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  1. I'm picking mine up at about 3pm-ish, any one gonna be on? If so PM me. Word! MeC x
  2. MeCCa

    Bjork - Medulla

    I'm with hub, But i'm slighty leaning more towards Vespertine! If you can DL or Torrent any of her live shows whether it be at a concert of off Larry King or something it's mind blowing! x
  3. I saw the Hi-Tek album Hi-Teknology in HMV on me lunch break £4.99 Whats it like Worth my time & money?
  4. MeCCa


    He's also the producer behind Madvillian (MF Doom & Madlib). The Madvilliany album is real fresh. This Shades Of Blue album is on the shopping list.
  5. Taken from anysonglyric.com "Baby cakes You just don't know, know How I I I like it down low And I just want you to know That I think I love will grow Will take it step by step Because I'm not something you own [x2]" WTF! You got to be wacked off your neck on russell dust to listen to this pap!
  6. Just watched it also. Fucking love that shit!
  7. DL'd it the other night, Watched it loved it. Orwells 1984 meets demolition man
  8. I picked up the Paul Nice Mixtape today. Anyone got any thing to say on it? Also picked up Tipping point at long last! MeCCa.
  9. MeCCa

    DJ Shadow DVD

    Anyone seen this yet? It's blinding, the man recreating his tracks live on stage using 2 Pioneer CDJ 1000 MKII's, 2 Technics 1200, some random Pioneer effects unit and an MPC Sampler. All this accompanied by super cool visual on three huge screens playing behind him. A must see. Now all I need is RJD2 to bring out a full length DVD.
  10. MeCCa

    Remix to order

    I'll take a stab at it? Mail us the tracks mate! MeCCa x
  11. This month check out: Mike Boo Ricci Rucker Dj Toadstyles & Excess. Most of which can be found at either asisphonics.net or soundincolor.com Peas
  12. Aye, Twas great stuff - i mean a 13 year old with a tattoo of a mermaid called Petunia (sp?) that looked like she was swimming when he wriggled his wrist. ARGH!1 I want it now!
  13. Any of the PUTS (People Under The Stairs) albums are real cool if you're looking for possitive lyrics, awesome beats with a sprinkle of funk! x
  14. MeCCa


    I'll have to give it a listen, I've heard very little from Madlib, any tracks that i should hear/search for? MeCCa x
  15. You like what you like and that what its all about! Don't get me wrong Shadow's cool but if I had the choice between the 2 to listen to then it would be RJD2 fo' sho' x
  16. Wrong... ... sorry cal x
  17. I've just bought the "Since we last spoke" album by RJD2 and i'm blown away. I love this guy. Check him out. What are your thoughts? MeCCa
  18. Choo sir are the cunt! Hello! x
  19. Here you go Mini Hitch Oh and look at Hitcher coming through the door Wow he looks mad! Run away!
  20. Awww sorry guy here's you how freaky is that!
  21. I'm a take you down like a clown charlie brown bustin' though chinatown on an ugly womans frown and then eat you! x
  22. I'm off out tonight but i'll be on later when i get back! you guys are going down or up which ever's funnier
  23. Only if you are a true entity of you natural tree like self eating your way though convenient stores and 'Happy'fied 'Meals' and such! Enjoy the ride junior! Lots of funk MeCCa x p.s elmo is a figment of your imagination don't anger him!
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