but the graphic says its empty.


    My Edge also hasn't arrived, shipped but DPD haven’t received it. Like many others.

  5. 11 minutes ago, Thor said:


    Skyrim is surprisingly fantastic in VR, but we likely won't see that on PSVR2 (would fucking love to be proved wrong). 


    Let’s hope it was already agreed before the Microsoft buyout as I’ve never played it but always thought it looked decent.


    I’ve bought Skyrim 3 different times (360, Switch, PC) a 4th in VR would be my last time surely?

  6. 8 hours ago, Mogster said:

    There's a much bigger mystery than Outrun. On the bottom of the Steam Deck case there's a thick elastic band, covering a recess, containing an empty drawstring pouch.


    WHAT'S IT FOR????


    The best explanation I have is that it's for the charger, but if so there's no way I can see to make it fit flush with the bottom of the case.


    That's exactly what it is for but it is designed for the US plug and not the UK plug.

  7. 25 minutes ago, Harrisown said:

    Did the first lot again last night and managed to get A on all of them apart from the last one where there is a turn from North to South and climb to 6,000.

    I swear to fecking god I had a perfectly awesome flight worthy of a low A but it was barely a B. Not sure what you else you expect me to do flight simulator ! What is it you want from me! I’m on a god damn controller!


    It just doesn't work at all for me. On the first one after I have done everything it stops giving me any instructions after telling me to play about with the camera again. Then on the basic flight controls one it asks me to pitch using the left analogue stick to lift the plane and it refuses to recognise that I am doing it even though on screen and in game I am actually doing it. So confusing.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Butters said:

    But none of that is layers @BarryL85. That's just "They didnae get shouted at so why are we?"


    Rangers won the title for the first time in a long time. I completely get the need to celebrate. Just not the need to trash the place, start fights and shout various types of abuse at those nearby.


    I'm not condoning it for Scotland fans or any other type of fans. It shouldn't happen, full stop. There isn't a justification.


    Firstly let me offer up my opinion on the events, the fighting and trouble was disgusting and it shouldn't happen. The whole "trash the place", there was litter on the ground after it, just like any other mass gathering whether organised or not. It barely makes the front page if it's anybody else. There was other mass gatherings on the lead up to and even the very day after the Rangers fans gathered but nothing was mentioned about it.


    It's far from the finished article. There are many layers of predetermined behaviour that was ready to be deployed for the day Rangers lifted the trophy. The entire argument that it was a sectarion, anti-irish, anti-catholic march is disgusting. Theres no evidence of this, no proof, no arrests for it and yet it has been portrayed as fact by the government and the media.


    Rangers FC were criticised wrongly for not contributing enough to the events that unfolded. When in fact they had opened up a dialog with the police and the SNP administration leading up to the 15th May. They offered to allow 10k fans into the ground to take them off of the streets as a solution. It was rubbished and ignored as a solution because of COVID when literally days later there was fan zones set up for the euros. 


    Even things like the (ex) Justice Minister himself and an elected official stirring up the same sectarian rhetoric about a fake tiktok video. The JM actually said the players should be removed from the club. Really? This was headline news. 


    The police confirmed there was no criminality found after investigation but no no no, not good enough they had to confirm it was fake which they did because an SNP elected official actually submitted a freedom of information act request. Hilarious. Even the Scottish Conservatives had something to say on the matter afterwards. 



    I'm going to just leave it here as I don't see anyone caring and to be honest I didn't really want to get into it all on here but I could see some prejudices in the responses when I mentioned Rangers in here. I was just wanting to see if anybody had saw the Rangers - Real Madrid game.


  9. These headlines are 17 days apart. Sturgeon or her administration did not condemn the behaviour of the Scotland fans or raise any issues of sectarian behaviour of the Scotland fans during their travels despite many pro-IRA and anti-English chants being well documented.





    Some examples....




    And lets not forget there was no immediate COVID spikes because of the Rangers fans gathering  but lets look at the euros....


    The FM decided to speak out about it all after she and her government were accused of hypocrisy...https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/7328227/nicola-sturgeon-tartan-army-rangers-anti-catholic/


    She said the issue with Rangers gatherings were to do with the damage caused (again ignoring the damage caused by the Tartan Army) and also Anti-Catholic abuse....


    Well now here is two separate FOI requests made to police Scotland which completely contradict the vile rhetoric she spews...



    Nicola Sturgeon also never misses an opportunity to promote anything positive about Scotland, how about the 2021 worlds strongest man being Scottish and a proud one at that? Well she has never once mentioned it, unfortunately for Tom Stoltman he wears the wrong jersey...



    And that's where I will leave it for now. Next up i'll dive deeper into the SNP's demand for sectarianism outstripping the supply as the are desperate to drive division within Scotland.


  10. 35 minutes ago, Dudley said:


    There is so many layers to this that is not understood by many outwith Scotland, don't believe everything you read in the paper 😂



    Not to mention just days later...... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-9627549/Manchester-City-Chelsea-fans-involved-violent-clashes-Porto-police-other.html

  11. 3 minutes ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

    I saw that one player with the best name ever scored his first goal.


    Fashion Sakala 😂 It is a good name. Really looks promising, was his first start for the club and to score against Real Madrid (albeit a friendly) will have done his confidence wonders.

  12. Surprised not to see a mention of the Rangers vs Real Madrid friendly, what a game. (for Rangers anyway) 


    I know it will be a minority on here with it being Scottish football but since it was Madrid I expected some to have watched.

  13. 7 hours ago, Lyrical Donut said:

    I put in a deposit today for a 512Gb thinger. Q3 2022. Plenty of time to see impressions and decide whether to pull the trigger or not.


      Hide contents

    Gutted I wasn't part of the hype / DDoSing Steam's servers / getting an earlier allocation yesterday, tbh



    Welcome aboard.


    It was exhilarating, my wife left the room and was wondering who Gabecunt was. 


    Steam have shafted me because I used my steam wallet. My preorder went to pending having fully completed the checkout at 18:01, my place in the queue is when the order was confirmed (19:17) Q2 2022.


    Hoping enough people cancel to bump me into Q1.

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