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  1. Was someone trying to contact me?
  2. Hey all, elmo and I are having a clan match tonight and we're a member down so if any one wants to fill the space let us know and i'll get it sorted. The game will be from 8 so come join the wounce lot for an evening of shooting and death! Peas MeCCa
  3. Mario Twins rocked "I ask one of them if they want icecream - both of dem say yes! How in da hell" Salad fingers is just messed up "Rusty spoons" Shudder!
  4. Check out the Jazz Cafe website, i just saw Ugly Duclking, Rodney P and Aphletik down there on monday and it was an awesome night! Peas MeC
  5. MeCCa

    Burnout 3

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! Ha ha ha Only joking B's cool come join our rooms they're much more fun and DavidB'll probably come over if no one's in his room! w00t! MeCCa
  6. MeCCa


    Agreed Track 11 - 'Ancestors' Can anyone explain? Actually don't!
  7. MeCCa


    Agreed... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Nick was (is?) the best thing in My Family the dad comes a close second!
  9. It's just bad telly! Some woman was on there last night getting her titties out as she had a boob-job, she still look like some one had run over face with that big machine thingy out of Roger Rabbit!
  10. MeCCa

    Jack johnson

    I just picked up On & On from my local music outlet after downloading some of his stuff the other day after a friend recommended him to me. He's super chilled acoustified mother! If you like him check out Ani DiFranco The rightous babe! (also the woman in my avatar!) MeCCa
  11. Sweet i'll be checking that out as i'm home! Thanks Strawp. P.s, been reading some of your stuff on the UD forum aswell! MeCCa
  12. Manualy Dexterity is a De Facto song and De Facto is a dub band/MV side project that IMO are fantastic. Trying to find De Facto mp3s is a chore but this sounds very interesting. I'll be watching this one!
  13. MeCCa

    Coheed And Cambria

    I Love the singers voice from C&C and i love the fact that he's a big afro rocking son of a bitch! Rock \m/
  14. idiwa, it's gonna be repeated on BBC Four on Tuesday 7th September at 12.20am. Well worth watching all the way through, i'm wathcining it again as i missed the first 10 mins or so.
  15. He was there from November 03 til the begining of 04. In a BBC interview he said:
  16. Did anyone see this last night? It was an emotional documentary about the Resistance in Iraq 7 months after George Bush and Tony Blair claimed that the war was over, when it clearly wasn't. An amazing piece of journalism. More to read here.
  17. We'll have to give it a go! Pop MeC
  18. Is that what you were using last then?
  19. Think again! Once elmo, DavidB and myself get together it'll be nothing but an annoying noisey mess! Parp x
  20. You and your Ras-Clart grenades. No! There are no new grenades! Jeez
  21. Yes Jonny!! Choo Da Man!!!!1 I'll send you an invite and recruit you aswell! Bring it! x MeC
  22. It soo fresh sladie you bumpkin! x
  23. Syntax about the logo It's plain and simple because DavidB was moaning that whatever he would do someone would moan about the colours or the shape or blah blah blah. So its a sheild half blue and half white, like the forum colours. By the by one clan is the best idea, we doing 4 on 4 last night it was ace! x MeC
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