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  1. I missed out completely on the PS4/One era mainly due to arcade games and then having a gaming PC. Decided to strip back and got rid of the gaming PC as found I was always in the office messing about with it rather than with the family, so... I own a Switch and initially picked up a PS5 and promptly sold it about 2 months after. Picked up an S and loved it. Upgraded to a Series X and just got the Halo console from MS last week. Also picked up a PS5 (again) from Very at a similar time. I now use my Series X as my go to console for day to day play, mainly as anything multi platform is usually infinitely cheaper on Xbox. I must confess to preferring the exclusives on PS5; I platinumed Miles Morales and will do the same with Rift Apart. I'm also enjoying the PS4 exclusives I never played. Series X is great for the back catalogue of 360 titles I owned digitally and Game Pass is insane value. Luckily I don't have to choose as there are pros and cons to both. I find the Series UI's cluttered compared to the PS5. I also find Quick Resume hit and miss especially with RDR2. Also the PS5 controller is infinitely better. I think the Series X has a better design and a better overall library of games and Game Pass is a game changer (pardon the pun). I also think it's quieter and the back compat aspect is excellent. I also think having Dolby Vision and support Atmos is a smart move....just add it to the UHD Blu-ray movie side of things! Owning and using both I don't think there is a clear winner. I probably use my PS5 less, but when I do play it I tend to get far more involved with the games I do play. Arguably though this is because I find Game Pass encourages a less focused experience in terms of finishing or playing just one game. What is interesting is as a huge Nintendo fan boy I've all but given up on the Switch and just gone back to Super Famicom. The lack of 4K on the Switch was never a bother until I owned an OLED and the two newest consoles, now comparatively the Switch looks awful. It also lacks a feature set compared to the other two and running an Atmos home theatre system, the Switch also brings nothing sonically to the mix. As such, my once much-loved loved Switch just sits gathering dust until the other half wants to play New Horizons. I also think other than a handful of titles (and again, I am - in my heart - a die hard Nintendo fan) the Switch has little of interest when compared to the two newbies. I'm hoping Nintendo's next console will win me back.
  2. A nice 3 released today for CPS II Marvel Superheroes is a big fave of mine.
  3. I count myself incredibly lucky to have met Doom once and chatted to him several time before he 'blew up'. A proper funny guy and KMD will always be the greatest hip hop group ever.
  4. I just sold a full size one. Not sure this would be a great replacement.
  5. Virtua Cop (1) House of the Dead 2 Time Crisis 2 Dead Storm Pirates Ghost Squad (arcade)
  6. Discs need to be ripped to .Iso mate - although newer revision do support .Wbfs. My Wii has sat gathering dust in the corner since I built my Dolphin P.C a year or two ago, shows us all what Ninty could have done if it would have pulled its HD finger out. Mario Galaxy on my 70" projector screen at 1080p running at 60fps (almost 100% of the time!) is a thing of beauty. That said one or two games have issues, F-Zero GC is a mare to run and Twin Snakes has glitches and issues.
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