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  1. Anyone play this? I'm addicted! However, I wont be spending any cash on it! The PvP tournaments are a good update, i've not won anything decent on the lucky dip thing though in 30-40 wins!
  2. Oops. Dont check this forum much. I take it its too late to join?
  3. TBF me and rifty wanted to get ours played but he was waiting on another member as they had fixtures outstanding. Ah well, for what its worth, i'd have topped it legitimately anyway
  4. Looks like its all over @riftydogg will still give you a couple of games if you want mate, we can report back here and everything
  5. What happens to Harbey's results if he doesn't play the rest of us?
  6. Harbey...where are youuuuuu Harbey...where are youuuuuu
  7. Jimmythemook Aston Villa 3 - 1 Galatasaray 1 A very even affair I felt, 3-1 flattered Villa and was well contested up until two late goals sealed the win. Schneider made it 1-1 mid way through the second half, but Jordan Ayew and Gabby Agbonlahor hit back with two late goals. Galatasaray 0 - 1 Aston Villa A fairly laggy affair which Villa dominated possession and chances, limiting Galatasaray to one shot on target. A strike mid-way through the second half from Jordan Veretout was enough to hand the away side the win. Thanks Jimmythemook for a pleasant set of games!
  8. Arsenal 1 - 0 Aston Villa Ozil with the goal. Could have gone either way, very tight affair with some good chances narrowly avoiding the target. Gutted, no giant killing here!
  9. I can do those times. Just hit me a text or something I'll inbox you my number lol
  10. If i'm up in the morning my lad is usually up so probably not do-able. Any chance of doing earlier than 10? Half 9? I'll ask my partner see if im allowed on at 10 and i'll make an exception. My PS4 is in the bedroom we share and she usually in bed for 9
  11. I'm fearing my games against riftydogg now! Especially as on current form Villa would probably be a 2-star team
  12. Can probably do 9 at a push. @gooner4life Earliest 7 Haha I was on my phone and only had seconds so couldnt reply til I got some alone time
  13. Absolutely no chance of doing any earlier? I work early shifts so am fast asleep by then lol
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