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  1. How do you get perks from compnions? Ive been using dogmeat all the time.
  2. Hello, Im thinking of getting this game. Do you have any recommendations about getting the best price? normal version or game of the year? Also any tips for a start up player? Thank you.
  3. Good call on Streets of Rage, that music is top quality Im losing my favourite game Cracking the case in 30 seconds The final hours of my life
  4. Im saving to get Three Little Words and a 331 Vanquisher. But I would like another Suros Regime and Icebreaker. Ive never really done the raid, so id like a Vision of Confluence and a Vex Mythoclast please.
  5. I wouldnt put it past them charging £50 for it though.
  6. That Comet box on the leak, would that not be Destiny 2? Also the season pass only gets you the first 2 DLC packs right?
  7. I can still buy stuff from the crucible and vanguard quarterasters yes. But they dont have the dark below "tick box"
  8. All the Xur stuff today has a the dark below tick box. Does that mean that if you havent bought the DLC you cant buy anything?
  9. Its ok now. I had just before downloaded the Halo5 beta and a patch for Ass Creed, so i expect it was something to do with that.
  10. I just got a 76mb patch (xbone).
  11. For Mask of the Third Man hunter exotic helmet, what does "Arc blade attacks use less super energy" actually do? I dont really notice the difference in terms of the arc blade lasting significantly longer.
  12. For Xylor the unwed can you stay in the first phogath room and chip away at him (to 1/4 health?) until the drop ships come?
  13. Why not give it a go - Open up the core skills; bubble, punch and grenade or what ever it is, then see how you like it.
  14. If youre overlevelled compared to the enemies, do you get any damage reduction? Because Ive noticed that level 1 mobs on earth patrol were doing a hell of alot more damage to my level 29s recently.
  15. I thought he just sold a general exotic upgrade rather than a specific one?
  16. Has bungie said what its doing with existing legendary armours and weapons? Is there going to be an upgrade system similar to the exotics or will my shadow price be obsolete? On the bungie update there was this; Ive got a dead orbit heavy, but ive got a feeling its going to be worthless after Tuesday.
  17. I got another mida multi tool from a tiger strike last night. Good scout rifle. Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a pattern/reward mechanic as to what governs getting an exotic? In that strike I was top of the leaderboard with twice as many kills as the second player, the third player quit early. I got my other mida multi tool from a crucible match where i got a K/D ratio of about 3:1 and as many assists as i had kills (15), and the only other exotic drop i saw was for a guy who had a ratio of about 6:1. To me it does seem that If you do something either outstanding or in the face of adversity the game will reward you. Having said that I do remember one guy getting a lastword for joining late and getting a sub 1 K/D.
  18. Presumebly youve got all purple armour. Do the daily story to try to get an scendant shards. Google destiny events to do a public event - this may give you a shard there and one in the mail. Try the weekly at a lower level to build up strange coins and get a yellow armour from xur one friday- google the armour and be picky which one you take. Use your shards to slowly level up the good armour you do have. Try tiger strikes. Be patient and you will get there.
  19. What are the best exotic armours to buy from xur? Im tempted by the sunbreakers and the mask of the third man. EDIT: I mean any armours that he sells, not just the ones hes got now
  20. What is the one that can throw about 3 grenades at once?
  21. Anyone want to do the weekly nightfall? Ive just levelled up my hunter to 28 and have a couple of void weapons i can use. Xbox one.
  22. Is the xbox expansion half price of the PS expansion?
  23. You get very good accuracy with the suros regime anyway
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