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  1. Loki.7

    NIOH 2

    Worth getting if I've not played the first?
  2. Alex the kid on the saga master system. The graphics and fast load times blew me away as a kid.
  3. Loki.7

    New Ps4 Game....

    @jonamok Sekiro is a great game
  4. Loki.7

    New Ps4 Game....

    Played days gone.... hmmm maybe spider man or God of war.
  5. Loki.7

    New Ps4 Game....

    I think I will stay away from that grooming post....
  6. Loki.7

    New Ps4 Game....

    Finished it. Not a bad game.
  7. Loki.7

    New Ps4 Game....

    Too old for a nintendo switch. Ps4 games I'm looking for.
  8. Loki.7

    New Ps4 Game....

    Maybe if I were 5 years old. May as well get a switch to go along with it....
  9. Loki.7

    New Ps4 Game....

    Knack looks like a child's game. I've already completed bloodborne a few times. Didn't like the first dishonored, so the second will probably disappoint me. Any other suggestions?
  10. Nice.... you get to bang many customers?
  11. Nice set of guns. How much did you bench press back in the day?
  12. What do you recommend I play next?
  13. I personally wouldn't put myself in that situation for the sake of cheap cinema tickets. Unless that's your kink...
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