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  1. Am I right in think that the only way to get the promotional extras DVD is to buy the box set..... ...even tho i already have the other 3 series? xparpx
  2. "I think that's the disc full of the extras." Can any one confirm this?
  3. MeCCa


    Spaced is one of the most brilliant pices of British comedy within the last 5 years. Cant wait for Shaun Of The Dead and series 3. Daisy - "Your up early" Tim - "I've not been to bed, me and Mike went to the pub and bought aload of cheap speed of these two Scotish bloke, they were soo nice we thought if we refused they'd beat our heads in with snooker cues!" Brillance
  4. MeCCa

    Xbox Live 3.0

    Halo2 clan i'm down like a clown charlie brownnnnn.
  5. mE? Hello / goodbye! praise my cupboard!
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