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  1. Episode 127 The Nein attempt a quick heist for items to conceal themselves from the Nine Eyes.. Things get quite dark.. Also new website for the board game spin offs..
  2. Having all these announced within the last week feels like someone has been reading my mind..
  3. She's looking better than when we last saw her.. hope she's not the major player in that follow-on! <j'accuse.gif>
  4. The now veteran Sunday night players only ~just~ survived their very first session after all stacking it badly on a slippery path..
  5. That's overstating my ability slightly.. - I've edited some existing tokens to make them more appropriate to the character.. What I have been using recently is a custom 3d miniature designer: Heroforge to do new versions of the characters from the Sunday night campaign.. If you're subscribed, it lets you output nice clean versions of the designs that can be used for portraits, counters or top down versions which look nice in Roll20 etc.. plus it can be more immersive to have a nice portrayal of your character.. Gazes At Weasels (Tabaxi, Fight
  6. Cheers! I've got some Citadel Paints washes (Nuln Oil black etc), presume that should do the job..
  7. The first episode of this screened last night.. general opinion seems to have been overwhelmingly positive and that it feels and looks to be a step up from the rest of the Arrowverse shows.. at least so far..
  8. Got my first kit to do over the half-term break.. Not a gunpla per se, but essentially the same type of kit.. was a pleasant couple of afternoons putting it together and applying many ~tiny~ stickers.. (fortunately I found out that the sword blade was excellent to use for that..) Only seems to be the scabbards that needed a spot of glue to stop them separating when the swords are removed.. everything else seems to have snapped together tightly enough that I've no worries about anything detaching..
  9. Episode 126 The Nein continue to seek resources for the confrontation at Aeor but time is made for a matter of the heart..
  10. Sorry if I missed it, but did we get an idea how big of a Dragon Argynvost was in terms of size before he human-ed? E.g. what kind of space he'd need to be able to comfortably revert..
  11. Diablo one-shot from Blizzcon.. And these too..
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