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  1. Makes a lot more sense now as to why it would be difficult to make happen ! Thanks
  2. Could someone kindly explain why consoles struggle to be or aren't backwards compatible or what causes the issue for consoles to not play older gen games? This is definitely something i've never been able to get my head around as I would always have assumed it was software rather than hardware that caused the issue?
  3. Sure is ! And yeah probably, always been one of my pet hates!!
  4. I laughed when he tried to shoot through the ladder then had to step to the side, even some games today still have this issue.
  5. Is it known as being one 640GB HDD as technically it could be running 2 x 320GB HDD's at less cost. To be honest I was only expecting it to be 320GB anyway so if it is 640GB thats great.
  6. I'd be happy if the new consoles are capable of 1080p @ 60fps without issues. What that also means is I wont have to splash out on a 4k TV as a must have
  7. Thank you !! That's the answer I was hoping for ! Although i've lost all my stuff
  8. Need to ask something to those who have done the london tower bit...............
  9. But that's the thing your only taking into account games which require the use of that stick primarily - the secondary analogue stick isn't always used unlike the primary one. Some games do not require the secondary one. This will be the reason the buttons (A,B,X,Y) remain in the more ergonomic position. I have a Wii U and they chose to place the two analogue sticks in the "prime" position and although it works, for me the secondary analogue stick and action buttons should be swapped around to make it a better controller.
  10. Yes like the 360 but you assume wrong. (care to explain why you assume i'm some kind of COD player? you are obviously extremely wise - do entertain us all with a response). For the last 10(ish) years of gaming the analogue stick has been the primary control stick for movement in every game - not the d-pad, so the Xbox 360 pad is a good example of how a pad should be. The D-Pad has evolved into an item selection tool or shortcut buttons for many things in games. The Gamecube and Dreamcast controllers also had the analogue stick in the most comfortable/natural position as its the primary control for movement.
  11. Left analogue stick should be where the d-pad is
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