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  1. I count myself incredibly lucky to have met Doom once and chatted to him several time before he 'blew up'. A proper funny guy and KMD will always be the greatest hip hop group ever. 

  2. Can you play gamecube discs on dolphin? I want to play eternal darkness

    Discs need to be ripped to .Iso mate - although newer revision do support .Wbfs.

    My Wii has sat gathering dust in the corner since I built my Dolphin P.C a year or two ago, shows us all what Ninty could have done if it would have pulled its HD finger out. Mario Galaxy on my 70" projector screen at 1080p running at 60fps (almost 100% of the time!) is a thing of beauty. That said one or two games have issues, F-Zero GC is a mare to run and Twin Snakes has glitches and issues.

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