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    PES 2008

    How is the demo of this? Not got internet at Uni yet to check it out myself.
  2. That was an Ikea mirror wasn't it? My eyes were mesmerised by it's familiar curves.

  3. Ricky Gervais at the Diana Concert. Did I hear a pin dropping?
  4. What has the world come to. I'm sitting here looking at my computer screen laughing my head off at a Nintendo Wii dummy box art. This is the future.
  5. Sorry for the lateness, can I add my name to this at all? Cheers.
  6. GinzaUK


    Have you got an archive anywhere of all your old episodes? Downloadage.
  7. Not much of a setup but more of a wall.. heh. Me - About 10 minutes ago. I won aswell. Amazing huh.
  8. You're clothed though layte.. so you fail at your own failings!
  9. GinzaUK


    Adebayor and Fabregas. The future.
  10. They could have done a lot more with this.. some flash memory, a bit more thought would have gone a long way.. I just cant see the differences from PSP Old to PSP New barring a few mm thickness shaved off here and there.. Should have just called it PSP Slim too.. </bitter>
  11. Torres should have started on his form, no doubt about that.
  12. Anneke went. But she wanted to. So did everyone else.
  13. Think the terms were shirtlifter.. good as you.. your kind of people.. so basically yeah.
  14. Fuck me, everyone's still buying a Wii. I thought people would have got bored by now. I'm astonished yet immensely proud of it's success.. Who would have thought it that Wii would be on 11m sales global with the PS3 at shy of 4.5m? Not I. (Wii owner, but not played it in months due to getting bored too quickly in Wii games)
  15. Sorry to resurrect a relatively old thread, and I'm sure this has been answered but is the japanese prohibitive in playing the game? I've just got Phoenix 3 from Play-Asia and the english option on that is brilliant.. Anything similar with Ouendan 2? Cheers.
  16. A six page thread dedicated to her - http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=948137 News that she isnt going to be around long - http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/soaps/a64894/n...ract-short.html
  17. If Jim's career wasnt over before it almost certainly is now. Train wreck TV. ITV had to intervene and ask him to leave..
  18. GinzaUK

    $400 PS3 rumour

    No card readers and no wifi and whatever it needs to be taken out and yeah without a shadow of a doubt I'd probably pick one up just for a cheap Blu Ray Player. $400? That would equate to £249 in an ideal world? Wishful thinking? A £249 PS3 would absolutely kill it at Christmas guaranteed.
  19. Trading Places just needs to be seen.. again. Looking forward to it.
  20. This arrived today from VG+ this morning and it has been given a good amount of play time today before I write this. As a Wii exclusive this is showing the way EA are focusing themselves with the creation of a new casual gamers house which will see a lot of dev time created to the Wii. This isn't going to win any awards for its longevity but its definitely a pick up and play game. It doesn't have a deep story line yet it does have an addictive quality to it. Before I start with some impressions this game goes absolutely hand in hand with the Wii. It's going to make an absolute killing here, tapping in to everyone who is buying a Wii. I hope there's going to be a Wii Boogie bundle because everyone that has a Wii has to at least give this a go. Think of the popularity of Singstar, then make it more interactive using the Wii remote and you have Boogie. A tried and tested formula, given a few bells and whistles and here we are. The game from the US came in a large cardboard box, similar to dummy display boxes you may see in stores. It housed the microphone that comes included and the game which is as usual in a game case with instructions etc. The microphone incidentally is made by Logitech and has a great build quality and feel to it. You plug the microphone in to one of the USB ports on the Wii and you're away.. You start by going through the tutorial which you instantly can't stop grinning while doing so. It's a great feel good game, a fun game, a family game. A game that is fun to play on your own but even better with friends / family. There's always that competitive edge to games like this where you want to sing more in tune and dance with more rhythm than anyone you are playing against. You then proceed after the tutorial with making your own character, it's all customisable so it can be basically you in the game. It's incredibly easy to start with, needing 100,000 to proceed to the next level and I was frequently getting 6-700,000. Easy is exactly what it says on the tin.. very, very easy. There are however Medium and Hard difficulty settings which ramps up the speed and skill required somewhat. After you've got the gist of the game after one or two dances etc it's a lot deeper than you think.. there's lots of different dance combos you can do, you get the most points for original combos and dont get many points for simply doing the same move over and over. For me I find the singing more enjoyable than the dancing but thats because the singing is more instantly rewarding, should spend some time on the dancing to learn all the combos etc. The songs that they've chosen are pretty brilliant.. All the songs make you get up and belt them out, smiling throughout.. and I don't even like singing! You've got a few Jamiroquai songs, Jackson 5, Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Mambo No 5, YMCA.. all the classic cheese! Loads of songs that are locked which you have to go through the story to get etc, plenty of replay time in this.. I can see this proving to be excellent when going back to Uni and having everyone do a sing off to see who gets the next round in ! Would recommend people to give it a go after reading some hugely negative and unfavourable reviews. IGN slated it.. It's got some great potential.
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