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  1. It is what it is I'd say.
  2. I'd pay good money for a proper HDised Xenoblade. If this is the same set-up, large open areas etc... I'll be on it like a tramp on chips.
  3. Sygnar

    The Cave

    eShop front page is now updated with The Cave, Balloon Fight and Nintendo Direct links.
  4. It also seems pretty close to completion with in-game shots and footage. The image on the splash screen is also surely Shulk, so most likely a direct sequel to Chronicles, no?
  5. I'm glad that we finally have confirmation on the Wii U Virtual Console after so much speculation. With or without the missing dungeons, an updated WW is such an announcement to make to strengthen the Wii U's reputation.
  6. Holy shit! Imagine if they put the missing dungeons back in Also, sequel to Xenoblade! Finally, an amazing Nintendo Direct announcement.
  7. I've had a similar amount roaming around. I always get excited when I see one of you guys though, it means a sudden influx of tasty supplies are going to head my way! Having said that, I nearly cried when my 4hr+ survivor perished in the catacombs the other day. She was carrying my shottie, assault rifle, carbine and several molotovs and grenades. I went to 'liberate' her with a new survivorand promptly fell into the 'pit of doom' and was eaten, thus losing all my belongings.
  8. Sygnar

    The Cave

    Chalk me up as another very interested party for this.
  9. Hooray for Retro City Rampage! I've been putting off getting it on Steam or 360 in order to dust off my unloved Vita, and after a brief play it is everything I anticipated. Good times.
  10. Just had a quick try. Played through the rather comprehensive and useful tutorial and then hopped into the campaign. Played the first mission, the same one as Joffo above, and was really pleased with how solid it feels. Then had a one vs one multiplayer fight versus a guy playing as Bayonetta and beat him three rounds to one. Well worth the £20 it cost, though I feel that it needs more players if it is to really shine.
  11. Just picked this up on PS3. I'll be available later for some online punchiness should anyone want to kick me in the face.
  12. I'm another 'play until halfway through' Pokemon player (except for the original Blue) but the prospect of a proper 3D (in both respects) game has me salivating. It has taken a very long time for the series to 'evolve' (sorry), and, while I hoped for a Wii U title as well, this is very good news for Nintendo.
  13. Sygnar

    Nintendo Wii U

    Long time lurker here who has just set up his Wii U. I've added myself to the spreadsheet so feel free to add me. Ta.
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