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  1. Google Yeah I mean there are differences, Bungie helped design the DS4 and i'd imagine thats why it was very Xbox like, designed more for FPS games. It's the reason I was very drawn to the DS4 over XB1 controller, I loved the 360 pad and I could tell the DS4 was more of a successor to that than the XB1 pad. Everything minus the asymmetrical sticks that is. Also I do appreciate it's very subjective, what works for one and all that.
  2. The Dual Shock 4 was literally Xbox 360 pad shaped.
  3. I just never find this to be a valid argument of old gen vs next gen at all. Also i'm not sure how many new game engines are available to make a "true next gen game" just yet. Also games are usually developed to be scalable, the PS5 version of Spiderman cannot run on the PS4 because it doesn't have the hardware to do so, so this reasoning does make it a next gen game. To break it down further, the PS5 and XSX are not nearly as powerful as the most powerful gaming PC you can build but nobody makes exclusive games for the PC's with those capabilities. So what is next gen? It is quite simply more powerful hardware than last gen. Of course in time we will see games built from the ground up for the PS5 but whilst there are 115 million PS4's out there, Sony will be happy that there is a PS4 scaled version of Spiderman in order to sell it to those owners not able or prepared to upgrade just yet. This is exactly the reason Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed, they are struggling to make the game playable on current gen but they obviously don't want to miss out on the sales that those old systems will offer. What gen is Cyberpunk 2077, old gen or next gen? Lastly going by your definition of a "true next gen game" - it would be Astro's Playroom (but even that will most likely be using Astrobot's PS4 game engine). Then if that fits your catrgorising method ask yourself what looks more impressive visually, Astro's Playroom "true next gen" or Spiderman Miles Morales PS5.
  4. You will possibly find the same last gen games load times are comparitively similar on PS5 & XSX without patches.
  5. What a curious question. Both Spiderman (original and MM) games are cross gen but the PS5 versions are the next gen version. I have to ask though what do you consider a true next gen game?
  6. The Xbox 360 core was like £210 as well.
  7. He has saw the size/weight of the PS5 boxes in the warehouse for delivery on the 19th.
  8. Higher framerate at lower resolutions like 1080p is a CPU intensive task. So a more powerful CPU will be of benefit here. High resolution is GPU intensive. The One X had a 6tflop GPU but had a crap CPU so could hit high resolution but was never suited for high framerates.
  9. The One X doesn't have the CPU for that. It's big GPU is the reason it can get most games at or near 4k.
  10. And another, except this was direct from Microsoft !! (Portugal though).
  11. There has been a lot of people had issues with buying codes off of them (CD Keys) since the first lockdown. Not sending codes, refusing refunds etc. Takes away the trust in them I once had. I don't mind if a supplier has issues it happens on occasion as long as they show competence in fixing/resolving the situation.
  12. Shopto sell them and i'd advise anyone who wants to do the same thing to buy from there.
  13. Thanks @Wahwah*. Kinda sucks I can't browse for new purchases but thanks for the link to see my purchase history
  14. Yeah sorry I should have started my last post by saying I don't doubt that it happens . I'll be honest though and have said so before (please ignore the fact we are in a pandemic this year). Always found buying the console in store just easier than online. At least you can physically queue for preorders when it comes to allocation concerns and you are not in a trance on the courier app waiting for shipping progress updates on the day of release. You can casually stroll in at a time that suits to get your console. My XSX is being delivered by Amazon this year as i was fearful of a second lockdown ruining launch day, how i predicted that i'll never know (although I am in Scotland so not happened here yet). Fingers crossed theres no issue on the day now with delivery. My PS5 on the other hand will be an in store collection at GAME and am hoping that goes smoothly.
  15. I'm not very well versed in the Xbox world, (even though I had a one and one x this gen) can you browse the store on your phone to buy games etc like you can do with PlayStation? I was looking to possibly see my history on digital purchases and see what some 360 game prices might be if you can do that also.
  16. I have bought my consoles at GAME mainly midnight launches for years and this has never happened. They have offered bundles but never forced them. This on the other hand is annoying, also try to sell you on the monthly GAME Elite subscription or whatever it is.
  17. I mean I totally agree after horror stories i've heard over the years but guess where my X is coming from They were the only place I tried on preorder day not to suffer from downtime from too much traffic. Also you have to think of your chances better as they must surely get masses of allocation compared to others too.
  18. Seems most likely to be fake or misunderstood. People getting emails about games and accessories shipping on the 12th when they were expecting them to come on the 19th along with the console. This possibly jumping to conclusion the console is coming on the 12th too.
  19. Do a kickflip on 20th Nov. Tony Hawks? Am I asking for too much?
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