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  1. GinzaUK

    PES 2008

    How is the demo of this? Not got internet at Uni yet to check it out myself.
  2. Twas not actually Ikea... twas Argos... although maybe they are the same big company? Or maybe im talking shit XD Im glad you liked it though, i shall pass on all compliments!

  3. That was an Ikea mirror wasn't it? My eyes were mesmerised by it's familiar curves.

  4. Ricky Gervais at the Diana Concert. Did I hear a pin dropping?
  5. What has the world come to. I'm sitting here looking at my computer screen laughing my head off at a Nintendo Wii dummy box art. This is the future.
  6. Sorry for the lateness, can I add my name to this at all? Cheers.
  7. GinzaUK


    Have you got an archive anywhere of all your old episodes? Downloadage.
  8. Not much of a setup but more of a wall.. heh. Me - About 10 minutes ago. I won aswell. Amazing huh.
  9. You're clothed though layte.. so you fail at your own failings!
  10. GinzaUK


    Adebayor and Fabregas. The future.
  11. They could have done a lot more with this.. some flash memory, a bit more thought would have gone a long way.. I just cant see the differences from PSP Old to PSP New barring a few mm thickness shaved off here and there.. Should have just called it PSP Slim too.. </bitter>
  12. Torres should have started on his form, no doubt about that.
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